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Microsoft's Windows supremo Terry Myerson is now Terry BYE-rson


Re: Clearing House in Redmond

They're not alone. I had the misfortune of working there a few years ago and soon after I began switching myself and my family to using Android phones and MacOS/Linux desktops. I have one old Windows laptop left because one of my clients is paying me to write Windows code. Windows 8/RT/10/Phone was probably the nail in the MS coffin for a lot of people.

What will happen when I'm too old to push? (buttons, that is)


Re: French Toilet Training

Sounds like you haven't visited Rome. I lived there for 2 years and your description of Paris sounds very familiar. The dog feces situation improved a bit with enforcement of existing laws, but human urine was ever present - especially near trash bins.


I agree with you about bright LEDs everywhere. I work at home and have a army of rainbow lighting staring at me at night. There would be nothing wrong with LED indicators if they would just add a few more cents worth of parts to include an automatic dimmer circuit.