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If you can't understand how Instagram 'influencers' make millions, good luck with these virtual ones doing even better

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Influencers can only influence dummies who can't, won't, and lazy people.

No problems here. No social media account, not a single one! Life is good without the dumb opinions.

India anoints little-known Zoom clone as its home-grown videoconf tool of choice

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Zoom was unknown too

Zoom was unknown until its founder left Cisco/WebEx and started Zoom. Streaming technologies are only dpenedent on Internet bandwidth! Nothing majical about streaming anymore. NetFlix proved, thousands and thousand of channels can be stremed with high-speed internet and cloud computing (Amazon).

India to run optic fibre to 450,000 villages in 1,000 days and give 1.3bn a digital Health ID

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Re: Health staff biggest victims of health ID

Modi cannot be a nastier fellow than you Chris.

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Nations are built by leaders with bold vision

Nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Can it be done? Yes, if you can lead 1.3billion people to common goal, anything can be done.

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops

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Users are responsible

Until the users allowed to control the security settings on these devices, no one should buy them.

Apple launches incredible features everyone else had more than a year ago – this time for the 'smart home'

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Yep, they had the feature! Didn't work reliably for me. Maybe, Apple added reliability into the feature.

Most vendors push out products w/o adequately testing for reliable and consistent operation to advertise a feature to sell more products. Apple on the other hand only releases features after thoroughly testing.

Makes a big difference to me.

India says its brains saved the world from the last colosso-crisis – cough, Y2K – proving it can become self-reliant

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Re: Self-reliance was fashionable!

If you and your politicians haven't learned see-ereliance is important during the Covid-19, all of you are dumb as a door nail (US saying). Didn't UK import Covid-19 test kits from Turkey that turned out to be defective and useless?

Modi is not talking about self reliance in the way you are interpreting. Modi is saying, India needs to make the things Indians need. Reality, os India always had the brains. What it did not have is the money it takes for high-tech research and development. It is changing so the government can focus on research and building industries

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Rich coming from a Brit

It is rich coming from Brits, who stole everything they got from India over 200 years of slavery called colonial rule.

India, the richest thriving country in the world before British occupation made into the poorest country of the world when the occupation ended in August 14, 1947.

Take a walk through the Tower of London, visit exhibits of gold, silver and jewels in castles like the Winchester Castle then, come back tell where those exhibits came from.

Huawei looking to take on Apple in the 'hearables' space... with an almost identical AirPod clone that costs under £100

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As long as your good with Chinese quality, you are good go.

Google: We've blocked 126 million COVID-19 phishing scams in the past week

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and they all went to Facebook

and 190 million went to Facebook!

Thank you, thank you Zukerberg, they all chanted!

Boeing 787s must be turned off and on every 51 days to prevent 'misleading data' being shown to pilots

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Boeng board needs fire all executive staff immediately. Then, they should clean house and replace their software engineering team. They are not qualified to develop a website, much less aeronautical navigation systemss.

Apple's latest macOS Catalina update mysteriously borks SSH for some unlucky fans. What could be the cause?

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Why bother

Some folks are wedded to the past, horse and buggy's, viking ships, MS DoS and Widows 97. Why bother about their useless discoveries and publish and waste time?

People talking about SSH (90%) of them are not using SSH encryption incorrectly anyway. I talk to developers all day about SSH and TLS, most of them don know the difference between wild-card (snake oil), certificate, domain bound certificate, and believe as long as they choose AES-256 the world is safe and everything is encrypted.

I am going to have 20th one-hour call today with a developer alleged to be an expert in PKI Design!!!

The Internet of Things is a security nightmare, latest real-world analysis reveals: Unencrypted traffic, network crossover, vulnerable OSes

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Re: Looks like there's even more money to be made by mining the US HealthCare system

Probably all across the world not just the US, since these devices are used all over the world.

When you do dumb things, you get the dumbest result of them all.

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1. Use your brain

2. C-Suite, don't save money by sacrificing security

3. Developers, you are not security experts, you only know how to call API's to make security (e.g., PKI) work, so listen to your security experts.

4. Security team is on your side so, C-suite and engineering managers pay attention to what your security team telling you

5. Don't use proprietary OS, pick an OS with widespread adoption and solid community support.

6. Listen to your cloud service providers and don't think you can make anything cheaper, better and secappure than the CSP's

7. Use certified container distributions, since most IoT applications use Container technology and micro services

8. Secure all ingress and egress internet interfaces

9. Secure all internal virtual network network interfa. Everces

10. Use cryptography extensively

11. Own and manage all your cryptographic key management ioperations and do not give to you third party. Every CASB has limitations and may provide you with false sense of security.

12. Automate infrastructure and security deployments and verify all security controls are verified and cetified by your security teams.

Crypto AG backdooring rumours were true, say German and Swiss news orgs after explosive docs leaked

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Lesson is very simple.

It is known fact that every country spies on every other country, friend of foe.

If you want to keep your national secrets, secret make your own.

This is not the end or the beginning and spying will continue unabated and intensively.

No one trusts anyone.

We humans are selfish, greedy untrustworthy animals!

Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard

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Re: "It'll stifle [..] innovation."cannot

Innovation, when you can use single cable and port for music, movies and power. USB can't support music and movies at high fidelity.

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You don't have to buy a $1,000 usb or another cable. I am in the US and I can get a cable for $10 or $15 and works just fine. I purchased 3 Lioghtning cable, guaranteed for lifetime from Amazon for $22.

Don't have a clue about EU pricing and how much of the price is taxes!

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Re: This can be summed up in one word: Profit

Care to explain how the MacBook is locked down?

I do all of my development work in a MacBook. Try writing low level software on a PC and test it!

Alphabet's 'love rat' legal chief David Drummond ejects after 18 years at web goliath, no golden parachute attached

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In essence, company stock is a vehicle for rich investors and executives to get rich. Executives lie, cheat and mislead everyone in their get rich scheme. The entire free market/capitalist structure one big corrupt modern day slavery benefitting few.

Politicians are corrupt, government officials are corrupt, businesses are corrupt and the world is litrally burning and people keep on electing the same old idiots!

Remember the FBI's promise it wasn’t abusing the NSA’s data on US peeps? Well, guess what…

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Once you cede your rights to the government, you are never, ever going to get it back peacefully.

Big brother is watching you everywhere like the Chinese government in the name of terrorism.

Nets question is who benefits from terrorism, governments to keep citizens in perpetual fear and control.

Welcome to the new world!

Malware spotted doing unspeakable, filthy things to infected Macs – injecting Bing results into Google searches

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Airo AV sells malware protection software. Buy it and install.

No worries.

Chinese Super Micro 'spy chip' story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down

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Now you know why engineers are engineers and journalists are just that.

One cannot put chips wherever one wants willy-nilly.

Where would insert a chip in parallel with Ethernet chip before or after? How does it control the network data flow?

Here is a clue, IT software can be messy and doesn't follow rules all that much and is left to the developer. Network protocols, on the other hand, are unforgiving. You change one bit, it stops working.

Ever wanted to strangle Microsoft? Now Outlook, Skype 'throttle' users amid storm cloud drama

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How is MS powering their data centers?

With 9v batteries and bread boarding wires?

Microsoft Azure: It's getting hot in here, so shut down all your cores

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Cheap off-the-shelf hardware. You get what you paid for. Next shut down will be caused some crappy software developed using Agile one-line stories.

Who came up with the bright idea that one can develop quality (I know quality and software, right!) software using Agile.

Yep, Agile is great for changing products and prices on an E-commerce web site.

Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink

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I work in the InfoSec area also and had lots of stress few years ago. I cam to the conclusion that, there is nothing I can do if the CISO and the 'C' suite gang overrides all of the security controls in place. I tell them, reply to my email with approval.

I pass the risk to them and now I sleep like baby. Folks, it is not worth your health and well being.

An enterprise without an annual 3rd party audit is useless. The audit committee of the board directors must insist on 3rd party audits and control the audit by having the 3rd party audit firm report directly to them. No I do not work for a 3rd party audit firm. I learned from a CISO, who did annual black hat test on his InfoSec program. He use to ask as, how do I know we are `best we can be?

UK privacy watchdog to fine Facebook 18 mins of profit (£500,000) for Cambridge Analytica

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Is this joke?

This pittance of a fine is the reason multi-billion dollar corporations continue steam from the consumer, carry-on illegal activities all across the world.

All fines should be a % of their global revenue. Let's set the base 6% of global revenue for the first offense, x 1.5 for the second and to 25% for the third.

Apple is Mac-ing on enterprise: Plans strategic B2B alliance with HPE

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Re: What a load of bull!

You must be running a network from the 1990's. Heard of a technology called WiFi? It is magic and doesn't need any wires!

These ridiculous posts really make you look stupid.

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Re: Lost in the High Sierras

Apparently, you have no clue as to how UNIX works.

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Re: The Horror !

You should just quit.

Nobody should be put through such horrible working conditions.

File a discrimination suit after you quit and live happily.

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Re: Actually...

You should have disabled UEFI. Very easy to do in the Bios.

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Re: They create the kind of wonder...

Then don't.

Too many cry babies on here!

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Re: They create the kind of wonder...

Stop wondering.

Don't use one.

Apple's QWERTY gets dirty, leaving fanbois shirty

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Been using a MacBook Pro since it came out with the butterfly keyboard and touch bar. Haven't had a single problem.

Do people bury it in a beach for a week, then complain about the QWERTY?

Today, must be an Apple bashing day!

Relax. It's OK, folks, the US government isn't going to try to take back control of the internet

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Of Course not

US Government is too busy giving control of the Internet to AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon. Ajit Pai will see to it, so he can have a cushy job and become zillionnaire when he leaves the FCC.

Android users: Are you ready for the great unbundling?

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No worries about US authorities doing anything to protect consumers. They are all looking to make millions by becoming lobbyists.

The big will get bigger and run the world and the US will help them get there.

Latest F-35 flight tests finish – and US stops accepting new jets

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Nothing to worry

The self-anointed deal maker dumbo in the WH will make a deal on Twitter.

Apple leak: If you leak from Apple, we'll have you arrested, says Apple

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Another View

I don't know about the UK but in the US, every employee must sign an intellectual property right and a confidentiality agreement as part of the employment contract.

So, anyone leaking confidential information is breaking a contract and breaking the law.

In today's tech world, IP is more important than ever. It is time to single out leaches and leakers and punish them to the full extent of the law.

They're back! 'Feds only' encryption backdoors prepped in US by Dems

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Dianne Foolstein


How about making 40o keys for your front door and putting it under a rock and see if thieves will find the right key to open the door?

Time for you to retire

Facebook’s in real trouble now: Australia’s opened a probe

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Couple of million bucks?

Australia will spend more than a couple of million to probe Farce Book.

Why bother? Couple million is less nothing to FB, when you consider their annual revenue from each North American consumer is $89 and worldwide revenue is ~$20!

Meg Whitman OUT at HP ...Inc

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Whitman is one trick pony.

Don't why people give these one trick pony's CEO jobs to screw up companies. Running Pay Pal and running innovative technology company is very different.

What does an enterprise cloud look like?

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Bunch corporate honcho's running around clueless and forcing the word CLOUD in every sentence

Microsoft says Skype outages are over – a few hours too early

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Of course, it is until the next one.

BA's 'global IT system failure' was due to 'power surge'

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Re: State of IT

Dumbing down is not the word. Anyone who who can send a Tex is a Network Engineer. Anyone who can format a word document is software engineer.

Company's don't want to pay decent wages to educated and qualified engineers, so they get dummies, who can't think.

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Is BT powering their global IT systems from a single power source. If you are going to lie, come with good lie. Otherwise, you like Trump.

'Nobody's got to use the internet,' argues idiot congressman in row over ISP privacy rules

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Term Limits, Term Limits and Term Limits.

Get these coal miners and builders out of here.

Big Internet warns FCC's Pai: We will fight you all the way on net neutrality

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Ideology vs. Technology

People like Ajit Pai hold onto out dated ideology. There is Steve Bannon wanting to destroy the so called administrative state, there is Jeff Sessions who wants to bring back slavery, there is Price who wants kill poor people and there is the idiot at EPA reversing environmental protection and there is Pai who wants to take electronic communications to the POTS era.

All of them including their boss Donkey Rump doesn’t understand the world has moved on and confronted with new problems and disasters and technology and human cooperation is the only solution.

At the moment, Google, Facebook and other tech companies must stand up against the governments brainless regulations and unite the public across the world.

One thing common in this administration is that, all appointees are the least informed and qualified in the agency, they are appointed to manage. The proof of “Peter Principle” and the damages it brings.

Aviation regulator flies in face of UK.gov ban, says electronics should be stowed in cabin. Duh

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What is the idea behind putting electronic devices in the cargo hold? Is it to prevent terrorists for blowing up an aircraft.

They can easily blow up an aircraft with a Laptop or something else easily from a cargo hold. It can be argued that, this makes it easier for them.

Germany gives social networks 24 hours to delete criminal content

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Re: Enforcement?

So what, if content gets filtered out?

The content on these anti-social networks are mundane and useless.

No, I don't belong to any of the anti-social networks.

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Re: Enforcement?

Completely agree with your points.

As a practical matter U.S, does not have any protection laws so the US based companies are not used to it, especially the anti-social networks.

It is not that difficult to filterout fake news and propoganda. Besides, none of their users are going to complain, even if some content is filtered out.

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Re: Enforcement?

Necessary to conatin the anti-social networks. I wish more countries will take a lesson from Germany.