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Londoners will be trialling driverless cars in pedestrianised area


Re: Keep death off the roads!

As someone who walks a considerable distance to and from work on footpaths - no, just no. It may be a minority but there are still too many cyclists using footpaths are far too high of a speed and often without a bell that seem to expect I have eyes in the back of my head and will just jump into a bush/bin/gutter to move out of their way. No, it’s a shared space. Slow down when coming up behind people who are not aware of your presence, overtake sensibly if safe to do so else make people aware of your presence by ringing your bell and being polite and courteous when we do move to let you past.

That said, the reason I walk (apart from the war crime my wearing skin tight clothing would be) is because I’m far to terrified to ride a bike on the roads in rush hour or any time.

We all just need to get along.

SOME cars don't respect bikes, SOME bikes don't respect pedestrians, but ultimately the majority of us are just getting along with getting on to wherever we’re going without killing anyone.

BT will HATE us for this one weird 5G trick


Re: Lage voices and small wallets

I might be wrong but I thought roads, certainly local and town centre ones were paid for by council tax?

Anyway, as some who walks into Leeds city centre everyday I just want the bikes on the road where the highway code says they should be. I am sick of them chasing up behind me with no bell and then yelling at me to shift. Yeah good luck with that pal, if you're going to ride on the foot path you can bloody well ride at walking pace.

Anyway, in Leeds at least that's all being fixed by the cycle super highway which is taking a ridiculous amount of time to complete, and where finished is unused.

Anyway, beer O'clock calls.