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The Google-isation of all the net's access points


Tried it... and I'm pretty happy so far

On first impression it is **very** fast and smooth compared to any of the other browsers I've tried recently (Firefox 2 & 3, Safari, Opera and I'm still have to use IE at work).

The clincher for me is that one of my e-mail addresses is with Yahoo and their site is normally an absolute nightmare, hanging for 30 second plus on the most minor transaction. Chrome (on the same computer, modem, connection as all the above) doesn't even break a sweat.

BCS to review NHS IT for Tories


@ no one

"the best solution to medical records is probably the patient carrying around their own health records on a USB stick or similar, suitably encrypted"

Yeah... because when someone's admitted to A&E at 1 o'clock on a Sunday morning (peak time for admissions due to pissheads falling over, bottling each other etc), they're really going to have the stick on them, thus allowing quick access to their medical history. And there's no chance at all that large numbers of patients will lose them, either.


Anyone who's ever been near a Medical Records department should be aware at how inefficient the current paper system is. Notes have to be physically transferred - often by taxi believe it or not, which costs ridiculous amounts - and aren't available when they're needed. This can mean the difference between life and death for a patient in need of fast and precise treatment.

You can criticise the implentation of IT projects within the NHS and you'd have a point but the case for needing an electronic patient record system is pretty much watertight in my opinion.

Doctors need the best possible information on new patients as quickly as possible - it's no longer realistic to rely on already knowing every patient and their entire family like back in the "good old days" because people move around more nowadays and doctors do too.

If a patient is out of the area covered by the Primary Care Trust they're registered with and is admitted urgently out of hours, a nationalised electronic records system is the only thing that will let clinicians act with full knowledge of the patient's medical history. What precise form that takes is of course a matter for debate.

Rock managers propose tout tax


An alternative...

...would seem to be to sack off going to the kind of gigs that attract this kind of BS price war.

There are a hell of a lot of good acts who could do with the support and whose shows you can get into with change left over from a tenner.

Those too dumb and sheeplike to develop their own tastes in music are unlikely to find me sympathetic to their plight - it is precisely because people tend to flock towards whatever is currently popular (good or more often, not) that the secondary market exists.

Sorry if I sound like a pissed of teenage NME reader there but if you can't be bothered to explore the wider market you deserve to get scalped.

Artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince attacks internet


Prince is a tosser

I'm allowed that much obscenity on here I hope?

Seriously though, I can't understand why anyone feels his tunes at all, they are hiiiiiighly over-rated.

I wouldn't go to the effort of downloading them and I certainly wouldn't pay for them.



Stolen satnav guides thieves to owner's home


Can you lot not read?

Fair play on a load of people thinking of making "home" refer to your local police station... I accept that many of you sport neither originality nor a wel-developed sense of humour.

But did none of you notice that the same comment had already been posted several times over?

Spammers debut FDF spam


Why they do it...

My understanding was that, once they've done the initial work of defeating the latest security upgrades, they can hit so many people so quickly and cheaply that the tiny percentage of incredibly dumb respondents still adds up to a healthy profit.

Either that or there are even more morons in the world than previously supposed... either option seems like a contender.