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Contractors welcome Lords inquiry into IR35 before tax reforms hit private sector but fear it's 'too little, too late'


I've worked in IT for >20 years now and have frequently worked alongside contractors who do the same job as me but pay a lot less in tax, told by the boss to work Mon-Fri 9-5 like any other employee. From my conversations over the years, a lot of contractors have taken tax avoidance to new levels of pee taking, from claiming their new gaming PC as a business expense to taking their salaries as 'loans' and not paying any tax at all. I always wondered when the government would crack down on this, but I suppose the number of contractors has expanded over the years due to the tax advantages becoming more apparent and it cannot be ignored anymore.

You'll never get Huawei with this, FCC tells US telcos: Buy Chinese kit and you won't see another dime from us


How much US kit does China buy?

I suppose the Chinese government will now stop buying Cisco and Arista kit, that should really teach Trump a lesson.

NHS Digital execs showed 'little regard' for patient ethics by signing data deal


Re: Agree

Both my grandparents came to the UK as refugees during WW2, both had very strong accents until the day they died. In fact, one girlfriend said my grandad sounded like Count Dracula :)

Anyhow, I never heard either of them complain about being singled out due to being 'foreigners' and the NHS never asked them to prove their entitlement to treatment as they both slowly died of degenerative diseases.

I'm not sure if the newer generation of immigrants expectations are different, but my grandparents loved their 50+ years in the UK and never wanted to return to their respective countries (Latvia & Switzerland).

Uber breaks self-driving car record: First robo-ride to kill a pedestrian



Was her name Sarah Connor?

1 in 5 STEM bros whinge they can't catch a break in tech world they run


Re: Ignoring the gender element

"So I'm really sorry, but I just can't drum up sympathy for white males who today feel discriminated against in the whitest industry on the planet."

Clearly, you haven't been to China or India where the number of non-white techies is 99.9999%

Time's up: Grace period for Germany's internet hate speech law ends



Like how BT doesn't monitor my phone calls and remove nasty words, I thought social networks were operating under the same laws. Because, if they remove offensive material, does that mean that everything which remains is ok by FaceBook & Twitter standards? What if I disagree with what they consider to be ok? Can I go to court and sue the companies rather than the individual who posted the material I find offensive? I think Mark Zuckerburg has more dollars to squeeze than some 13-year-old internet troll.

Guy Glitchy: Villagers torch Openreach effigy



I don't understand how people who choose to live in an isolated village suddenly expect the 21st century to rock up to their doorstep on demand.

I lived in a small village and got 6mbps rubbish BT ADSL. I moved into a town and now get 300mbps Virgin 'fibre'.

Dumb bug of the week: Apple's macOS reveals your encrypted drive's password in the hint box


No problems here

I had more issues with iOS 11 than High Sierra.

Blighty's National Pupil Database has been used to control immigration


'Free Stuff'

I can see the point of doing this as:

Schools Cost = £££

NHS Cost = £££

If the state is just handing these services out for free to those who should & could be paying, how is that fair? Not very progressive for those poorer members of British society to be having their allocation of state resources decreased by those with no entitlement.

Unless we believe in the magic money tree whereby everyone can have everything because supply and demand don't really exist in the socialist mind set.


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