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DECT wireless eavesdropping made easy


@Weak AC - Asterisk/Asterix

Picking up on your comment. Where in the article does it mention Asterix?

Sky demonstrates 3D telly vision


@Mark Boothroyd

Well said.

While I wouldn't jump straight in to invest in the technology, I think it will be great for TV. I can just imagine watching the World Cup in 3D. Might make me feel like I'm there!

Sony exec pours cold water on PS3 price-cut hopes


@ Dave Webb

The first AC poster did make a fair comparison.

Just because you don't need/want Blu-ray or WIFI doesn't mean others don't. It is also still an extra expense that have put into the PS3, so for that you should pay extra for it.

So YOU need to get YOUR facts right.

The comparison was fair, you're just reading it in a way that suits you.

Microsoft slams 'sensationalist' Vista analysis


@ Tom Turck

Please tell me about the Vista "security" features? I just want to know what you mean by this.

Ofcom mulls BT Openreach price hike


Don't like BT, then go to cable providers

All you folks who don't like BT, should just bugger off and go to Virgin Media then.

BT provide and maintain the backbone of the telecoms infrastructure in the UK, and they are doing a decent job of keeping it running. Are you online right now? Are you using a telephone? Are these services working at the time of reading this? Most peoples answers to these questions are likely yes, which means you are going through BT's infrastructure to use those services.

Those services are working and doing their job, so unless anyone else can come up with the capital to upgrade the networks in the UK (i.e. fiber), they should either put up or shut up.

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'


@ Anthony

What are you talking about?

"Unless it stops them from installing it, it's another example of a MS product that doesn't work as claimed."

If an operating system stops you from installing a product then the OS is useless!

A ridiculous comment.

I'm still waiting for a list of all these security holes that exist in Vista, but no other OS. I know there are security holes that can be opened up, but it makes me laugh when people say that, but they actually have nothing to back it up with.

Ballmer bitch slaps Vista


UAC @ Brent Gardner

Why should the UAC have to go?

What is it that bothers you about UAC? I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but I'm curious as to your reasons on this.

Linux and OSX uses a similar technology in that when you perform a task, you perform is with the minimum users rights. When it requires greater privilages, you are prompted for action (a password, or those that don't have a password continue/allow).

So if Microsoft should abolish this, you think that Mac OSX and Linux should also?

I've been running Vista at home for some time now... Since the OS came out actually. I really have not noticed a performance difference at all between that and Vista. I admit I have had a couple of moments where copying files across my network has been sluggish, but from a home perspective, this isn't a big deal. It doesn't happen all the time anyway.

To me the biggest problem with Vista is people jumping on the band wagon and cristising it. The media has destroyed this OS, not Microsoft.

There seems to be a lot of sheep in the IT world, and I don't mean the wooly kind! Instead of following the crowd (it's cool to like Mac, it's cool to like Linux). Have a true opinion on this stuff! There is a reason Microsoft produce the most widely used OS.

They give Linux away and they still can't get people to use it!

Ok I'm getting a bit defensive now...

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic



I wondered how long it would take someone to complain about hotmail.

Why do so many people complain about Microsoft products?

If you don't like it don't use it. Why criticise other people for using Microsoft products? They're not causing you Linux/Mac fan boys any bother are they?

May the people that don't like the Microsoft products are just p****d because they don't know how to use them properly.

I said my piece.

Ofcom urged to clamp down on broadband speed deceit


BE Broadband

I'm a bit bemused at some of the BE subscribers comments. I used to have BE before I moved to the States, and whilst the service they advertise is 24mbps, I have read many many articles saying that you will probably only ever achieve a maximum of 18mbps.

People on here are expecting 20mbps. This isn't the ISP's trying to shaft anyone, this is because of cable limitations. You sign up for BE know that you will not receive a 24mbps service. I received a 16mbps connection (according to the router), though real world tests showed that I actually received a maximum of 13.1mbps connection.

However, in all the time that I used BE there was NEVER any slowness using the connection. Everytime I tested the connection I would receive a 13.1mbps connection.

Stop complaining about not getting 20mbps. There are plenty of warnings that you will never receive the maximum speed.

Those using 8mbps services though I fully sympathise, as I have regularly seen these connections drop down to a 1mbps, which is disgusting.

Toshiba pledges 30in OLED TV will ship in 2009


Release date

Why does it matter that Toshiba are releasing 30in OLED screen? Big deal... Ok it's a lot bigger in size, but the product won't be coming out for another 2 years. Everyone will probably be producing those screens by then.

US punters gobbling up mobile data


RE: Data Charges

I'm now living in the US, originally an Essex boy though.

I've noticed that hardly anyone uses SMS here (compared to the UK), but using the mobile for surfing the internet is ridiculously cheap.

The services where I live are $20 a month for unlimited Internet access! With todays exchange rate that's just 10 pounds.

The US still charge customers to receive calls though, so this is perhaps where they are making their money back.