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Meta will use your social media posts to train its AI. Europe gets an opt out

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> What's German for 'thank goodness for actually useful privacy regulations'?

That’s easy:

Gott sei Dank, daß es eine tatsächlich wirksame Datenschutzgrundverordnung gibt.

OpenSSF sings a Siren song to steer developers away from buggy FOSS

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What’s the point?

> instead intending it to serve as a "post-disclosure means of keeping the community informed of threats and activities after the initial sharing and coordination."

So another vulnerability blog funded by companies.

Perhaps those companies should instead just fund a group of developers whose sole task is to immediately provide fixes for new vulnerabilities? You know, provide them to the quoted lone open-source-dev projects?

German state ditches Windows, Microsoft Office for Linux and LibreOffice

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The state Minister-President’s surname is Günther. Spell it at least Guenther if you only have a limited keyboard layout. But it is with absolute certainty not Gunther. This is as wrong as spelling your surname Connatzer.

John Deere urged to surrender source code under GPL

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Re: Has there been any progress on the chipped parts?

Sorry to disagree but my Brother HL-4570CDW is definitively using chipped toner cartridges. They stop working once their internal counter has reached the EOL number of pages that they are advertised for. Happened with this printer so far for every cartridge. I also had the predecessor model HL-4070CDW and I believe that you might be correct there that it did not have chipped cartridges.

Haiku beta 4: BeOS rebuild / almost ready for release / A thing of beauty

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Re: Overlay

> It's like the good old days of OS/2 2, or RISC OS, or AmigaOS, or ST TOS, or various other late-1980s and early-1990s OSes I used. You turn it on, it boots, you're in.

TOS… Sigh. I loved it for its simplicity and I loved the machines for the possibility to control everything. Sigh.

Ireland fines Meta $414m for using personal data without asking

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Oh yes

390 million Euros is really going to teach ‘em a lesson.

Forget the climate: Steep prices the biggest reason EV sales aren't higher

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The “affordables” cost >=30k £ and one gets an EV with less than 200km range and a tablet as main display.

Well, I guess it all comes down to answering this simple question: What could only be wrong with that?

We seem to have materialized in a universe in which Barney the Purple Dinosaur is designing iPhones for Apple

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Re: Sadly.....



Anyone for Palantir? UK.gov names gaggle of vendors to fight for contracts in £1.2bn back office application framework

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Sigh. Honestly. Why is this list not surprising me? I am not even disappointed.

University duo thought it would be cool to sneak bad code into Linux as an experiment. Of course, it absolutely backfired

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Re: Place your bets...



Ruby off the Rails: Code library yanked over license blunder, sparks chaos for half a million projects

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Re: @Apprentice of Tokenism - This is where GPL is bollocks

Exactly. It is about a true choice and about admitting to the fact that in reality almost nobody - there are honourable exceptions - really can check on licence violations or pursue litigation unless being paid for it. So the sensible and reality matching approach that we took is Apache 2.0: want to make money with our source code and not contribute back? Go ahead, we are cool with it. The source got already developed and the developers got their pay check. Not a problem.

Honestly, nobody is going to know if somebody is violating the GPL in a commercial product unless somebody happens to examine the binaries of the product. The question is then: do you really want to go down that road and spend your own free time on sifting through millions of products if your code is used elsewhere? If you do not or cannot spend your own time on that then good luck finding enough people who are able to spend the time to find GPL violations in binary code for you.

Do you see now what the real issue is? Identification of GPL violations are the real issue at hand. GPL enforcement is simply not doable unless your are paid to do it. It is as simple as that.

That is where one really needs to take a reality check and ask if GPL is a licence that stands for something that one wants to support and pursue or if it is just a boiler plate blah blah that one will not really support and hence not pursue until litigation.

GPL was a brilliant dream of an ideal software and source code universe and it has worked for like ten years or so to get the open source idea going and for enterprises to pick up on it. Everybody should remember that. Before we had Public Domain but it somehow did not catch on.

Nowadays GPL is just a niche license among other open source licenses. And the other open source licenses work just better in reality and allow for a much wider coexistence and use of source code. GPL has become too hot to touch for any enterprise that tries to make money off their IP. They are not going to release their source code if it contains their IP and instead will look elsewhere for an alternative solution than using GPL code.

We, as a research facility - I know that we have it really easy because we have no "real" obligations - have decided on using Apache 2.0 as the default licence. There are times when collaborations cannot agree with us on using Apache 2.0 but that is dealt with on a case by case base. But the basic idea remains the same: We did already develop the code, we did already pay for it. So just go and take it, put it to good (or bad) use. You are free to do so.

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Re: This is where GPL is bollocks

Yup. This is a prime example why GPL has outlived itself. It was a brilliant idea in the beginning to get things going. Nowadays it is just a nuisance and hindering involvement. We have moved on and found licenses that work in the real world for everybody much better.

Russia drags NASA: Enjoy your expensive SpaceX capsule, our Soyuz is the cheap Kalashnikov of rockets

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Have an upvote!

Beer is on me.

SpaceX touches down in California as Voyager 2 spies interstellar space

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Re: Lack of Astonish!

I wish we would build other software with so few bugs that runs that long.

Two-day Bitbucket borkage has devs tearing their hair out

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Did I miss the bottom line?

What's the whining and moaning about? It is git after all.

Ex-NSA bod sues US govt for 'illegally spying' on Americans: We drill into 'explosive' 'lawsuit'

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Big Brother

Re: Bets

OK, my money is on this one:

1.5/1 Household accident - Broke his neck when he fell off a stool while he was cleaning the kitchen window with a napkin (found in his left hand).

Live blog: Fired FBI boss spills the beans to US Senate committee

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Re: Odd refernce to the statue of justice

Almost close. :-)

In both cases it is the Roman goddess Iustitia (Lady Justice). She has been depicted blindfolded, holding a scale in the one hand and a wielding a sword in the other only from the middle ages (15th century?) on. Before that time she would neither wear a blindfold nor display a sword but be shown holding a scale and a cornucopia in her hands.

Vigorous tiny vibrations help our universe swell, say particle boffins

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The astro-boffins from earth

Noticed dark energy dearth.

What to expect?

Soon they checked.

And found the universe surf.

systemd-free Devuan Linux hits RC2

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Re: It's fascinating that Linux now has the same problem as Windows

If you wish to see logging in free text as well as binary, install rsyslog and the binary logging will be duplicated into /var/log/messages (or the equivalent)

Oh really? Wanna see a prime example about the clusterfuck that systemd, journald and all the abominations that come with it are? Here ya go (copied from a real system running rsyslogd):

+++++ snip +++++

May 8 09:28:05 foobar clamd[1147]: Database correctly reloaded (6278511 signatures)

May 8 09:28:36 foobar packagekitd[2145]: PARENT proccess running...

May 8 09:27:16 foobar rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.4.2" x-pid="940" x-info="http://www.rsyslog.com"] rsyslogd was HUPed

May 8 09:28:36 foobar rsyslogd0: action 'action 14' resumed (module 'builtin:ompipe') [try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/0 ]

May 8 09:28:36 foobar rsyslogd-2359: action 'action 14' resumed (module 'builtin:ompipe') [try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2359 ]

May 8 09:28:58 foobar systemd[1]: Reloading.

+++++ snip +++++

Why there is a log line that has a time stamp in the past is completely beyond me and I do not want to hear any "yap yap it is rsyslogd's fault! yap yap".

What I do know though is that I would never have had this with good old plain text logs. So please stop telling all this bullshit. I am so sick of it.

CIA tracked leakers with hilariously bad Web beacon trick

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the idea being to snag leakers by seeing the IP address of machines on which a document was opened.

Huge if true: iPhone 8 will feature 3D selfies, rodent defibrillator

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[...] or is that the IPHONE X!!!!!!! [...]

A reliable source claimed that it will be called the iPhoeniX - rising from the ashes.

[...] and Apple-approved music device and [...]

your Apple-approved music


Probe President Trump and his crappy Samsung Twitter-o-phone, demand angry congressfolk

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Re: The Deep State Strikes Back

If you do not have anything to contribute, please refrain from polluting this forum with your vomit.

Thank you

Voila! Bazinga! Amazon turns Alexa into an annoying 'cool' aunt

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Well, that time has arrived with the introduction of the Speech Synthesis Markup Language, or SSML, added to the Alexa developer kit, which will let its computerized voice pronounce words and phrases in a more sophisticated, expressive way.

Is this the revival of S.A.M. and Reciter? "AY4 AEM AH KUMPYUW3TER."

NASA bakes Venus-proof electronics

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Re: If there are women on Venus...

Hear, hear.

Have a cold one!

Android's February fix-fest flings 58 patches

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Re: Security

Perhaps Google's development and implementation of Android has been so amateurish it seems it is done on purpose.

If you cared to look at Google's "2017-02-05 security patch level - Vulnerability summary" you'd see that almost all of the bugs found were either in drivers coming from hardware manufacturers or in the kernel. None of the drivers was developed by Google, the kernel only amended by Google.

New measurement alerts! Badgers, great white sharks and the Lindisfarne Gospel

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Re: There's something fishy about that standards page.

> The Vulture Central standard velocity for a sheep in a vacuum is, therefore, c/(50+0), or 5,995 km/sec

However, the units converter pegs it at 2998 km/sec.

This is better known as an Alternative Fact.

Mine is the one with the alternative universe in the pocket.

We don't want to alarm you, but PostScript makes your printer an attack vector

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@SImon Hobson

I've hand crafted PS

Please allow me to offer my sincere commiserations. Perhaps a cold one helps erasing those terrible memories?

You're taking the p... Linux encryption app Cryptkeeper has universal password: 'p'

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Expect anyone?

Ever heard of the tool "expect"? Looks to me as if it would be perfect fit for scripting encfs.


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Re: Please make it stop

Dude, if you don't have anything to contribute, please refrain from polluting this comment section with your trash.

Thank you.

Adblock again beats publishers' Adblock-blocking attempts

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Advertisers and publishers need to talk directly to each other and come up with a solution that works for both sides of that equation, and which will not annoy or compromise us on the receiving end - and cut out the parasites currently sitting between them.

Perhaps a future business model for ads on computers is one that pays me, the reader/consumer/potential customer, for loading ads on my computer/phone/whatnot when I am requesting a web page. Then as soon as an ad has been loaded together with the requested web page, pass the money that is charged per that single view to me and I'll be a very happy reader/consumer/potential customer who will at times check the ads.

Make this an opt-in choice on a per domain base and I bet you a pint that less than 25% of the readers/consumers would refuse to load the ads and rather pocket a few quid per month. Everybody wins (advertisers and customers) and it is a fair process. People who do not want ads loaded on their systems will not get any and the others who opted in on some domains will get some cash from the web pages of their choice.

Hackers crack Liechtenstein banks, demand ransoms

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Re: Who's responsible?

"Maybe the ones who put their money in Lichtenstein..."

It is Liechtenstein.

Asda server glitch leaves customers without online shopping

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"[...] This country's going to be really fucked when something serious happens."

Thank you very much, indeed. Please have an upvote and a cold refreshment on me!

And I believe it is safe to add that this is true for all of Europe and the North American continent as well.

Donald Trump running insecure email servers

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Mine's the one with the Trump's email printouts in the pocket

"<drops mic and walks away>"

Wait, you forgot your coat! I'll get it for you. Is your's the one with the Clinton WikiLeaks printout in the pocket?

This speech recognition code is 'just as good' as a pro transcriber

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Re: Ha Ha Ha - No really.

"Hey it's am cody's on 11:20 on Wednesday I need your help..."

This is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

On the other hand this is also a very sobering account of the current state of speech recognition in noisy environments (telephone line, bandwidth limited). What year is it again? 2016? Oh well.

Court finds GCHQ and MI5 engaged in illegal bulk data collection

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So what?

Has anyone ever played the classic game Junta? This ruling reminds me of my favourite action card: "Students circulate petition condemning repression. No effect."

Student software finds new Minor Planet found way out beyond Pluto

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Trump visit?

"Could someone get Donald Trump interested, perhaps in an on site visit?" (typo corrected)

And while we are making plans for him, perhaps we can get him interested in moving his Balmedie golf resort to that iconic island on the edge of our solar system? Just think of the stunning views when you are teeing off on the ninth. An entrepreneur of his size would not want to miss out on a chance like this.

Wait, I'll get my coat, too.

A robot kitchen? Whatever. Are you stupid enough to fall for this?

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Re: Just trying to work out

"I'm one of those old fashioned people that prefer the food un-deconstructed, un-in-a-small-pile-on-an-interesting-plate"

Thank you very much indeed. I think we should have a proper beer with the meal. Cheers!

Leap second scheduled for New Year's Eve 2016

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Re: Leap seconds long predate LINUX

"I was tracking leap second announcements back in the 1960's."

It seems that you were then way ahead of the times. Leap seconds were introduced in 1972.

Linus Torvalds says ARM just doesn't look like beating Intel

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Re: "It's about time governments got involved and forced the market open."

> But . . . but . . the market auto-corrects itself !

> Doesn't it ?

Sir, I'll drink to that. And you shall have one, too.

NIST: People have given up on cybersecurity – it's too much hassle

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Re: Ditch Windows

> What about the games? And there's usually one or two things the casual users need that happen to be Windows-only from my experience, and WINE usually won't work on them, either.

So true. Setting up/running programs with Wine sucks. But never say die! Some genius came up with a very nice solution: playonlinux. Give it a try! It simply is brilliant.

Linus Torvalds admits 'buggy crap' made it into Linux 4.8

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Re: Mouse bug ?

> Back in 2007 - I think it was going from Fawn to Gibbon - I was hit by a very nasty and *incredibly* subtle bug. I was using GNOME

Stopped reading there. Could say your own fault but won't. Getting coat...

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Re: There is lots of BUG_ON() all over the place

In the old days (as in 1990s) BUG_ON() was meant to allow the kernel to boldly announce a situation that was not properly handled by any error handling code in the kernel. BUG_ON() essentially logs some status information and then halts the execution of all code in that machine rendering the machine unusable and leaving the user just the option to reboot the machine. Naturally a reboot could then trigger the same situation leading to BUG_ON() again. BUG_ON() could and should be avoided by better error handling code. If better error handling code is not possible there might be something wrong with the entire design of the code leading to the BUG_ON() call.

Top interview: Dr Patrick McCarthy – boss of the world's future largest optical telescope

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Re: This is what's it all about!

Since the mountain top has already been blasted into pieces and construction has begun it is too late to consider [wild life|ancient burial grounds|religious sites]. The project is on "go" no matter what. The Chilean government was in the past and still is very accommodating in that regard.