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The strife of Brian: Why doomed Intel boss's ex86 may not be the real reason for his hasty exit


Re: Bring in someone more Linux friendly?

Oh no ! IF only I had read this 20 years ago I could have avoided all of the satisfaction I have had running Linux on the desktop and servers as a home user and an IT professional. As a Windoze user as well I have never had a single day of frustration from such an outstanding product. If only ! Linux is not, has not, been without it's problems and frustrations but just from the performance aspect it has been well worth it. I must have lost five years of my life waiting for a Microsoft OS to actually go do something. Admittedly at home I am not much of a power user any more but have found Firefox and Thunderbird in the main to be more than usable. Libreoffice could be better, but for my purposes it more than suffices. And then we get to the good stuff like docker and containers and VMs and remote desktops. As for having to use the Terminal, that is a plus for me not a minus, but I take your point. However, I would still argue that 80-90% of what the average user needs to do can be done from a GUI and not the command line. As for the usual twaddle about the cost of Linux is your own personal time required to make it work, then all I can say is that you must never have experienced a serious Windows failure of any sort. I have been saved by Linux many a time when my Windoze machine(s) have trashed their file systems. Admittedly the biggest Linux problem is the proprietary apps, but even that can be mitigated to a certain degree. In short a top class OS let down by vendors too afraid to get their apps running under Linux. Oh and I almost forgot about not having to burn between 5 and 50 percent of my precious processors running anti virus scanners. I have never to my knowledge on all of my Linux systems over the years ever had a virus. Horses for courses.

IBM turnover shrinks $28bn in 6 years but execs laugh all the way to the bank


In short, Rometty and the other sheisters need firing, preferably sooner rather than later.

Brexit judgment could be hit for six by those crazy Supreme Court judges, says barrister



I am intrigued by the self imposed deadline of 31st March 2017. Is there any relevance or relationship to the fact that the 'old' Treaty of Nice rules on QMV are now dispensed with and 'only' the 'new' Treaty of Lisbon rules of QMV and 'double majority' apply ? Or is this all just in the minds of internet conspiracy theorists ? After this date most of the members vetoes go out the window and so the UK (or anyone else for that matter) would find it hard to block anything, or in the case of the UK win another argument inside the EU. Perhaps better to leave the EU now, I don't know. Very nasty things would happen once we lose control of our economy and borders. We would then just be a province within Europe. The good news would be that we wouldn't need those wasters in Parliament any more.