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Who will rid me of these obsolete PCs?

Giles Hinton

You're likely to regret buying Wyse clients

We use them at work and they're terrible for any media streaming, diabolical for developers and have some display bugs you won't encounter with a PC.

In particular the refresh rates are so bad they're unusable with winforms GUI development in VS2005 for example.

I would personally have stuck with desktops....

Google Maps for Droid phones becomes a LOT better

Giles Hinton
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STILL no move to SD

All very nice but what I would like over any of these "pretty" GUI enhancements is the ability to move to SD. Maps remains a storage hog. Very poor, Froyo has been out long enough now. There's.no excuse to keep ignoring this potentially minor yet valuable tweak.

HMRC appoints 37 data guardians

Giles Hinton

How hilarious

And still they think that sending data these days should be done by CD?

Don't the government have networks these days?

They need to step into the next century one thinks...

American sent to the slammer for faking Windows certificates

Giles Hinton

Wouldn't be problem if Microsoft weren't so greedy

Answer me this then - why can't Microsoft just give Windows away. Let's face it - it's not like they don't make enough cash from Office, and all their development server and client products. And considering how full of bugs their new products generally seem to be, how the hell are they worth over £100?