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DeepMind boffins are trying to help robots escape The Matrix and learn for themselves in the real world


Comment on "...learning in the real world" (continued)

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Comment on "...learning in the real world" (re-posted and continued)

Another choice would be to add, in addition to the preset goal, a new goal to attain while in the real world: "getting as much information as possible about the real world". As this is a very open-ended goal, care not to "steal" all resources from the original goal. (Inspired from the short story "Réflexe spontané" a.k.a. "Le robot déchainé", by the brothers Arkady and Boris Strougatski).


IHMO, what is missing is a progressive refining of the simulated world to make it a better match with reality - that is, after a reality incursion, make this refinement as new things have been learned about reality, which show that the simulation is not exact, spend time retraining in this new simulation, and back to reality with updated skills.

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