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Lyft pulls its e-bike fleet from San Francisco Bay Area after exploding batteries make them the hottest seat in town


Re: exploding rechargable batteries is nothing new

If they don't have a balancing circuit it is highly likely they will explode. I would guess that they do because it would be crazy not to. This assumes that they are not lithium iron phosphate batteries but even there it would be a bad idea.

Barbie Girl was wrong? Life is plastic, it's not fantastic: We each ingest '121,000 pieces' of microplastics a year


Re: This may be the real "gluten" problem

The real problem is imagining all the things that could harm you and not worry about the things that do harm you, i.e. lets all drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, have unprotected sex and worry about gluten and micro plastics, and which sign we were born under.

Apple's privacy schtick is just an act, say folks suing the iGiant: iTunes 'purchase histories sold' to data slurpers


Re: "Erm I smell an Apple Basher here."

I find this conversation interesting and wonder how many of the people making comments enable GPS on their phone. There is no where to hide if you own a computer device at this point it is only a question of how hard is it for someone to get your information. If you are really concerned that you don't have complete privacy don't use a credit card, don't own any sort of electronic device and go live in the woods, and with a little luck you maybe forgotten, make sure your cooking fires are well hidden also.

I agree that more privacy would be great but if Apple isn't the least of your problems it is near the bottom of the list.

Take Note: Schneider's teeny-tiny Galaxy VS li-ion UPS set to explode onto data centre scene


Re: Fire Risk ?

There are several types of Lithium ion batteries and they should not all be lumped together. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are much less prone to have a fiery death.

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster


I would say it is in the same category as almost impossible.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace


Re: Likelihood of being caught

Many criminal don't know how to calculate the return on investment and if you're a junkie do you even care, although I suspect it is not junkies flying these drones.

Trio indicted after police SWAT prank call leads to cops killing bloke


Re: Any NRA comment?

NRA response.

Everyone needs to be armed, so the guys first mistake was not being armed when he came to the door. Hopefully you understand Sarcasm when you read it, this is a hint.


Re: Lock ‘em up

Unfortunately the color of your skin determines the odds of getting shot.

Tesla autopilot saves driver after he fell asleep at wheel on the freeway


Re: Easy to Spot

You need probable cause to search a car in theory but if I am not mistaken driving drunk is probable cause, and yes some freeways do have a minimum speed limit.

Tesla's chief accounting officer drives off after just a month on the job


Re: Tough times

Don't put it past the man to get stoned and book a flight to Thailand so he can punch Vernon in the face. This is a man that never took Clint E. advice, "a man has got to know his limitations".


Re: Musk the weed smoker

Do you really want the CEO of your company smoking weed, dropping acid and taking ambien.

I admit to not knowing if any of this is true but in this case where there is smoke there maybe other problems.

If you don't care about the future of his companies then it should be fine. I am not sure why you want to equate this with Jazz and associating with Negroes, both of which shouldn't have any affect on you ability to manage.

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook


Re: "next generation of artists will come from. How will they survive?"


It looks like copy write extends for over 100 years now, this has not always been the case though and for some reason patents are only good for 20 years. I agree that this is not Neil Youngs fault but it does beg the question whether a song should be copy written for 100 years seeing it wasn't always so. I suspect this is another law that was put in place by someone in the industry as opposed to a popular consensus.


Re: Anti-GMO


We have all been eating hybridized food for hundreds of 100s of years and we all die in the end. If you think about it, if GMO food is a concern then so are all pharmaceuticals, alcohol, sugar in excess, water and any other thing you ingest. If you worry about the consequences of all these things then doesn't life get more difficult then it should? I am not saying you shouldn't pay attention to what you eat but worrying about GMO food is mostly a problem for people without real problems.

Tesla fingers former Gigafactory hand as alleged blueprint-leaking sabotage mastermind


Re: Security

The data is presumably going to journalist who can then tell you how badly Tesla is doing. There is a large contingent of people betting against Tesla stock which by most measures is considerably overvalued, some of these people want to give the stock a larger push in the down direction. It is one thing to publish true information but being inside and making up stuff or leaving out the details is just more fake news, thats the kind of news none of us need but it is the kind of news that grabs eyeballs.

Having said all that I can't help but wonder if Elon is overstating his case as he habitually does.

Oddly enough, when a Tesla accelerates at a barrier, someone dies: Autopilot report lands


Re: Blame Jerry Brown and the idiots at CARB

Get angry with the wrong people much?

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened


Re: And that....


I suspect this is the same as climbing Everest, because it is there. In this case buying this stuff is much easier then climbing Everest so you can be the first on your block to tell your lights to turn off. There are some people who also do need the technology but they are probably not the ones who will typically buy it.


Re: Unplugged most of the time.

Speakers can be used as microphones but the speaker driver now has to be a input instead of an output, not likely that this is possible. Having said that I don't trust Alexa either, there are to many ways this system can go wrong.

Bombshell discovery: When it comes to passwords, the smarter students have it figured


Smarter people are more secretive? Smarter people have more to hide? Smarter people are more paranoid? There are a number of take aways from this and of course as someone else pointed out if you arrange the data correctly you can prove just about anything, also known as P-haking if I am not mistaken.

MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards


Re: Apple fix it or people will move


Yes and all those transistors when you could use tubes and whats with digital music, vinyl sounds so much better, leave the streaming and modern computers to the kids.

Cryptocoin investors sue Chase Bank for sky-high credit card charges


Re: The Bank is RIGHT


That loan has to be backed with other assets I don't think Schwab lets you buy on margin if you have no assets with them. I don't know what the credit card agreement states but I would be surprised if you can buy stock with a credit card and if a credit card company lets you buy bitcoin with credit then they are crazy.

FCC inspector general sticks corruption probe into chairman Ajit Pai amid $4bn media merger


Re: "There must be something seriously wrong [...]"

Yes GREED but celebrated like there are no consequences.


Re: Corruption

I think he was referring to the large increase not that corruption didn't exist BT.

Today in bullsh*t AI PR: Computers learn to read as well as humans (no)


Re: Does an AI's lips move when it reads?

A thought, to be human maybe to have the wrong answer some of the time. Having the wrong answer may lead to more thought that could lead to more insight? Of course having the right answer won't always lead to someone accepting your truth and of course if you always believe what you hear then you are often mislead.

Apple, quit milking tech-addicted fruit of our loins – shareholders


Re: parenting

If your young kids need a phone then I suggest a dumb phone they are cheaper and will not have the same addictive properties but then of course they won't keep your children quiet for hours on end.

Don't you hate it when your child becomes best friends with the baby sitter.

Yes, your old iPhone is slowing down: iOS hits brakes on CPUs as batteries wear out


Re: Economy

After market SD cards and batteries are terrible and would cause far more problems then they solve.

If you are careful and know your source you can get good replacements but most people would buy the cheapest stuff they could find on the internet.


Re: Battery shape?


Ever have a car, most people have had to replace their car battery, while it is not exactly the same it still has a limited life, about 3 to 4 years depending on usage and temperature. like a car battery when it is cold and old and you apply a heavy load the voltage drops and the phone no longer behaves as it should.


Re: I wonder...

Seriously, as far as I know you can replace the iPhone battery. I know many people who have done it.

It is not easy, look on youtube for instructions. As far as I am aware all iPhones can have their batteries replaced unless Apple changed this in the last year.



It would be very odd if replacing the battery didn't fix the problem it is after all a solution to having an old and weak battery. Wouldn't it be nice if car companies could make your car work when the battery gets weak?

Top Silicon Valley tech judge hits alt-F4 under cloud of sex-pest claims



No doubt the same behavior in private but probably a judge that is incompetent.

I suspect that your second thought is not likely as the behavior that is described is ending many male careers presently.

Possible yes.

SCOLD WAR: Kaspersky drags Uncle Sam into court to battle AV ban



New government in charge and possibly new information but I suspect more the former then the latter.

Stop asking people for their passwords, rights warriors yell at US Homeland Security


leave American soil

I can't help but wonder how many of the people who voted for Trump have ever left American soil.

NSA bloke used backdoored MS Office key-gen, exposed secret exploits – Kaspersky


Interesting idea Mark 85


Don't you think people who look at viruses and malware for a living can tell who the professionals are and who run of the mill coders are.

'Israel hacked Kaspersky and caught Russian spies using AV tool to harvest NSA exploits'


Whats allowed

Is America a legal nation, I am curious what makes one nation legal and another not?

Calm down, Elon. Deep learning won't make AI generally intelligent



Chaos has been modeled and this is can be done because most of what we think of as Chaotic has patterns in it. We can in fact make random numbers but neither of these help us produce a system that is aware or one that can create novel ideas. The true AI will probably spend all it's time contemplating it's self. Having said that the true danger is artificial idiots as these machine will do as they are told which is fine as long as the programmer is a nice guy but will be a problem when the programmer says they should be killing machines as these machines will never question there actions or have any reason to. There is reason to fear machines that don't think.

Apple's 'shoddy' Beats headphones get slammed in lawsuit



If only I could hear 14 to 24200 Hz, even in my prime I couldn't hear those extremes but for the Bats out there these are almost good enough. Yes, Beats headphones are more about fashion then good sense and I thought anyone who paid $200.00 for a set of headphones knew that.

Deputy AG Rosenstein calls for law to require encryption backdoors


Do it the old fashion way, shut up, figure it out and don't tell anyone you can get in. Why are there so many idiots in positions of power.

Of course it is possible some of them have figured it out and then they let the idiots provide a smoke screen to make it look like they can't get in, but now I am starting to assume what you see is not what you get and that is usually wrong.

Don't make Aug 21 a blind date: Beware crap solar eclipse specs


Re: When I was a kid...

I suspect that you are more likely a liar, but if your not then you truly are a superhero although without any other cool abilities you are a lesser superhero.


two things and more

Yes dimming visible light is only part of the solution make sure you are blocking UV which you can not see as this will also do major damage to your eye.

Linus Torvalds pens vintage 'f*cking' rant at kernel dev's 'utter BS'


Re: Counter argument


Do you think that ranting at a coder about his or her bad code will make him a better coder?

If that works maybe you should tell teachers about your new teaching method.

Google goes home to Cali to overturn Canada's worldwide search result ban


What if some country decided it wanted to use the name Google and directed all searches to it servers? I suspect Google might have strong feeling about this no matter what country or company decided this was a clever thing to do.

Ten new tech terms I learnt this summer: Do you know them all?


Re: For that you need (new term) OLED

Many of your examples are good but OLEDs are LEDs, their just not inorganic but instead use organic materials, and like LEDs they can be passive or active, maybe leading to the diode confusion.

Intel is upset that Qualcomm is treating it like Intel treated AMD for years and years


Re: Qualcom

Your suggesting because Intel was a bad player we should now support another bad player?

I think Intel was prosecuted for it's behavior, and I think Qualcomm should be also. If I am wrong about Intel then they should both be prosecuted.

Virtual reality upstart UploadVR allegedly had in-house 'kink room,' drugs, rampant sexism


Re: The law?

It does make one wonder how much real work is being done. Glad it is not my money funding it.

Ex-NASA bod on Gwyneth Paltrow site's 'healing' stickers: 'Wow. What a load of BS'


Re: Skin marks...


They forgot to talk to Kenneth.


Re: graphite?


Also used as "lead" in pencils if you remember those.


45RPM, don't you know that digital music sounds best when going through the longest thinest wire available? This aligns all the bits so the distortion from sampling is removed and all the frequencies above 30 kHz are removed making the music less harsh.

It came from space! Two-headed flatworm stuns scientists


Re: Didn't I Tell You Baby I'm Zaphod Beeblebrox

That was one head not knowing what the other head was doing, a not so uncommon problem for the male of our species.


This may explain zaphod beeblebrox


This may explain zaphod beeblebrox.



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