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U2 tracks disappear from YouTube


Wouldn't surprise me if.....

The bloke with the mobile phone was on the U2 payroll. Any publicity is good publicity, and if it involves youtube then bonus points for involving pop culture. Wouldn't be the first time reverse marketing was used.

Not quite sure which icon to use for this one - can we have more to choose from please ?

Skype Trojan wiretap plan leaks onto the net


Just who would they target

Why does this idea not surprise me ?

...and if everyone with a computer is a potential terrorist in the making, then I suppose it's OK to snoop on everyone just in case.....Hey, better safe than sorry - right ?

...and I do over use the dots frequently.....

The icon I picked is the government official going through your pockets



Hypersonic hydrogen airliner to bitchslap Concorde


For Ashley - cost

The cost is €10bn. The €10m figure is the total tax on the €3000 ticket to Sydney. On the positive side most of us would only need a one way ticket.

By the time this gets off the ground (pun intended) the septics will have made something similar, licensed it the the military, then banned the use of this technology in their airspace by anyone else in the world because they can.

EU plans ban on bomb-making info on websites


Now you've done it

You do realise that all you posters who have complained in this thread are being tracked down as I type by the NSA. Have a look out of the curtains, go on... see the van parked across the road....

Maybe we should ban the instructions for flying planes too (9/11). Oh hang on, I can see a problem with that - doh!

Spanish regulators in mobile price fix probe


What no pun?

No comments about the need for a Spanish Inquisition ?

I'm disappointed in you guys.

Did MoD chopper buzz sunbathing au pair?


Who pays again ?

250 grand ! peanuts compared to the lawers invoice. Which the tax payer is footing either way it goes. I think I saw the lawyer last week in the ferrari showroom.

If you needed to know what happened why didn't they pull the black box after the complaint. Or better still, have a look in the media folder of the pilots' mobile camera phone ;-)

Good on yer boys!

Fairly realistic flying car offered for 2009 delivery


UK Revenue

So how long before plod deploys the land-to-air speed radar to help him pay for his version of the Transition.

And how does he pull you over for exceeding the speed limit / random breath test / Pete doherty type driving offences ?

A remote engine kill switch is going to go down really well (pun intended). And if we can't use mobile phones while driving, how come pilots can use their radios without having to switch to bluetooth dick-headsets.

And I know I shouldn't start sentences with 'And'

SCO 'disappointed' as shares plunge 70 per cent


What comes around.....

e-Karma, enough 'sed';


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