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It's US vs Europe as world e-car plug standard race nears end

IT Angle

Re: Why?

It's been a while since I had anything to do with this stuff, but I seem to remember that Americans don't do 3 phase - not at the domestic end of the distribution network anyway.

So to answer your question, it's 'cos they have to!

Spammers target Twitter


Just about to fire up the Twat-O-Tron (tm)

Twammers..... Twammers!.....TWAMMERS!!!! for fcuk sake.

I think I need to go for a little lie down.

Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

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At last......

a voice of reason - who will undoubtedly be shouted down by a lot of net-neutrality, utopian, 'the world-owes-me-everything-i-can-get-my-hands-on-for-free' shit.

BT threatens to pull plug on better broadband



You, young man are not old enough to remember the GPO. If you were, you would be very careful what you wish for...........

US court narrows scope for business method patents



according to the Appeal Court, for a process to be patent-eligible it has to produce concrete!

Cool. That should bugger-up the likes of Amazon for a while.

German developers forge Iron from Chrome


I call shenanigans!!

Am I the only one who thinks David S works for Google?

HP pulls memory Missing Link from bottle of beer

Paris Hilton

@ Not convinced...

Jim, you beat me to it. Exactly what I was going to say, except I would have used more !"£$% words.

Paris, because she's !"£$%d

Dell axes 900 jobs in Austin plant shutdown


@ SmokeyMcPotHead

"Time to move to another planet...who's with me?"

Ron L Hubbard, I suspect!

/Mine's the space suit coloured one......

DIY satellite TV installer shoots wife dead

Paris Hilton

Bi g uns!

If you are in any doubt about the destructive potential of a .22, you should remember that the SA80, M60 and AK-74 (as opposed to AK-47. No, it wasn't a typo) are all 5.56mm (new way of saying .22 in old money)

He may not have had an automatic assault rifle, but an idiot (American or otherwise) can still do a lot of damage with one.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to ballistic energy!

Paris, 'cos she'd need a huuugge nailgun!

Snap Sun decision launches Java at iPhone


@ Jim Moores

Most popular compiled language?

Hate to be picky Jim, but Java isn't a compiled language. Source code gets 'compiled' into bytecode, which is then interpreted on a virtual machine (the clue is in the name). If it were a true compiled language there would be no need for JVM as the resultant machine code would executed directly by the hardware.

BT pimped customer web data to advertisers last summer

Jobs Halo


Won't pointing to opendns.com (or similar) for your dns requests solve this? I don't know enough about the ins and outs to be sure though.

Unseen 'Marilyn Monroe' nude snap wows US expert


@ Blubster

"Some snotty nosed graduate who did Monroe as his thesis?"

Now that's my sort of degree course. Where do I sign up?

Glaswegian piracy drive yields just 41 'possible' offenders


Lawyers 'R' us

"......if piracy is suspected, the businesses will have to provide evidence that they are operating legally."

Where did these people get their Law Qualifications, the Tallahassee Corresponance School of Nearly Education!? Perhaps someone needs to remind them that in the UK, NOBODY is required to prove their innocence. It is up to others to prove their guilt.

P.S. Nothing against Tallahassee. I've never been there but I'm sure it's a lovely place.

US Navy to test fire electric hypercannon

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@That Would Be Good/AC

Totally off subject, but......

Isn't "A willing foe and sea room" for Fridays? I thought Thursdays was "A bloody war or a sickly season", though it's been a while, so I could be wrong.

Yours Aye!

US surgeon snaps patient's tattooed todger


True story, honest guv.

This reminds me of a story I heard years ago. A surgeon was performing an appendectomy on a young lady and was surprised to find she had dyed her pubic hair green and tatooed "Keep Off The Grass" above it.

She woke to find written above said decoration - "Sorry, I had to mow the lawn!"

Ahh, those were the days......

New BAE destroyer launches today on the Clyde

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Lily Allen 'in talks' to become Doctor Who's assistant


Time for a regeneration?

"With Lily and someone younger and edgier in the lead role it could open up the show to a new, trendier crowd."

Well that's Dr. Who ruined forever then. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Real F-15 joins massively multiplayer virtual war


Call me paranoid, but.......

Is this in anyway linked to yesterdays story on the beeb that the USAF has grounded its entire F-15 fleet following a prang on a 'training mission'. Looks like those pesky s'kiddies have done for the USAF already!

No-humping 20mph limit for London

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Using stuff it's not intended for

Have the people who make these decisions - I'm looking at you Ken and your cronies - ever even heard of Ultra Vires? In their rush to hug trees (and won't somebody think of the children!!) are they really prepared to throw away Magna Carta and all the good bits in it, along with every other constitutional right that followed from it?

Hmmm.... I think I've just answered my own question there

(For the benefit of our Colonial Cousins - yes we do have a constitution in the UK and yes it is written down; It's just not written in one document. So there.)

MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs


Re: Just about everyone

"Anyone with any sense uses FireFox these days,"

Well that counts me out then - I've been using Opera since version 2. I was one of those who even used to pay for it! - and yes, it was worth it.

I've never had any promlems with spam/virii/malware/u-name-it and it's had the "Adblock + scriptblock + flashblock" ability since about 1999, I think.

Oh, and it's never crashed - more than can be said for Firefox.

Nobel-winning boffin slams ISS, manned spaceflight



complete idiots like this guy don't get to decide who gets the limited amount of cash that's handed out for these things. If his sort of mentality was prevalent we would all still be drawing pictures of animals on cave walls with sticks of charcoal. Admittedly they would be very well researched and minutely detailed pictures, but we'ed have done bugger all else!

Religious hatred a crime from October, but exemptions are wide


@ Anarchy

"So is it still ok to laugh at people's religious views, tell them they are wasting thier life, ....."

Only if you accept their right to do the same to you.

Trevor Baylis cranks multimedia up a notch


Bin there, done that

Although I can't remember who made them. I saw wind up (general purpose) battery chargers several years ago. They might have been less efficient (don't know, never actually had one), but they were definitely around 3 or 4 years ago and as several people have already said, more useful if you can plug it into lots of gadgets


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