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Google turns Irish town 3D

David Jones


microsoft has better resolution images of north wales ;)

Google opens Maps for editing

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why stop there?

why stop there? i can think of loads of place names that are spelt wrong or in the wrong place altogether up here in north wales. there are even some roads missing completely

World of Warcraft exploit PKs servers

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leaving the protection of their house and burning their skin in the harmful rays of the sun

ah, i'm safe then. odds are if i go out im in full motorbike leathers and helmet with a tinted visor :P

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

David Jones

how true

>Why watch a crappy cam when there's a dvd of the aforementioned film floating around usenet and the other usual places?<

indeed. they'll go after the people uploading cams of bourne next despite the fact a dvd is out

seems like these RIAA/MPAA types are missing their brain cells

Survey vindicates outsourcers' green press release bombardment

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you know what?


SCO 'disappointed' as shares plunge 70 per cent

David Jones

not dead YET

why dont they just give it up now before they go pop?