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Monty launches frantic 'save MySQL' web campaign

Carsten Pedersen

Yes, really

I'm not sure I see where we're disagreeing. I'm not saying that Oracle is not the best choice in some situations. What I do think is that Oracle is not necessarily the right choice in *most* situations. And by "most", I mean "number of installations", not "size of application/number of users/scalability".

MySQL has taken a lot of business away from Oracle in areas where Oracle didn't deserve to be in the first place. With MySQL, those that need a car can buy a car. With Oracle, those same people would get a big truck. Now that Oracle is buying MySQL, those customers that are on the fence of having small databases but needing professional services will be pushed into buying the truck, when what they really needed was the car. How is that good for anyone?

Whatever you think of Monty, there's good reason legislators are worried about the creation of a monopoly in this area.

Carsten Pedersen

Monty did fork MySQL - but the name's still important

"Why doesn't Monty simple work on a fork, proclaim to the world "MontySQL is based on an old release of MySQL", and move on?"

He did that already, the product is called MariaDB. The point that Monty tries to get across is that the *name* MySQL is extremely important.

If Oracle makes a conscious effort to stop or even cripple "MySQL" in preference of their cash cow product, the mindshare that the product has gained will come apart. "MySQL" will become known as "the crippled product" and Oracle's sales folks will push people onto their other products.

Oracle has so far denied making any statement as to how they will support MySQL in the future, and much more importantly, only given vague promises as to the licensing under which MySQL will continue.

As I've written somewhere else: read the two articles on the helpmysql site. They are very enlightening.

Carsten Pedersen

Not too shabby

with 100+ signups in 24 hours, considering most people are on holiday.

Those that base their career/income on MySQL really ought to read the two "Fox in the Henhouse" and "GPL is not the answer" articles - ought to be an eye-opener for those that think Oracle won't make a difference to MySQLs future. At least they'll then have made an educated decision whether to sign or not.

A Deadlock Holiday

Carsten Pedersen

like drowning kittens in a bucket of water.

not just a keyboard, but a screen, two phones and a mouse charger too...

BOFH: Trussssst in me

Carsten Pedersen
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Brilliant as always!

Satire website survives domain name challenge

Carsten Pedersen

@Sven Coenye

"This decision appears to have been reached solely because both parties were in the US. That leaves open the possibility that the outcome could have been the reverse if either party was not based in the US. It sets a precedent to include national politics in domain name decisions."

No. What they say is simply "since both organisations are US-based, they are both subject to US law, so that's all we need to consider". It does not set any precedent for what might happen in international cases, simply that international law is irrelevant in this particular case.

Scotch lovers asked to cough up £10,000 per bottle

Carsten Pedersen

@Dale 3

"Good to hear you will be able to get it at the airport. Much more affordable if you can avoid the duties, which contribute as much as £15 per bottle!"

Not to mention the looks on the face those folks going onto connecting flights while forgetting that you can't take the bottle through security for the 2nd leg...

RIP tennis gal's DD jubs

Carsten Pedersen

@Kevin Reader

"Achilles' Choice", by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes

Ex-Borland's Delphi owner re-ignites cross-platform dream

Carsten Pedersen


"Kylix was to ambitious and ahead of its time"

No. Kylix was a pile of dung that rode on the name of Delphi and should never have been released. It couldn't even comile a simple "Hello, World!" standalone on major Linux distros of the time.

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

Carsten Pedersen

Title here

""It's a real meteorite, therefore it is very valuable to collectors and scientists."

Obviously, you wouldn't want to let the guy who suffered keep it as a memoir.

Xandros - the Linux company that isn't

Carsten Pedersen

'Users don't care about Linux'

and "Xandros doesn't care about Users"...

Once the product is out, you can forget about getting any kind of updates (security or otherwise) from Xandros. Same goes for apps not installed by default. Unless you're willing & able to perform a lot of Linux admin voodoo, you're up the creek on your own. No surprise that a lot of EEE users have opted to do a post-install of Windows, even if they started out satisfied with the installed Linux. Or, for those that *do* care about Linux, opted for Ubuntu.

Sun says it's time for MySQL 5.4

Carsten Pedersen


"Teradata or Oracle Exadata are used for crunching TB+ data in cluster environements"

Cluster environments can also be handy where you need guaranteed ability to handle lots of small transactions in real time. MySQL Cluster does exactly this (it was originally built by Ericsson people to handle phone+SMS billing).

IBM picks open-source in Oracle database fight

Carsten Pedersen

@Ian Michael Gumby

InnoDB is open source; it's released under the GPL.

The Pirate Bay loads cannon with official appeal

Carsten Pedersen

“judicial murder”.

FWIW, "Judicial murder" is the generally accepted term for miscarriage of justice in several scandinavian countries. It does not imply actual loss of life.

Yahoo! mocks Google Privacy Theatre

Carsten Pedersen

@Freedom of choice

"There is no requirement to use said service"

There is also no (or very little) chance of using the 'net without being exposed to said service. Every time you're served a google ad, along comes a little cookie to identify you to their ad network.

Even if you were to choose to avoid visiting any website containing "google" in the URL, they're still tracking you.

With google ads present everywhere you go, there is indeed a "requirement to use said service" and not very much freedom of choice at all.

(all of which is not to say that I have a problem with using Google or their services -- I don't. But to state "you have a choice" is naíve at best)

MySQL daddy quitting Sun?

Carsten Pedersen

MySQL was not created by the community

"You get people (the "community") to do all the work for free - then you sell it to a real business. The FOSS crowd is giving away their work, for some strange reason."

This was never the case for MySQL, 98% of which was developed in-house by *paid* engineers.

MySQL has a big community that helps out with sending in bug reports, participating in forums, etc. But counted in lines of code, the community never contributed much.

AMD confirms 'Atom-smasher' chip on its roadmap

Carsten Pedersen

"Small, Cheap Computers" sheesh

Whatever happened to "laptots"?

Apple sued over Mighty Mouse

Carsten Pedersen

Trademark registrations are categorized by product type

so just because you have registered the trademark for a cartoon character does not necessarily grant you the rights for a piece of computer hardware.

Amazon.com: Now with 50% less cockfighting

Carsten Pedersen


"Neither child pornographers nor dogfighters or cockfighters may use the First Amendment to protect their schemes to advertise and sell product that further these criminal and demonstrably harmful practices."

These days, anyone that people don't like are either associated with terrorists or paedoes. Give it a rest already!

BOFH: The PFY's comeuppance

Carsten Pedersen
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Another stroke of genius

And besides, the PFY is completely right about them short people. Can't trust 'em...

MySQL is the company's SQL now...

Carsten Pedersen

MySQL has loads of Enterprise users

Not to take away the general thrust of the article, the statement that "It will never make serious inroads into the enterprise" is just plain wrong: Google; Yahoo!; NASA; TicketMaster; Linden Lab; Deutche Post; any number of federal, state & city agencies in the US & Europe; UNICEF & UN; many media companies ... the list goes on: http://www.mysql.com/customers/


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