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Lottery-hacking sysadmin's unlucky number comes up: 25 years in the slammer


Re: No code review??

Years ago in the state of Pennsylvania, a fellow by the name of (I believe) Nick Perry weighted the ping-pong balls of the state lottery, rigging that system so a predetermined number would come up. His error that aroused suspicion and ultimately led to his discovery and prosecution was the number he played - 666. Yeah.

Democracy-minded DEF CON hackers promise punishing probe on US election computers


Revisionist History

America was one of the earliest adopters of electronic voting systems, in part due to the fiasco of the 2000 presidential election that saw lawsuits over partially punched paper ballots.

>> Not entirely true. Electronic voting was implemented much earlier. Concerns over the ability to manipulate the machines was poo-pooed as the conspiratorial drivel of tin-foil hat ilk. That is, until there was an election result that the $shadowy_group didn't appreciate.

While there has never been definitive proof of election machine hacking...

>> Simply a false statement. There proof aplenty of manipulated machines. Philadelphia is the poster child for election hacking, including delivery of voting machines to polling stations that already contained votes for $guess_which_party candidates.

The encryption conundrum: Should tech compromise or double down?


The election of Trump doesn't change anything. The outgoing President publicly shared the same views, and the President-elect's opponent showed no indication of thinking any differently. It's not us v Trump. It's us v government over-reach - and always has been.