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Bray recalls team XML



"You think it's a replacement for CSV, a container for passing data between processes?"

ummmm... what else is data for? Except to pass between different programs.

Or do you like opening up those raw XML files in your text editor and bathing in its reflected human-(barely)-readable glory just for the heck of it?

I think the point is - XML has been over-hyped and over-abused as XML fans try to shoe-horn it into every single aspect of a system, even when it is *not* appropriate to use.

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection



Oh dear, MS sounds like the sleazy guy at the bar who won't take the hint that the chick isn't interested.

Next thing you know, Steve Ballmer will start stalking them outside of their offices.

Google approaching world domination


@Adam White

Hey, 1.2 Billion isn't bad for a company that doesn't actually produce anything. Well - anything that people would pay for anyway...

Pod slurping licks a*se antlers to claim Oz word of the year


Pod-slurping? Arse-antlers? Tart-fuel?

Did they poll a group of pissed bogans down in Tassie for this list ?

As an Aussie, I can't say I've heard of those...

Facebook sued for mis-sending dirty texts

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Re: Huh?

I'd bet she didn't bother either. Of course why would she when it's much easier to file a lawsuit and get some of that free money like the parasite she is.

Racist Reg ignores Nigerian helicopter pioneer


OMG He said 'black out'

Maybe 'coloured out', or even 'african-american out' would be more PC.

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill



"...company that's only interested in profits..."

Ummm.... So you think companies are made to benefit mankind? No, they are made to make money for the owners.

Windows update brings down TV newscast

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30 minutes before air time...

5 minutes to install and reboot...

Leaves 25 minutes.

Methinks the sysadmins are just a bunch of incompetants and decided to point the finger at Microsoft because it's "the done thing", also to save their own jobs.

BTW, there was nothing in this month's 'patch Tuesday' that forced an involuntary reboot. Funny, there is that little prompt that you can actually press the 'Later' button.

Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill



"think Conan O'Brien is the only person (still living) that openly mocks Chuck in the mass media."

Well, even Chuck may have second thoughts about attacking a guy named Conan.

Novell fills Microsoft Silverlight hole


... and typical response

MS are damned if they do and damned if they don't, eh Lance? You'll bash them either way because it's cool to bash 'teh M$'.

It's a big company, I doubt there is "typical MS thinking" and a concerted effort to "want to bring back the dark days"

The MS developers are just ordinary hacks like you or I trying to work for a living, not deliberately setting out to destroy the world.

As the saying goes "do not attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetance".

PS, Adobe did nothing, they bought Flash, nothing more.

Not to mention that Flash has existed for years and had time to extend itself. You really think Flash supported every two-bit browser and platform out of the box when it first came out?

I'd say to the MS bashers to grow the f up, but then that would be offensive.

Patch Tuesday update triggered Skype outage


WTF? Blame Microsoft?

Amazing how the MS bashers are really quick to start thumping given even the slightest opening. "Oh, MS is arrogant, wahhh" Have a good cry.

"...a previously unseen software bug within the network resource allocation algorithm..."

Read it again for good measure. This is Skype's bug, not Microsoft's. Lay the blame appropriately onto Skype for trying to pass the buck. But then again, "M$" bashing is cooler, isn't it?

NASA inks deal for Shuttle replacements


Surely there is a better way

It's about time that scientists came up with a better way to get into orbit than strapping a great big firework to your arse and lighting the fuse.