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No, seriously, why are you holding your phone like that?

David Rickard

I blame TV

It's reality TV causing people to do it, IMHO. They put phones on speakerphone so the viewer can hear both sides of the conversation. A great deal of folk are a bit dimwitted though, and assume everything they see on TV is the 'right' way to do things (or it just looks cool), so they do it too. I just assume most folk holding their phones in a goofy way, on speakerphone, think they're on The Apprentice.

I've got news for those people - we don't give a toss about your phone call, so turn it off, numbnuts. We can blame so many things on The Apprentice...

Job for IT generalist ...

David Rickard

I'm pretty much identical to OP by the sounds of it. I'm principally a Cisco voice person, but I also do Wireless, Switching, Routing, Firewalls, AD, VMware, Security, and christ knows what else. I often find myself flicking between these different areas ALL the time.

Recent events have made me question what happens to me if I do go looking for a job, because I have zero qualifications in any area, and because I'm constantly flip-flopping between things, I've found studying hard - I've tried to study for CCNA, and to be honest I could probably almost pass it anyway, but reading and trying to process the course materials is hard when I might've spent all day bashing away at LDAP stuff, then come home and try and study something completely different. For some reason that just doesn't work for me.

So yeah, I'm kinda worried about this, as if I go apply for jobs, I've little to show for my knowledge, except for the fact I've spent about six or seven years doing it in anger. But then throw me into a problem and I'll probably dig my way through it and find a solution.

Project management really doesn't appeal to me either, as being at the sharp end is where I enjoy things most, so whilst I will do project management, it's a means to an end, and I can't help but feel it'd suck all the fun out of working in IT for me.

Amazon UK to offer collection service at corner shops

David Rickard

I tried Collecplus recently. I had a faulty modem to return to Virginmedia. Looked up the local collectplus, and it was a shop I knew well, and I was vaguely aware they did it. Made a little detour driving home from work, and got told when I got there that they no longer did it. Apparently the drivers were horribly unreliable, and would sometimes only drop off, and not pick up - if they ever turned up at all. So much so, they'd end up with piles of parcels stacking up, going nowhere. Consequentially they ditched it. The only other place in town doing it is the opposite side of town to me, so I've got to faff about to get to it. Ended up calling Virgin back and telling them I couldn't be bothered, it's their problem - so they gave me a freepost address to send it to. Royal Mail to the rescue!

The idea is great, but it only works if they use a half-decent courier to back it... and Yodel ain't it. Personally, I get stuff delivered to work. I let our postroom know if I've got something coming, and it works quite nicely. A lot of these storage companies offer delivery services so you can have items delivered to them, and collect from their shop fronts.

BT ordered to cut Openreach fees for rivals

David Rickard

"A shared unbundled line (broadband only) to a property"

Does anybody actually sell this? I've never seen it.

Silent bandwidth battles at BT

David Rickard

What about PBXs?

AFAIK, many PBXs still use ISDN to carry their incoming call data, or maybe this is some other sort of ISDN? From what I hear, most high-street retailers still use legacy systems using ISDN for stuff too. I would imagine BT are more making noise about this, just puffing up a bit and saying 'we're gunna kill this' to make people move now. I doubt they'll kill it for another few years yet though.


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