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The Great British domain name rip-off: Overcharged .uk customers help pay for cheaper .vodka


Power is a curious thing.

Nominet has been changing for many years so no one should be surprised by this article and their continued actions.

As someone within the walls of Nominet the ethos that was established by Dr Willy Black is becoming almost non-existent, the great service people have known us for still exists to some extent, and the vast majority of staff work hard to try and keep it that way, but the pressure of constant restructures that have seen many long serving members of staff booted out the door has had its impact on staff morale, and many of us now understand that no matter what we do or how we do it Nominet the commercial entity does not have our best interest at heart.

This is not just a disgruntled staff member having a moan, it is a honest reflection of how the company has moved very quickly away from its traditional values to a set of commercial goals where a select few (CEO and C-Team) financially benefit by aggressively attacking the market at the cost of its long-term loyal customer base. The leadership team has an agenda, and unless someone, or some official body who understands the domain demographic steps in to scrutinise them, Russel and Simon will steer the ship into waters it can’t return from, and while they move on in their egotistical careers we will all be left wishing we pushed harder for real intervention.