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Tube Deluxe 3.1

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@How long will it last?

The difference is that National Rail is privatised and want to squeeze as much profit as they can from their data, whereas TfL are a public body and open their data as s public service. In any case, the app author licences the Tube map from TfL so they do get some revenue from the app. So everyone's happy.

Charges against London tube tourist snapper thrown out

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I'm in favour of a photography ban on the Tube

If it can be enforced against people like the bunch of Spanish tourists blocking the entrance to the Victoria line at 8.45am the other day, taking photos of each other.

Or perhaps we should issue commuter licences (you'd have to sit an examination that covers things like letting people off the train first, and looking for AND FOLLOWING the "keep left/right" signs) and ban non-holders from the Tube at rush hour.

DARPA in useful, easily-achievable project shocker

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@M Anton

"i.e. Europe which has plenty of RF traffic. - Are the Russians coming again?"

I doubt it, but who's to say that DARPA aren't thinking in terms of a future conflict with the EU? After all the US use to wargame conflicts with Britain (in Canada and the Caribbean) right up to WW2.

Dell punts £199 10in netbook

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Just bought a Mini 9 for my father for the same price. Always the way, something better comes out for the same price a couple of weeks later...

What on earth do you think you are doing, Darling?

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What next, a Reg column by Nick Griffin?

Darling points at silver lining, floats investment in broadband

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Darling's last budget?

Not necessarily - they don't have to go to the country until next June, and Budget Day is usually in March.

Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures

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Vivat Europa!

Let's all remember this in June and make sure we vote for pro-EU candidates in the European elections.

Microsoft plays coy over iPhone Office

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April Fool's Day is OVAH - O-V-A-H OVAH!

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest

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Glad you're not really going Sarah, and I agree with those that say you should get to write more actual stories.

Street View ghost spooks Cardiff medium

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an episode of Torchwood or Dr Who perhaps?

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban

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Violent games

I'd love to know when a game stops being "violent". Some of my favourite games have allowed me to commit space priracy (Elite), commit arson (SimCity), cause train crashes (Transport Tycoon) and commit genocide (Civilisation). Are they to be banned too?

O2 starts giving away iPhones

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They already give 'em away for free if you sign up for their top-end 18 month plans

Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day

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"All sites need do - according to Microsoft at least - is complete the relatively simply task of inserting a tag in their code in order to render pages in IE 8's default standards mode"

If it needs a tag to activate it, it's not the default mode, is it?

Redmond FAIL.

Russian pops сабоs in pancake-eating contest

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Error in headline?

"сабос" shurely?

Screeching rails close London Tube station

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I've experienced this

At Cannon Street on the District/Circle a couple of years ago and it really is excruciatingly loud. I certainly think there is an 'elf 'n safety issue for the platform staff who would be exposed a lot longer than passengers who are going to get on the next train.

Wattpad furnishes iPhone with bootleg books for bupkes

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Estate of Brian Aldiss?

Unless you know something I and Wikipedia don't, he's still alive.

Data Protection Act 'is not enforced'

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Icon required

"bear sh*tting in woods", for stories like this

Hollywood to totally recall Total Recall

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At this rate...

Soon they'll be proposing remakes of films that haven't actually been made yet, though at least that means we'll actually start getting new films again at last.

Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers

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So stupid

If it supports FF, why should it care what OS FF is running on?

Europe-wide emergency number is go

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Re: Switzerland

Switzerland is not in the EU so don't have to comply with this. I think 112 redirects to the local emergency number on all GSM networks as well.

Mac supremacists annexe Maidstone

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Did they really choose the name?

Or did they simply buy one of those off-the-shelf companies with a name in the format "noun+noun" and couldn't be bothered to change it?

Poor research by them either way...

RAF in plot against Fleet Air Arm again

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"With just two services, you only have scope for one interservice dispute, after all."

So why have separate services at all? Why not do as the Canadians have done and combine them into one armed service?

Much as I respect the history and traditions (rum, sodomy and the lash included) of the RN, I do wonder just what the point of the navy is these days. It's not like we have an empire to defend any more, and the scraps we have left are hardly assets (I shouldn't be surprised if it would be cheaper to buy every family in the Falklands a repossessed house here in Blighty and give the islands back to the Argentinians than pay for the garrison). Defending our lines of supply? Well maybe, except that don't have a merchant marine any more so we're dependent on foreign hulls to supply ourselves anyway. Stopping piracy? Er, our sailors aren't allowed to arrest the pirates for fear they'll claim asylum...

No, apart from the strategic nuclear deterrent and coastal protection, it seems to me that the only point of us keeping the RN is so we can lend a hand whenever Uncle Sam wants to beat someone up in some far-flung corner of the globe, a bit like the toady member of a gang who puts the boot in once the gang leader has decked someone. It's debatable whether even the Americans will be able to afford the sort of go-anywhere reach they have for many more years, so it does strike me as strange that we still even aspire to it.

BBC relives The Day of The Triffids

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If they're going to do any of John Wyndham's "cosy catastrophes"

I wish it would be /The Kraken Wakes/ - I always preferred that one to the Triffids.

Why isn't there an anorak icon for this post?

Scots vote out ID cards

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So no Scots Labour voted in favour?

*That's* the significant bit I'd say.

BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks

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Well in my party* an activist is someone who does something active in the party, from delivering leaflets occaisionally to canvassing at election time to serving on party comittees to standing for elective office. I used to be an activist, serving as a constiuency party secretary for a while, but now I am a non-active member.

Some people such as police staff and more senior local government officers and civil servants are deemed to be in "politically restricted" posts and cannot be activists for ANY political party though they can be non-active members.

* The sandals, beards and woolly hats one, as opposed to the BNP which is the jackboots, toothbrush moustaches and steel helmets one.

Firefox update fixes four critical flaws

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The "oldbar" extension is your friend, and mine.

The only reason I keep FF2 hanging around alongside FF3 (dead easy on a Mac, just rename the .app file) is that there are a few sites where Flash video simply doesn't work in FF3 - and does in FF2. Comedy Central is one.

CRB database wrongly labels thousands as criminals

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@Anonymous Coward @ 13:11

You are Jacqui Smith AICM5P

Half of Brits abuse apostrophe's

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best aberrant apostrophisation ever

Local caff:

Eel Pie Island Caf'e

Yes that's right: no accent on the "e" but an apostrophe between it and the preceding "f"


Halloween pardon sought for accused witches, sorta

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Broadcasting House isn;t in West London

That's Television Centre and all the other BBC tentacles. BH is on Portland Place right in the centre of town.

Sarkozy fails to stop sale in voodoo hoohah

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He's not the premier

He's a very naughty b- I mean he's the President.

Microsoft could block popular Azure apps

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Wasn't it because of restrictions like these

that companies stopped using timeshare services and started buying their own IT kit back in the Stone Age?

Govt ponders proof-of-ID law for future phone purchases

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Makes me glad...

...that I no longer work on a mobileco's online shop, 'cos I'd be buggered to know how this requirement could be implemented online.

I suppose at least the mobilecos have a high-street retail network where you could go with your ID to verify your online purchase, but then why bother buying online anyway?

But how's an operation like Amazon supposed to do it - have the delivery bod check your passport on the doorstep?

Can we have a fasces or swastika icon for comments on stories concerning the UK's onward march to fascism please?

MEPs vote to recognise flag, anthem, motto

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The "EU flag", officially "the Flag of Europe" was first adopted by the Council of Europe* in the early 50s. Back then the Saarland, a coal-rich region of Germany on the French border, was an autonomous state occupied by France and which had its own representation on the Council. When it came to designing the flag, it was proposed to have one star per member but France wanted to count Saarland as separate, and so have 15 stars , and West Germany argued it was really part of Germany and so there should only be 14 stars (Germany subsequently got the Saarland back a few years later).

So they then decided to have just 12 stars as "the number of perfection" (12 hours, 12 apostles, 12 signs of the zodiac etc). In other words the sort of fudge that has characterised European relations ever since!

* The Council of Europe still exists and is quite separate from the EU. In fact the European Convention on Human Rights which the Daily Hate-reading classes love to froth about so much was adopted by the Council of Europe in 1948 (and largely written by British jurists) and so pre-dates the EU altogether.

Hi-tech cops lose their website

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Why a .org?

Why didn't they use a .police.uk or even a .gov.uk domain? Then if they decided not to maintain the domain it wouldn't end up being re-assigned.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: Further poster outrage

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Did you get your tame ex-Jolly Jack Tar Lewis Page to do the flags for you?

Dabs.com courier goes titsup

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I've always wondered

Why the founders of the parcels company thought that using the name of the US national passenger railway company, whose reputation makes that of British Rail of late memory look stunning, was a good idea.

FCC votes to silence 700MHz lurkers

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Well said. How can anyone who works or has an interest in the IT/telecoms industry not recognise FCC in a headline and so understand the story is referring to Transpondia?

Watchdog hits 070 swindlers with big fine

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Can someone explain to me

Why this sort of scam isn't treated as fraud and the perpetrators subject to criminal prosecution?

Old timers rattle zimmers at 'Elderly Persons' sign

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Aren;t these signs part of an international standard anyway?

So it's not as if we can unilaterally change them.

Orange to bundle free Eee with HSDPA modem, airtime

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@Which OS/Which one

It's the WinXP: http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/mobile_broadband/eeepc

Twitter falls silent in the UK

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Whilst in general I think Twitter is useless, the political party I belong to (OK, I admit it, I'm a Lib Dem) used it to send out news to members via SMS, and in particular to send live election result updates at the most recent couple of local elections. As an election junkie, I'll miss that.

Mine's the one with the "Paddy Ashdown for PM" badge.

Google maps Russian assault on Savannah

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@Adrian is innocent!!

Getting the Falklands and the Shetlands confused was quite widespread in the early days of April 1982 - my mum was one.

Raptor and Eurofighter go head to head

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What I don't understand is

That here Lewis is disparaging the Raptor and Eurofighter as white elephants, and over on Trousers Brown Counterpoint: Is Gordon right? <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/13/trousers_brown_counterpoint/> he's telling us we shouldn't be buying gas from the Russians as they'll use the money to finance their all-powerful war machine.

So which is it Lewis?

Trousers Brown Counterpoint: Is Gordon right?

Roy Stilling

Why are we scared of the Russians again?

"Moscow uses the cash to sustain the only military-industrial complex which can give the Western one a fight, meaning that the West must keep spending money on staying ahead."

So? Putin's Russia may not be a land of milk, honey, democracy and a genuine free market, but it's not the Soviet Union anymore, even if its air force still has red stars on its planes. The Soviets were a threat because up until Gorbachev just enough of their leaders still believed their own propaganda or at least felt they had to pay lip-service to it.

Putin's Russia doesn't have that sort of ideological baggage. Yes they want to be left alone to run their "managed democracy" as they see fit without Western interference, and yes they're grinding the heel on the Checens, but that's because rightly or wrongly they see Checnya as part of their territory.

If Putin really did want to restart the USSR, he could have absorbed Belarus in a moment any time in the last eight years - but he hasn't, much to Lukashenko's disappointment. And as for the idea that the Russians might want to head west again - why on earth would they when - as you say - we're such excellent customers for their oil and gas. It seems to me that the more we buy Russian gas the safer we are from them as they're hardly going to threaten their best markets.

Ofcom tightens complaints procedure

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Wasn't that another name for Reversi?

Mine's the one with the black on green grid on the back.

File system killer leads police to wife's bones

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@Andy Worth

Yeah it's bad that he can admit to killing her and get a reduced sentence, but at least her family get to bury her properly now.

Court rules 90s UK.gov wiretaps violated human rights

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And the amusing thing about the ECHR

Is that it was largely written by British lawyers immediately after WWII to show Johnny Continental how to avoid repeating the recent unpleasantnesses perpetrated by the likes of Messers Hitler and Mussolini.

Of course it was assumed that we Brits knew how to play by the rules, and so we didn't bother to enact the ECHR into law for decades until the HRA which led to us being hauled in front of the European Court more than any other signatory state.

El Reg procures OGC mousemat

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Mousemats? How quaint.

Haven't they heard of optical mice at the OGC yet?

Could pen-sized GPS jammers paralyse UK shipping?

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@ "trusty sextant as of old"

But do mariners still get taught hwo to use them? I recall reading that the US Navy had decided to stop teaching its officer cadets such techniques on the grounds that GPS is ubiquitous. I'd love to believe that our dear old Senior Service wouldn't be so stupid as to follow suit, but seeing as the RN thought that the USN's Windows for Warships was a jolly good wheeze I'm not so sure.

Sergey Brin books joyride on Russian rocket

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Anyone remember that photo of a whiteboard?

From a couple of years ago showing a whiteboard at Google's HQ where they'd been brainstroming ideas. I recall that one of them was "Orbiting mind control lasers".

I have a bad feeling about this.