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Internet samurai says he'll sell 14,700,000 IPv4 addresses worth $300m-plus, plow it all into Asia-Pacific connectivity

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Re: In 3.. 2.. 1..

IPv6 isn't hard. It's just a pain in the ass to remember the IPs for your machines.

My brain is hardwired for IPv4 at this stage, I just naturally think of AD as .250 and ESX-01 as .10 , gateway as .254 etc...it just won't rewire to IPv6...which brings my piss to a boil because I otherwise quite like IPv6.

Yeah, yeah I know DNS etc etc. But a proper engineer knows the IPs of his kit. That way if DNS is down you can still crack on as usual and get it fixed quicker.

Scientist, war hero and gay icon Alan Turing is new face of the £50 note

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Finally. We can now measure the value of kit in "Turings".

"That Apple stand for 10 Alans is a bit steep."

"Nice laptop, must be worth a few Alans".


Mystery Git ransomware appears to blank commits, demands Bitcoin to rescue code

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Re: CMD commits

How is it more productive than the CLI? Or better yet an IDE with GIT integration? I'm not extremely old school, but I'm not exactly new to dev either (20 years).

Introducing an additional tool seems wasteful and slow to me.

E.g. if I wanted to commit a change and push it to staging for testing I can do that with two or three quick commands from a single window on the CLI from the desktop session I'm already in.

With a GUI I have to faff around connecting to the remote box, firing up my GUI of choice, drilling down the branches etc and then pull the changes in.

Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?

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This is old...

...as the hills.

Someone just automated it.

'Every little helps'... unless you want email: Tesco to kill free service

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Re: Damn

Proton Mail.

Super Cali goes ballistic, Starbucks is on notice: Expensive milky coffee is something quite cancerous

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Daily Mail Cancer song


Obligatory. Sorry.

US watchdog just gave up trying to get Google to explain YouTube's huge financial figures

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Re: In the U.S. he who...

Dollars aren't British and therefore can't be Knighted.

It's Mr Dollar Bill.

RIP... almost: Brit high street gadget shack Maplin Electronics

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Re: Well at least

Agreed...who shoplifts from Maplin anyway?

Really nerdy time conscious junkies?

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Re: Well at least

Surely theres a net loss in pollution given the hard knock the mobile DJ industry will have as a knock effect of Maplin going bust?

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Re: Well at least

Yes I had a wander around one, prices are amazing...but I don't need a 24-can beer cooler, shark cage and spearfishing gear...

British clockwork radio boffin Trevor Baylis terminally winds down

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Re: Men In Sheds

I wonder how many mAh his bat box is? Does it work with the Thinkpad power bridge?

Junk food meets junk money: KFC starts selling Bitcoin Bucket

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Re: "Satoshi Nakamoto has chosen to remain anonymous"

CSW is not Satoshi.

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All of your examples are considerably more centralised than Bitcoin is. Especially XRP.

Agreed, transaction times and fees may be lower...but the underlying security of the network is compromised.

Convenience and security are trade offs.

Virgin Media to close flagship Oxford St store in August

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Re: still sold records and CDs.

Aww friend. Thumbs up for pen friend.


Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

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RIP...until the hipsters get nostalgic and it becomes ironic to use MP3.

UK.gov cuts deal with Microsoft to avoid £15m post-Brexit price hike

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Public Sector? Office 365?

What could possibly go wrong.

Are there offline installers for Office 365 products? Certain organisations like the MoD have networks that have no direct access to the internet so how is Office 365 going to work in situations like that?

Also, has anyone managed to smoothly migrate a gigantic organisation to 365 without a hitch. Every time I hear "Office365" and "Migration" its almost always followed up with rage and anger.

I know the organisation my missus works for has cocked up a lot of migrations recently including 365.

I wont name the firm but its a well known health provider / gym that recently bought a load of Dickie Bransons cast offs.

One in five mobile phones shipped abroad are phoney – report

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Hah what a load of bollocks.

There are no fakes. Only crap phones.

Sent via a burns unit on my Galaxy Note 7

With nearly 1m users on its books, DigitalOcean touts load balancers

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Been using DO for ages

Love em.

I moved from AWS because of the batshit crazy billing reports. Theres no bollocks at Digital Ocean. Just servers.

The dash is excellent, the servers are nippy and the prices are fair.

New prison law will let UK mobile networks deploy IMSI catchers

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Re: Ok...

"No. We tried that with Australia and look what happened - Fosters and Rolf Harris..."

They half arsed their beer and sex offenders. Just like they half arse cricket and rugby.

We have Tenents Super and Jimmy Savile.

The only thing the aussies do better than the Brits is export droves of scrounging bar workers and backpackers.

Scottish court issues damages to couple over distress caused by neighbour's use of CCTV

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Re: CCTV coverage, where is the line drawn?

Why not give up and just remove the wall? Its clearly in the way.

Tails Linux farewells 32-bit processors with imminent version 3.0

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Re: Sad to lose old hardware

Yeah its sad, however I tend to find that OEMs are problem here dragging out old hardware longer than necessary.

The netbook niche angers me the most. Its a brilliant form factor but the specs are woeful.

Theres a whole lot of Celeron and Pentium landfill out there.

I was hoping the Core-M might fix this problem but a Core-M based netbook is rare as rocking horse shit and when you do find one they cost far more than they should.

A good example is the Lenovo Yoga 710. Cracking piece of kit but flawed. Its 11.6", has a 1080p screen and a Core-M CPU...but its touchscreen and expensive presumably because of this.

Ive been desperate to bridge the gap between my workhorse laptop (Asus UX303LA running Arch) and being out and about for a long time now.

I love my 303 but its a bit too large to shove in a bag and dash out with. 11.6" is perfect for whacking in a small bag and trotting about with to nail those tickets you get at 8pm on a Friday or while you're away on business.

Deapite what most people say you can't just get by on a Celeron N3040 with 2GB RAM. Especially if you have to tunnel into a DC to manage $JAVA_BASED_KIT.

ILO and DRAC run like shit on low end kit such as Celerons.

Aside from server management I do a fair amount of coding which in itself isnt a heavy task but if you need to spawn a webserver for testing etc netbook specs start to get a bit thin.

Core-M, 6GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 1080P TN (none touch) screen and 6 hours of battery. That should be easy to achieve and should cost no more than £500-600.

Dont bother with Thunderbolt, AC wifi or gigabit ethernet. Keep connectivity "good enough". Id rather forego decent networking in favour of carrying a dongle or two.

Learn to code site Code.org loses student work due to index bug

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That is all.

US Navy runs into snags with aircraft carrier's electric plane-slingshot

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If its too fast...

Have they considered giving Microsoft a call? Just add Cortana and telemetry.

Adult FriendFinder users get their privates exposed... again – reports

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Adult Bot Finder.


The rest were imported after the Ashley Madison leak to increase credibility.

Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends

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Re: "printer manufacturers"

You could buy a cheap Linux compatible printer. Or you buy a damned fine one that will last for years that has Linux support.

I have a Laserjet 4050 at home. Bought in 1999 and it is still going strong. Never had to replace a single component. Works flawlessly with Linux via an old school Jet Direct.

It does about 30,000 pages per toner cartridge which means Ill replace a cartridge once every 2 or 3 decades...maybe. Ive got another 5 stashed away that I picked up for buttons about 4 years ago. So my great grandchildren are taken care of.

I also have a couple of maintenance kits if somehow this warrior breaks. Its been through 3 house moves and dropped down two staircases. It won't die. Its the Jason Vorhees of printers.

HP used to make amazing kit. You can still buy the 4050 on ebay for £50. Do it. Do it now.

Anyone that buys brand new printers is a bloody idiot. The golden age has gone, the manufacturers know this which is why modern printers are crap.

The 4100 was badass as well. It all went to shit with the 4200.

If you need colour printing the 2600 is badass as well. I had one of those for ages. I got shot of it when I realised I never printed in colour plus toner was getting hard to find for it. Genuine stuff anyway.

Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good

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I love Arch...been using it for eons.

Agreed there is a small amount of elitist sounding bullshit around Arch purity and all that...but my understanding is that its more about sticking to a core set of concepts...which you don't have to follow if you don't want as the primary concept is that you should be able to build whatever you like from the base.

For those of you wanting to take it for a spin but are somewhat intimidated by it take a look at http://www.antergos.com

Thats where I started.

You can pick from a range of DE options (no specific one is foisted on you) and you can specify what you want preinstalled. Its all your choice.

Its pretty much a nice graphical installer for Arch theres a great community around it. Ive always had a positive experience. Most people there are like minded techies and have a pretty relaxed temperament.

If you're more in line with the Ubuntu approach of bundling tons of preinstalled apps and yearn for the days of compiz take a look at Manjaro.

Be warned though theres a lot of wankers in the Manjaro community. Theres a lot of strong opinion.

To be fair its the only subset of the Arch community that has ever pissed me off with all of its dick waving.

It appears to be full of weirdos with shitty respins as well. Spatry comes to mind with his crap CupOfLinux manjaro respin (downvoters of this are Spatry fans).

In fact most respins of Manjaro are shit. They're usually just the base Manjaro install with a crap theme and wobbly windows turned on in Compiz.

None of them seem to fulfil a specific purpose. Stick with the base edition.

Finally, that tech fad's over: Smartwatch sales tank more than 50%

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Re: Garmin

"So you're saying I should buy a new car with all the bells and whistles instead of a smart watch?"


Smartwatches are already chunky and naff. I dont want Apple to start grafting cars to them.

Chap turns busted laptop into phone keyboard, in Himalayan book-rescue mission

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Installing SSH on Linux

Is a must if you use the NVIDIA proprietary driver. A kernel update can screw it up.

Fuck the Himalayas, most Linux/NVIDIA users have already been here before.

Government Digital Service under review after rural payments cockup

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Conspiracy Alert

This is why broadband rollouts in rural areas are miserable.

Its to stop a farmer uprising.

That said, farmers block the roads all the time in slow tractors. So slow internet for farmers seems proportional.

Anyone ever been stuck behind a farmer on the internet? I don't venture into the rural areas of the internet very often.

Is it true that it smells of horseshit and there are wide open websites there?


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