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Operator of DDoS protection service named as Mirai author


After reading Krebs blog post, which makes for some pretty interesting stuff in itself, I'm left wondering if Krebs's own thirst for revenege may have tinted his overview a little. Some of the conclusions he reaches are a little tenuous and the evidence is pretty ropey and circumstantial in places.

But having said that he does make a compelling argument and one which it is hard to resist wanting it to be true!

‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016's fake news


Journalists will be amongst the first against the wall when the robot overlords come. That's why they're so desperately negative about the march of AI!! ;)


Top-Secret-cleared SOCOM medics hit in 11GB govt database leak


Event the redacted password image has enough information still available to start a little OSINT research ; Melissa Amidon be prepared for some SE!


2015-07-08 delete person Melissa Amidon

According to https://www.aihitdata.com/company/007DD280/POTOMAC-HEALTHCARE-SOLUTIONS/history?ss=people#main

Looks like she bit the bullet some time ago.. Awww.

Microsoft boffins: Who needs Intel CPUs when you've got FPGAs?


FPGAs are ripe hardware for programming through AI techniques such as Genetic Algorithms. People just aren't 'optimised' enough to do the job properly!


FPGAs in datacenters running independantly from any other machine oversight. Glorious! One stray USB stick and we'll have a fantastic opportunity for a 'real' computer virus outbreak. A virus that can rewrite the very chip it's running on to infect every data packet flowing through it. And infect every other FPGA in the segment.

Might improve Bing considerably...

PC sales sinking almost as fast as Donald Trump's poll numbers


I wonder how many people are building their own PCs though?

Just buying a banal vanilla box of one of the main vendors seems so... 90's. Things like technical support are basically a free commodities now with thousands of options available online via forums etc. Most of the reasons for sticking with pre-built boxes don't really exist anymore. Plus you get to choose your own OS (Linux for the win(e)!), and it's easy to build a box that has the spec to support multiple VMs so you only need one for as many OSes as you want to run.

Also in terms of productivity, most of what people want to achieve can be done on much more portable devices now.

Perhaps it's time to let go of such an outdated approach to the PC market?

Microsoft inserts 'new kind of computer ... into our cloud' for speedier Azure services


It'll all be fun and games when the first one gets compromised by a state player and all those FPGAs starting chatting to each other. I guess it'll add a certain ironic finality to the definition of a computer 'virus'.

Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...


Wait. What? There's adverts. On websites... When did that happen?

Seriously though. I always adblock, script block, cookie block. You name it and its blvoked.It's why I only browse the web with Lynx...

Malware, tracking cookies and the rest. They're all threats and when websites willingly, and liberally, smother their pages with disasters waiting to happen it's up to the user to make up for their mistakes. When it happens that publishers are legally, and financially, culpable for anything that leaks out of their sites then I might consider dropping the barriers but until then 'Shields Up!'.


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