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'No deal better than bad deal' approach to Brexit 'unsubstantiated'


Re: WTO rules which seem to work well enough

@ Warm Brew

"If they work so well, why have we not already developed better trade links with Australia, New Zealand, India, ... where WTO rules apply? Why will Brexit suddenly make an immense difference?"

Because when you are a member of the EU you are forbidden to make independent trade deals. The EU bloc makes the trade deals and you operate under those rules as part of the EU umbrella.,

So whilst the UK is part of the EU we have been forbidden to strike any trade deals with other countries. WTO rules only.

This is the BIGGEST reason i voted Leave. The EU is the worlds worst performing economy in terms of growth and it currently accounts for less than 20% of the worlds economy. I would prefer to have the option to make deals with the 80% and be locked out of the 20% than the other way round.

Confidence in £70m customs system has 'collapsed', warns Treasury Committee


You say : "Problem Island"

UK Government says : "Massively strategically important military base as it controls access to the entire Mediterranean sea"

I say "Check out Google maps if you think it's an Island".


Re: Brexit is wonderful

Oh i think it would go the complete opposite way to how you imagine. I personally believe if the referendum was re-run more people would vote leave than previously.

The reason i think this is because every single prediction that 'Project Fear' predicted has proved to be hopelessly incorrect. In fact the opposite has happened. Everything is looking very rosy indeed at the moment for the UK economy, not so good for the EU economy.

However, the echo chamber of the Register would agree with you. Most commentards on here think Brexit is a very bad thing. Do you ALL live in London (the only place in England that is pro-EU)?

Manufacturers reject ‘no deal’ Brexit approach


Re: It was about creeping federalism.

Or the IMF getting their predictions hopelessly wrong (whilst being run by a crook), or the 'expert' in the BOE (Mark Carney) that decided a rate cut right after Brexit would be a wheeze... that certainly didnt help the pound did it.

Yes, experts seem as good as my 1yr old toddler at predicting future economics.


Re: Welcome to Trump.UK

Fully agree!

I am under 50, not racist, not xenophobic, live down south and border controls made up approximately 0% of the reasons i voted out.

However, remainers do like to cling onto the 60 year old racist, uneducated, northerner working class stereotype.


Re: It'll be fine

Clearly someone who doesn't understand our financial services sector.


Re: It'll be fine


Calm down Mr Angry. I am sure it will be fine. I do seem to remember we had things like Kite Marks and British Standards before EU consumer protection laws. Or are you in your mid twenties and have failed to understand that this country functioned very well before the EU was invented?

We even had electricity and roads you know! Not as nice as those EU funded lovely roads you get in France these days admittedly but they still existed.

Chill out. It will be fine.


Re: It'll be fine

There is a rather large element of truth in that yes.

That is, we import more to the EU than we export. So tarrifs hurt the EU. Cars are one of the major good we import.

It's quite simple really.


Re: It'll be fine

Wow. What you have written is patently untrue. However I am flabbergasted at the amount of upvotes you have for posting a complete pack of lies!!

If both parties (the EU and the UK) agree to an extension it will happen.

Although as the 27 EU states cannot agree on anything in 2 years an extension is unlikely to occur admittedly.

Source :


Pertinent paragraph:

"If no agreement is concluded within two years, that

state's membership ends automatically, unless the European Council and the Member

State concerned decide jointly to extend this period."

I voted leave.

Apparently i am an uneducated xenophobic racist. Clearly i am more educated than you regarding Article 50. Oh, and i have visited over 50 countries. Loved them all (except maybe the US and Australia). So maybe i am Xenophobic to English speaking countries.... Don't let that confuse your stereotype though.. :)

Cheap, flimsy, breakable and replaceable – yup, Ikea, you'll be right at home in the IoT world


Re: I think there are more substantial problems holding back home automaion

I have Nest and it is superb. I have definitely noticed a not-insignificant reduction in my heating bills (estimated 10-15% per annum). Not to mention the fact I have completely eliminated the irritation of messing about with my timers in Spring and Autumn - as you mentioned in your post. That would have been worth the cost alone without the money savings.

I have dabbled in IoT and without doubt the one product I thoroughly recommend to anyone would be Nest (closely followed by Hue bulbs).

P.S I dont work for Nest. Just a very happy customer.


Re: Racing towards the next 3D TV

I have Hue bulbs in my house and i absolutely love them. I live in a 4 story house and cannot hear my doorbell from the kitchen. The lights are in the kitchen. My solution : A motion sensor to change them to red when someone is at my front door.

I have an IFTTT recipe that automatically changes my lighting in the kitchen to a different colour once an hour. It provides a great ambiance. Only slightly annoying it if selects a dim colour when i am cooking, but a 2 second flick of the switch on and off again sets them back to normal 'white'.

Also - the bulbs last for 15 yrs (advertised) and are very efficient. I don't need an internet connection to change the colours, nor even the hub. So i would love them even without the internet connectivity.

So you might be right in asking why do we 'NEED' internet connected lightbulbs. We dont need that functionality, but it can be useful. But you are missing the point that LED smart bulbs are fantastic in their own non-connected way just by being so beautiful.

But i have always been a sucker for lights.

P.S : It doesnt take 10 times longer to use the app - mainly because you can create widgets / shortcuts. And if you have got a decent quick phone that unlocks using finger prints i can actually change my lighting more quickly than i can using the wall switch (unless i am standing next to the wall switch). Also with Hue you can buy physical switches. They have already overcome all your objections. :)

Why Theresa May’s hard Brexit might be softer than you think


Re: 2 years?

@ Milton : "Financial services will lose their passporting rights and so London will cease to be the principal European trading hub. Frankfurt and Dublin will benefit, much relocation will occur, Britain will be tens of billions worse off."

You do realise that this whole concept of the city moving to Frankfurt is completely absurd!

Population of the entire city of Frankfurt: 800,000 approx

Financial sector workers based in the city of London : 2,000,000 approx.

So, is Frankfurt going to triple in size overnight? They had better get building a few more skyscrapers, and houses, and infrastructure...

Also - being a city employee myself with my ear to the ground, i know of absolutely NOBODY who has expressed an interest in moving to Frankfurt.

Its just not going to happen.


Re: 2 years?

I don't understand why your comment has been down voted. You clearly show more economic knowledge than most on this forum - that is the majority of Leave voters who are blindly ignoring the catastrophic financial situation the EU is in. Its like watching a slow motion car crash.

I would have loved to remain a part of a strong EU, but was terrified of being dragged under when the EU starts to really struggle when Italy defaults and the fresh bail outs begin.

This is very likely to occur this year according to most financial analysis I have been reading.


Re: Dr. North

And that my friend is also the problem with the EU - they 'cherry-pick' the laws they want to obey.

The whole thing is a corrupt mess.

AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world


Re: Am I Getting Old?

A lot of disinformation here regaridng Philips Hue bulbs.

The Hue lightbulbs work perfectly well without any IT whatsoever. Guess how?? Yep - that trusty old light switch turns them on and off. Just like a real bulb. So i can turn off my phone, my router and my PC and i can still turn them on and off - using a light switch. They perform just like normal light bulbs.

If i want to change them to a different colour, (or turn them on and off remotely), my router needs to be on, because the app to change the colour is on my phone and therefore my phone needs to be able to talk to the bulbs (they are not Bluetooth bulbs).

Following so far? ;)

If my router is connected to the internet, the bulbs can then download patches and interface with services such as IFTTT. But they certainly do NOT require internet connectivity for basic operation.

The Mail vs Wikipedia: They're more alike than they'd ever admit


Re: Looks bad for Wikipedia

That article was about recouping the money spent by the NHS treating that lady

Its a fair point. If it had happened to my wife over the USA we would have had to pay. Just because the NHS is publicly funded shouldn't change the fact, . I don't think colour or nationality came into it.

I am not a fan of the Daily Mail but you comment is sligjly misleading.

Get orf the air over moi land Irish farmer roars at drones


Re: Quite Right

Wolfetone: This didn't happen did it? Firstly a Drone is useless as a spying tool. No zoom, and trying to record video of inside a room from outside of the property generally shows you a dark window in a wall. Nobody uses Drones for titilation / spying on girlfriends. Despite what some people claim, it just DOESN'T happen.

Secondly, how did you find the drone operator in order to re-align his jaw? I very much doubt you followed the drone all the way to the operator, running through brick walls, leaping over tall hedges at upto 35mph in your relentless pursuit for anti-perv justice.

You should add this to the beginning of your post:

*** Anti-drone bullshit story alert ***

Soz telcos you're 'low priority' post-Brexit, says leaked gov doc


Re: hmm

Nissan appear to disagree with you. You know the company; the largest Japanese owned UK employer.

Brexit could further harm woeful rural payments system


Re: Idiots

And the remainers like to tell us Brexiters that we are ill-educated and illiterate!

Take off your tin foil hat. Breath.... and relax.

The sky still hasn't fallen in yet has it? Nor do i believe it will. Time will tell. Lazy childlike profanity laden rants wont help change anyone's opinion of Brexit. I would suggest you spend your energy working on your anger issues as opposed to wasting time writing such posts.

Wanna protect your data center? Take tips from the US Secret Service


How about VPN Split tunneling?

Although not ideal in a security context, it would have prevented having to give the users 2 workstation.

Hapless scouser scours streets for lost Crimble drone


Re: Deluded Commentators

So shall we also buy cars because a tiny majority of them use them irresponsibly?

You have drone hysteria... At least you have managed to avoid calling all drone operators perverts. Because as we all know, the number 1 use of drones in 'hysteria world' is to spy on the next door neighbours daughter. And then - crash it into thier f*cking faces afterwards just for good measure...

Seriously - drones are pretty innocent flying camera used responsibility the vast majority of times. But yes, there will always be a few idiots out there.

Stay safe on the roads...


Re: Deluded Commentators

So has this every happened to you? Or anyone you know?

Thought not.


Re: Perhaps "geo-fencing" isn't quite the correct term...

The phantom drones have exactly that. It fixes it's GPS position upon takeoff, and will return to that point if it loses signal with the controller, gets low on battery or is requested to do so by the operator.

It's brilliant and gives you peace of mind when flying.


There IS a button on the Phantoms which when pressed makes the drone fly back to the location it was launched from. This chap probably crashed it as this button makes the drone quite hard to 'lose'.

Drones will be able to carry 120GB footage of you in the shower if Seagate has its way


Re: @Cynic_999 - being seen from the air while naked

I have not yet seen a consumer drone on the market that has an optical zoom or a telephoto lense.

If i wanted to see naked people, there are plenty of web sites on the internet to fulfill that need which would be far easier and safer than attempting to capture a grainy badly lit sneaky photo of a neighbour through a window with a very noisy drone.

Seriously people - drones DO NOT make good spying / voyeur tools and you really shouldn't believe everything your read in the papers.


Re: Where are the Drone Jammers then?

You clearly have never attempted to point a normal handheld camera through a window from approx 10m away have you? If you did, you will notice your picture doesn't contain much detail of the room through the window... You generally get a picture of a window and nothing else.

Add the facts drones are incredibly noisy and do not have optical zooms and you will realise a drone is a completely useless spying tool. Nobody uses them for voyeuristic activities. Stop believing the media hysteria.

MH370 hunters call for new search of extra 25,000km2


I have always suspected its in Diego Garcia as well... seemed to be heading in that direction and the US had some rather good reasons to get hold of some of the people on board (Freescale employees on their way to China). I am very skeptical about the Immersat Pings.

And no, i don't usually do conspiracy theories!

HomeKit is where the dearth is – no one wants Apple's IoT tech


Re: Would somebody...

Erm, Nest is not just a 'Remote Thermostat'.

It's saved me about £100 per year on heating costs. I find that useful.

It does this by not arbitrarily firing up my boiler at 6:30am in order to heat my house to my desired temperature for when i get up at 7:30am like traditional time based thermostats do.

It knows it's warm outside tonight as its pulled that info from the internet. It knows the temperature of the room its in, and it knows how long it takes to raise the temperature of that room by one degree.

So on a warm night it will delay firing the boiler until 7:15am as it knows it will still manage to reach my desired temperature by 7:30am. Saved me 30 mins of gas i would have normally have burnt when my dumb thermostat blindly kicked in at 06:30am as usual. Repeat this over a winter and you see proper cost savings.


Re: But I don't want any of them

Actually, Nest does offer advantages over traditional programmable thermostats - especially when you live in a seasonal country such as the UK.

For example, every night can vary in temperature here.

My Nest is programmed so my house will be 20 degrees C at 07:30 every morning. It knows the outside temperature (due to location information plus internet fed current outside temp), it knows the temperature of my house and it knows exactly how long it takes to raise my house per degree.

So on a normal night the heating will usually kick in at about 06:45.

But on a warm night, it might not start until 07:15. Saves me 30 mins of heating. It knows if it comes on at 06:45 the house will be at 20 degrees to early. So it waits.

This over a whole winter has saves me approx £100 per year. Plus the house is always just right. It doesn't feel colder as we slide further into winter. It just starts slightly earlier. Something a time only based system cannot do.

The other bonus is that I never have to re-program it every spring / autumn to account for the seasonal change.

Also Since it has learnt my temperature preferences at different times of the day I don't think i have adjusted the heating in my house for about a year or so now. Never need to touch it. Worrying about the heating (turning it up or down by 1 degree) is a chore of the past.

There are other benefits with it as well, but the main one is that at the end of the day its paid for itself twice over in the time i have owned it. It's not just for geeks. It genuinely does save cash on your heating bills.


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