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Tech to solve post-Brexit customs woes doesn't exist yet, peers say


Re: Technology that doesn't exist

Sir, I applaud your optimism.

It may be poor man's Photoshop, but GIMP casts a Long Shadow with latest update


Re: Forget the geeky stuff, sort out the user experience.

Until my phone gets a space bar (come back to me BlackBerry!) I'm always aboard for big bigger buttons.

When we said don't link to the article, Google, we meant DON'T LINK TO THE ARTICLE!


Re: This will be tough...

Google has the power to change the world but removing search results (for realsies) is to difficult....

To me this means Google does not want to play by the rules, laws are seen as obstacles to be taken, not a legal framework you abide to. American Gods does a fine job depicting the whiny little techno kids, if only I had a hammer.

Google can't spare 113 seconds of revenue to compile data on its gender pay gap


That is just so poetic :)

On-topic, it has been a long time since I threw Google on the pile of JAA, Just Another A$$h0le

Google now mingles everything you've bought with everywhere you've been


It seems that after all it does pay to be paranoid.

Project Gollum: Because NHS Caring means NHS Sharing


Strangely enough...

I found this story to be pleasantly confusing, thank you, I think.

Zuckerberg thinks he's cyber-Jesus – and publishes a 6,000-word world-saving manifesto


Re: Mr Bookface wants to be President. Like?

Tu, ego amo te.

Invasion of the virus-addled lightbulbs (and other banana stories)


"Well that’s just spanky: if a hoard of rampaging lightbulbs don’t get us, the nazi toasters will."

Thank you sir, (P)rick would be proud, would probably label lightbulbs as fascist though.