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Voyager 1 cracks yet another barrier: Now 150 Astronomical Units from Sol


Re: So when does Voyager 1 run into the "Truman Show" wall the aliens keep around our solar system?

Almost certainly not the story you’re thinking of, but sounds rather like Brin’s “The crystal spheres”.

Mexican cave relics suggest humans were populating the Americas up to 17,000 years earlier than thought


I’m not saying..

“people here as early as the very start of the LGM”

Little Green Men!11!! I’m not saying it was aliens but...

Apple to keep Intel at Arm's length: macOS shifts from x86 to homegrown common CPU arch, will run iOS apps


Re: Cock of the walk one week, feather duster the next

Already here.


The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references


Re: What is scariest..

I think you mean “with only the stinky parts”. At least, I hope so, since anything else makes you look bad.


Re: I'm still not sure how much of this is pulling our leg

Context is as important in political matters as it is in computational.


“My recorded IQ is 143.”

I’m pretty sure your quality of argument demonstrates that any such claim is wildly inaccurate.

We really doing this again? Rumour has it that Apple is nearly finished developing augmented-reality glasses


Re: Blind people?

Potentially a very good assist device, yes. And conversely an ability to display visual info to deaf people could make things much safer.

It is unclear why something designed to pump fuel into a car needs an ad-spewing computer strapped to it, but here we are


Re: I hated the pump ads...

Except you don’t even need to stay around whilst the ol’Tesla charges. Amble off and enjoy the on-site burger’n’lap-dance emporium.

Square peg of modem won't fit into round hole of PC? I saw to it, bloke tells horrified mate


Re: DIMM Slots

As my grandfather used to tell me - “Don’t force it - use a bigger hammer!”

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Black hole quasar tsunamis moving at 46 million miles per hour


Re: Uh-oh.

We’ve already seen the outriders of the Fleet - what did you think Oumuamua was?

BOFH: Gosh, IPv5? Why didn't I think of that? Say, how do you like the new windows in here? Take a look. Closer...


Re: "There are no stupid questions..." as I always start my Q&A sessions

Wrong. Wrongetty wrong with wrongknobs on.

Quora provides an existence proof that not only are there stupid questions but that there are a near infinite number of people sufficiently stupid that they are willing to ask them again and again and again ad infinitum.

'Developers have lost hope Microsoft will do the right thing'... Redmond urged to make WinUI cross-platform


Re: Just use Qt

Java is never the answer to any question.

Famed Apple analyst chances his Arm-based Macs that Apple kit will land next year


Re: Arm 1987

“MS bailed out Dying Apple.” Nope. Apple had plenty of cash at the time.


No, it’s currently *compiled* for x64; rather different. Very little software is actually cpu specific.


Re: Where are the benchmarks?

Pi 3 is ARMv8 - as is the Pi 3+ and the Pi 4. It’s just that Raspbian is currently run in v7 compatibility mode for reasons. There is a 64bit/v8 kernel for testing and several other OSs such as Gentoo.

Pi 3 is A53 40nm quad core, Pi 4 is A72 28nm. For the only benchmarks I care about (Smalltalk) Pi 4 is about 3x faster than 3 and about 25% of my i7 iMac - for about 2% of the price.

Beware the three-finger-salute, or 'How I Got The Keys To The Kingdom'


Re: French company

I used to work at a Palo Alto research lab of some repute. Meetings that ran over lunch could be catered, so obviously all meetings ran over lunch. Out of about 200 staff, two were catering arrangers. I swear they had an underground conveyor to the posh sushi place on University Ave. And 3pm Friday was Beer o’clock.

I miss Interval!

OK. We're off. Water ice found just below the surface of Mars. Good enough for us. Let's go. Impulse power, Mr Sulu


Re: "Arcadia Planitia [..] has [..] a thicker atmosphere"

You’ve noticed that the air pressure on Earth can be different in different places even when they are pretty much at the same altitude? I think they call it ‘weather ‘ or something?


Re: Long term solution...

The rings are doomed anyway in the not so-long term. Use’em while they’re there.

Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup


Re: ???

Insteon does just that. It was the best bet when I built my house 10years ago but is probably beaten by ZWave now.

Makes it simple to have many lights operated by many buttons or timers or whatever - I have a button by my front door to signal ‘out for the day’ that then causes lights to turn on as it gets dark, change over an evening etc. When I return I press it again and a variety of lights come on , things go back to normal etc.


Re: MK would have been prime for this in their Heyday!

X10 is problematic because it has no feedback, no security and very limited addresses- that get de facto shared with your neighbors!


Re: Next Project is a reboot Spetrum

See https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=254492 for a pretty good version


Use a Pi as the main controller, ESP 32s or 8266 for ‘smartish devices, Sonoff or similar switches and mqtt to communicate.

Consider reading Pete Scargill’s blog (https://tech.scargill.net/)

Absolutely smashing: Musk shows off Tesla's 'bulletproof' low-poly pickup, hilarity ensues


I live in a very pickup populated area. Driving to the shops yesterday it struck me that suddenly all those Princess Pickups looked very old and a bit sad.

If the stainless body works out ok I’d be very happy to buy a car built along the same lines. With the... advanced... ages of the population here, parking skill is not exactly high. My current Subaru got dinged and scraped the first time I took it shopping. I haven’t bothered to repair it because I know it would get crunched again almost immediately.

Beardy biologist's withering takedown of creationism fetches $564,500 at auction


Re: Darwin is still a very naughty boy ...

Y’know, from the content of this post one might think that you have rather less understanding of science than you think.

Reaction Engines' precooler tech demo chills 1,000°C air in less than 1/20th of a second


Re: That's quite hot

Hmm, back in ancient times when I worked there (I designed a doohickey to help in the manufacturing process) the blades were investment cast, cooled in such away as to create a single crystal and then the root profile was cleaned up by broaching. I’d be surprised if bulk grinding is used instead of that basic process.

NASA Administrator upends the scorn bucket on Elon Musk's Starship spurtings


Re: Have I misunderstood?

You mean the test where the failed component was pretty much a standard part as used by much of the industry?

Pro tip: Plug in your Tesla S when clocking off, lest you run out of juice mid hot pursuit


Re: Apples and oranges

You’re aware of the statistics about vehicle fires, right? Several hundred fossil fuel vehicles catch fire every day in just the US. Ask BMW about their carefully covered up petrol fires in cars parked for several days, for one example involving modern designs.


Re: This is the unfortunate weakness of battery operated devices.

Obviously not - why, if you google for things like “police car runs out of gas” you get no hits at.... oh, wait. One day people will find something else to whine about, eh?

We're all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn't coping well with impending Brexit


Re: Repent, repent, the end is nigh

“It sort of reminds me of the gloom and doom predictions of the climate changers who switched glibly over from the 'Next Ice Age Is Upon Us', to the 'Global Hothouse is Upon Us'.”

Bovine excremental output. Didn’t happen.

Black holes are like buses: You wait for one – and three turn up at once in galaxy merger


I suggest some wider reading on the subject. That isn’t how it works.


Re: A singularity enters an event horizon

The “starts with a bang “ articles are pretty solid, being written by a real physicist that does actual astrophysics etc. By and large even Forbes can’t spin it for politics.


Re: @Jake That's going to make one hell of a racket.

Say what? Didn’t hear you.

Astroboffins baffled after spotting solar system with great gas giant that shouldn't exist


I can’t access the full paper but the abstract mentions planetary mass that doesn’t seem likely to work out to “270 times its star”. Maybe 1/270?

Lights, camera, camera, camera, action: iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip biz in new iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip shocker


Re: "they haven't found out a way to make a zoom lens flat enough to fit in the phone yet."

Human eyes are not equipped with zoom lenses.

Cloud, internet biz will take a Yellowhammer to the head in 'worst case' no-deal Brexit


Re: Transhumanism for the win

Err, a transhuman would be a bit short of piss to take...

Raspberry Pi head honcho Eben Upton talks thermals, stores and who's buying the kit


Seriously? Never seen mention of the (probably) dozens of knock-offs? Pineapple Pi, Roseapple Pi, Banana Pi.... a long list of terrible attempts at puns. One or two have even been reasonable hardware but have ever had decent support.

GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name


Re: Eh?

Your lack of decency seems only to be exceeded by your lack of knowledge.

A challenger appears: Taiwanese devs' answer to Gemini PDA wraps a Raspberry Pi in a tablet


Re: Not enough bandwidth, and given me a proper keyboard

A) Pi 4 has usb3.

B) meagre usb 2 bandwidth hasn’t stopped quite a few of us doing interesting things with prior models.

Go fourth and multi-Pi: Raspberry Pi 4 lands today with quad 1.5GHz Arm Cortex-A72 CPU cores, up to 4GB RAM...


Re: Still a PoE hat?

Welcome to the world of success...

Bonkers British MPs rant: 5G signals cause cancer


Is this “Nunberg Code” the next Dan Brown novel?

'Bulls%^t! Complete bull$h*t!' Reset the clock on the last time woke Linus Torvalds exploded at a Linux kernel dev


Ah, those were the days...

Now even a watch has more cpu and memory than (probably) all the Altos that ever existed.

And a simple webpage uses more memory than that.

Meet the new Dropbox: It's like the old Dropbox, but more expensive, and not everyone's thrilled


Re: Guido

About time he got suitably punished

Large Redmond Collider: CERN reveals plan to shift from Microsoft to open-source code after tenfold license fee hike


Re: Windows CMD.EXE

... but it can’t even handle their own UNC filenames!

NASA fingers the cause of two bungled satellite launches, $700m in losses, years of science crashing and burning...


Re: Aluminum

Remember, it’s ‘C’, eh, ‘n’, eh, ‘d’, eh?

We regret to inform you the massive asteroid NASA's all excited about probably won't hit Earth


Re: Time enough

If Man is still alive, if Woman can survive?

Microsoft's Edge on Apple's macOS? It's more likely than you think for new browser


No. Just, no. No way, no how. Damn thing doesn’t even work properly on a damn windows lump.

Now here's a Galaxy far, far away: Samsung stalls Fold rollout after fold-able screens break in hands of reviewers


Re: A total failure

Foldable isn’t really the end though - rollable is much more desirable. Think scroll. Think something like an 8” dildo with the screen pulling out to maybe A4 total size. Pull out a couple of inches to see messages or contact list for a phone all. Pull out all the way to get a nice big view of a map.

And you - yes, you boy, stop sniggering.

Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days


Re: Extremely poor

*My* ancient iPhone 3 & 4 are still working just fine, thank you. No screen issues, nor battery problems, at worst a bit of scuffing around the home buttons.

I couldn’t comment about old android phones because nobody seems to keep them very long.

IBM bid to unmask age discrimination whistleblower goes down in flames


Re: Yeah..

In the far distant past when I was an IBM research Fellow, I tried to persuade them to name the workstation window system ‘panes’ purely for the joy of having aix and panes. Didn’t work :-(

Brit rocket boffins Reaction Engines notch up first supersonic precooler test


Turbine blades are not milled - at least, not for RR turbines. Hell, I worked on some of the early single crystal blade stuff back in ‘78/9.



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