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The first rule of Reg Club is...

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additional rules

How about :

If you are the man from mars you shall be required to post an English translation also.

Spelling and grammar need not be correct

Pennsylvania woman in legal doo-doo for lav profanities

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Oh shit, no pun intended

I expect the RIAA will be after me now for quoting a few words, maybe a title even. Guess so.

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In memory of Harry Chapin

Have they eaten all the bananas yet?

30,000 lbs of the f***ers if i remember correctly.

I'm a Brit but its not much better over here if at all.

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial

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@TAO, @yeah, right

Perhaps Blockbuster pay an agreed fee for each rental.

You sure?, for how much longer?

Schools chief pushes Big Brother out of dinner line

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@craig newbury

Didn't help much with the spelling though. Unless you are just a poor undernourished typist.

Get a passport, enjoy casual sex with foreigners

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Spare a thought

Many people comment that articles on El Reg often have little or no IT angle to them at all.

That may well be the case but the humour in the comments is often first class.

And the thought, where do the many "illegals" go on their holidays?

Can't go abroad so have to make do with Mablethorpe or similar, i suppose.

And a final thought.

What are the odds of getting said passport if one filled in the application by using the same lingo?

Cursing senior plod samples electric justice

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Oh how much poor Mr Mendes would have preferred to have been tazered for 1.5 secs rather than be murderded over several shots.

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt

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Blonde then?

Forensics expert sacked for DNA-testing husband's underpants

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oooh er

The results are just back from a single pair of my pants.

Simultaneously I have urinary tract leakage, rampant diarrohea ( or similar ) and premature ejaculation.

Not bad for a 40 year old eh.

But the other half still loves me. Aaaawwwww.

Land Registry denies ID fraud risk

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for just £3

Not a lot to ask of well organised cyber criminal gangs.

Not even loose change.

Droid pilots beat humans at air-to-air refuelling

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@ Dillon

Keep posting mate, very informative.

Just wondering if there is anything you havent done?

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt

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Re Balance

"Some people don't want to be subjected to certain things in public, nudity & obscenity being the two obvious things."

May i just relate an experience i had recently. I had to walk off the pavement to make room for two of the most fattest 20 year olds i have ever seen in my life.

To me, they could hardly have been more obscene if they had indeed been naked. And no doubt if the t shirts they were wearing carried slogans you would not have been able to read them, buried as they were in massive rolls of fat.

What is obscene to one is not obscene to another.


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