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Brexit Britain changes its mind, says non, nein, no to Europe's unified patent court – potentially sealing its fate


Re: Promises, promises...

And so it has started.

I was telling everyone back in 2016, that whilst we are in the EU, the union will not get involved, but once we leave, they will stand up for claims of one member state, against another non-member state.

Anyone who is surprised by this development, is a deluded fool.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt


Re: Wow, it's almost...


The commission is like Whitehall in the UK. They suggest laws and rules and will do all the leg work. But in the case of the EU, they not only have to be ratified by the EU parliament, they also have to be ratified by each member state's government or parliament.

So don't fall for the Daily Mail, anti EU propaganda of an unelected commission writing the laws and rules. Or I will point out how the unelected HMRC is making up it's own laws and rules and is constantly being slapped down in court, when challenged.

Here is one of hundreds.


FBI electronics nerd confesses: I fed spy tech blueprints to China


Re: Riiiight

Well at least he'll still be able to get as much sex as he wants, from Baby face George or Juan or Jayz and his crew.

Windows 10 market share fell in September


Thank you Microsoft.

Thank you very much.

For if your software and OS worked properly and did what people want it to, I would not have made so much money out of sorting out your f*** ups.

For a long time, I had toyed with other OS', but when you came out with that monstrosity you called Windows 8, I jumped in wholeheartedly and wiped every one of my (home/office) machines and installed Linux. I now have a fully functional network, which does everything I want it to do. Not what YOU want it to do. The one exception is a Windows 7 virtual, which I use to access web sites which haven't kept up with current technology.

I now never need to reboot any machine, except the W7 virtual. Everything runs as smooth as glass.

My only regret? It's that I didn't jump sooner.

As for the reason that windows 10 is doing well in the home? Simple. Walk into any store selling PCs and laptops and try to find an alternative to W10 installed on them. It's nay on impossible. Microsoft has invidiously infiltrated every manufacturer so that they do not openly offer any alternatives.


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