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Ex-Harrods IT worker pleads guilty to PC repair shop trip

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This guy best watch out, with IT skills like those he might be headhunted to work in INFOSEC. I mean c'mon... Its not that difficult to get into an unencrypted laptop is it?

Vodafone won't pay employee expenses for cups of coffee

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Re: Directors?

The CEO of our company has breakfast in the Savoy. I meanwhile am lucky to get a Saveloy.

Calm down, internet. Elon's Musk-see SpaceX spacesuit is a bit generic

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Re: OK, who thought....

Actually reminded me of The Stig, sans tinted visor.

Paris nightclub red-faced after booze-for-boobs offer exposed

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Paris Hilton

Re: Not unusual

Shake it, Shake, shake shake, shake it, shake shake shake, shake it like a Polaroid Picture.

Paris... well because Paris.

The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

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The breakfasts in our "French company ran" canteen onsite are shite. Cheapest of everything and tight portions n'all. Hence why I try sample the local cafes when I can. Support ya local businesses people. A good walking breakfast is the BEST... Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Tomato in a large breadcake (breadbun to anyone not from Hull). Not quite a Flinglish, but Quality.

If making at home though:-

Lincolnshire, Cumberland, or just a good quality Pork sausage (2)

Decent dry cured unsmoked back bacon (2 or 3 slices)

Fried eggs - I like mine done quickly in lard in a hot pan so you get a slightly crispy bottom but still a runny yolk for dipping. usually have a couple. Don't forget to flick the hot lard on the top of the egg while its in the pan.

Fried mushrooms

Black Pudding (2 or 3 thick slices)

Tinned or Fresh Toms - Tinned I let reduce down so not too wattery. Fresh toms I fry until mush.

Fried bread - White sliced, cheap as ya like fried in bacon fat or lob it in the egg pan. Takes two ticks.

Beans - If I'm in the mood.

YORKSHIRE Tea deffo. Wet and Warm however it comes for the authentic Truck Stop/Greasy Spoon feels.

All that can be eaten any time of the day or night, even for me tea where its called a Fryup.

Extra points for having a Flinglish with pints of Stella whilst watching the World Cup at dawn. Hence Beer icon.

Check out Kay's good cooking... This is erm proper erm "cookin" ;) My presentation skills are better!


Official science we knew all along: Facebook makes you sad :-(

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder mate. Everybody looks good to somebody. I for example think my girlfriend is the most beautiful thing I've ever set my beady eye on. She has no tattoos and neither do I, but if she wanted to I'd still think the same. Its not all about looks, its about what they have upstairs too. This girl you fancied decided to not conform to societal norms and did something that made her feel good. It's about doing what you feel will improve your mental wellbeing and she had the confidence and guts to go do this tattoo. She's still the same girl with the same mind you fancied, she just got some ink man! When you've got a few more years on you, you might change your tune.

Feel free to pass along her name so we can judge for ourselves though ;)

User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired

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When I don't have anything to do, I find something to do. There is such a lack of structure and responsibility here due to badly outsourced I.T. functions with poorly written statements of work, that there is always something to fill the day with. Plus I get involved in stuff I wouldn't normally.

Hacking group RTM able to divert bulk financial transfers with malware

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TEXT files!!

Our corporate banking app used to have this. I could browse onto a secured network share where the transfer files were stored. Only SysAdmins and certain Finance peeps had access. Within this folder I could see many text files that were all plain text which included account details that our Banking application would pull data from when making transfers to Suppliers.... Some transfers could be in the millions. I still can't believe it today that it worked like this. Thankfully the software was upgraded to an online version so the server was decommed.

Nokia's 3310 revival – what's NEXT? Vote now

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Aaaah the squirrel interface!!! I think that was it... SCSI for Amiga. Hard drive had to stay outside the case though as I remember.

Happy days indeed!!!

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Re: 3 1/2 inch floppy drive?

They actually were pretty floppy those too... While we're at it though... how about going back to reel to reel tape storage? I remember loading those at the beginning and end of each day when I did my work experience in a computer room. I'm sure there are many on here who remember those ancient storage mediums and capacities.

Unfortunately I never was into Atari or Apple gear when I was younger and didn't have a Psion. I don't think cassette tapes will ever have a place in modern society again. 3.5" Floppy disks... still use them from time to time on old servers.

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20gb, 20mb, pah... The law firm I worked at had Amstrad PCW9512 with Daisy Wheel Printers... they had 3" compact floppy disks... bloody awful and tiny... plus they always went wrong in every possible way.

I think my first home built PC however had a Conner 420mb HDD from a Computer fair down the local Leisure Centre. Clunky and noisy as hell... I eventually upgraded to a Quantum Bigfoot...I think that was about 1GB.

20-summat years later, I have my 64gb Pi for Openelec and some fruity fondlestuff for everything else.

Work laptop stays at work!!

IT guy checks to see if PC is virus-free, with virus-ridden USB stick

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Re: NImda and Kleez

aaah Nimda... getting all nostalgic here.

Also remember Blaster/Welchia virus when I worked at a large UK based PC Retailer in their "PC Clinic"... As soon as you switched a new XP PC on and put it on the internet straight out of the box it would pick up Blaster.

Couple of cases of Crypto here recently which we managed to defeat... But the biggest outbreak I've witnessed here was Pinkslip back in 2011 I think. That was caused by a USB stick being plugged into a laptop Down Under and it managed to screw up lots of stuff globally. That went on for weeks.

Going back to my retail days though I did love a good virus infection tbh, and used to enjoy manual removals. Used to set our AV...F-Prot back then to detect only and was a great learning experience rifling through the OS.

Aaah the good old days!!!

Super-cool sysadmin fixes PCs with gravity, or his fists

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Yep, been there done that. Had an old 530 G1 that suddenly started having mutliple drive failures. As it is a "business critical" manufacturing system it needed high availability at all times. So I whipped out the offending drives and gave them a nice even whack on the nearest aircon unit. Luckily the server started booting again allowing us enough time to take a final backup. I then replaced the drives, rebuilt the WINDOWS 2000!!! OS and restored the backup of the database to the server. All good.

This was only last year!! Don't get me started on why I had to rebuild a WIN2k server in 2016 though as I'd be here all day.... It is Friday and the beer is calling me already.

To Hull with the crap town naysayers: UK Culture City's got some amazing... telecoms

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Re: Needs more than culture

I live in Hull, born and bred. I'll probably die here too.

I was reading from age 3 and went to school on the big council estates like Bransholme and Longhill. Specifically how high is the rate of illiteracy? Do you have data to back this up? Or are these just observations from an Optician who obviously met everyone in Hull. Your wife sounds like she is very sympathetic to those who are maybe not as well off as she and you are.

I've stopped smoking in the past 6 months and drive my car daily thanks.

Sure, I've seen drugs, but I'm sure it is comparable with many other towns and cities in the UK, but I certainly wouldn't know where to go and "Shoot up".

I'd like to see some change within our council, there are some rotten eggs in there I know. I voted Conservative last election BTW.

Hull City of Culture? Hull has been getting the shitty end of the stick for years now... I think we deserve a bit of the limelight for a change ya know. Hull is a great city, the people of Hull are lovely, I count myself as one of those people. I do a lot of travel to London and The South and meet and work with many people from all walks of life. After a week or so down there I can't wait to get back home.

You Sir sound like an Asshat. A person from Hull is worth 10 of the judgemental and ill informed people of this country.

Gimme some skin: Boffins perfect 3D bioprinter that emits slabs of human flesh

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I for one welcome our Skynet Overlord and its time-travelling skin wearing T-800 Model 101.

Hull's City of Culture firework freebie flares up

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"Northwest enclave"???

As a Hull born lad I quite like being described as culturally and ethically distinct up here but geography anyone?? Last time I checked the compass Hull was in East Yorkshire on the East Coast. ;)

I don't think i'll even attempt to get tickets however, probably watch this from where I work on the river side from the top of the tall white building you see as you drive into Hull.

Best wrap up though so i'll definitely be getting me coat. :)

Hm, is that a minefield? Let me just throw my magic bomb-sniffing spinach over there

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Re: I don't get it

"seed the whole of Afghanistan or the Middle East?"

Perhaps they should see if the same results occur with the opium poppy as I hear they are grown in abundance out there.