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Antivirus tools are a useless box-ticking exercise says Google security chap

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What do google know about security??

What do google know about security? Not much in the world of corporate IT outside SaaS based apps by the looks of it. Incredibly short sighted IMO, but I understand where they are coming from. AV is a legacy security technique but needed in the stack of other components to protect both enterprise IT and future cloud IT.

App white listing I agree is a good approach but it doesn't fit all scenarios when BYOD or allowing users the ability to have some freedom. AV vendors have a place but its not what they focus on these days, AV is an integral part of control for 70-80% of known threats but machine based learning techniques and signatureless based techniques are becoming important in controlling APTs and targeted attacks. An endpoint with a security agent is the most important sensor in any enterprise. Couple the endpoint sensor with network, edge, IPS, web, and SIEM you have a pretty tight yet flexible security posture that allows the business to grow whilst giving availability. My 2p

VMware joins Brexploitation gang, double digit price hike in the offing

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Re: Taking the urine

Good on you mate - end of quarter pressure from the sales guy so he can pay for his xmas porsche - trying to bring forward a renewal - oldest trick in teh book

If you don't need it before end of q then dont let them take the pi$$.

Just say your going Hyper-V if you dont give same price next quarter

VMware do we go from here?

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Re: Amazon and vmware getting more intimate

Interesting thought and something I would agree would be compelling - leading both the private and public space. Maybe the recent announcements are the start of that journey.


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