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BT blasts hundreds of would-be customers' data into Infinity

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Even Bill Gates Cant Make That Errpr

But then again, he helped develop Vista!

Faster broadband for free?

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Lovely Jubbly

We installed the I-Plate and has helped our speed stay at about 5 to 6 mbps during busy times, normally we can get about 7 to 8Mpbs but we are very close to the exchange so this also helps.

Bill - because without him, we would not have Internet Explorer......

19-year-old p2p botnet pioneer agrees to plead guilty

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so open

Just proves how open our machines are and how much we want to use MSN and Limewire on a dialy basis.

To be honest, this kid should be praised and be working for those money making companies to secure the software even more.

Bit like Catch Me If You Can please!


Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

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Russell T Davies -

Russell T Davies ..... YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

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Hammer and Nails

My quick solution to destroying a hard drive is to buy a large hammer from Wilkos costing about £2.50 then get the hard drive and gently place on floor (or drop it on to a hard surface with height), and smash the devil to pieces.


Man uses mobe as modem, rings up £27k phone bill

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• adjective not limited or restricted; infinite.


Nothing more, nothing less, WAKE UP OPERATORS!

Kaspersky false alarm quarantines Windows Explorer

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Stop Talking about IEXPLORE & EXPLORE

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop talking about the above, its getting boring now!

BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach

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4od works on my Vista Laptop....

Although this is not the BBC iPlayer (Oh no, i smell a lawsuit from Apple re the 'i' in iPlayer...), i downloaded the 4od program on my Vista Laptop, at first - it did not work. However using a crack using MS SDK Orca Edit, i removed a few options from the MSI file created and was able to install.

I can now stream and download tv shows from Channel 4 for free.

So if i can just tweak the MSI file to make it work on Vista...and considering this is a beta.....i am positive that they can get the iPlayer (not owned by Apple) on Vista.


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Vista upgrades not so 'express' after all

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Like waiting for Christmas!

So, buying a new laptop entitles you to a free upgrade? More like hassle to me!

I placed two orders on the system, one because i selected wired transfer by mistake and the other so i can pay by debit visa card, of which the site took these details and now cancelled my second order.

Cheque payment sent to the company and cashed, trying to proove this is a complete joke, you might as well ask a child to do the job for you.

Why did Microsoft use this useless bunch of W**nkers in the first place and not have a UK address and telephone numbers that actually worked?

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so frigging fed up of it!

Moan over.


UK goes green with gassy offshore wind farm

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Good Idea

This is a great idea, we need to reduce the amount of green house gases and beleive this will help to minimise the current problem. Powering 70,000 indeed will be a challenge but it is worth it and agree 100% to all planning permissions.