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Malta pair charged over illicit Playmobil trade

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I can't wait for the Playmobil version of these events. As long as it doesn't cause some sort of implosion in the space/time continuum a la the LHC...

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

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In Soviet Russia

Reg Club rules YOU!

IronKey 1GB secure USB Flash drive

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Does the Firefox install accept updates? And will it let you install add-ons? I was looking for exactly this sort of thing the other day when I was hot-desking. I still don't have access to all my saved forms and my lovely lovely add-ons.

Venus Express celebrates 500 days around Venus

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Yeah, but my broadband provider won't even provide a connection unless they can guarantee 256k downstream from the exchange a quarter mile away. I cringe at the thought of what they would charge to bring the line across 20 light-minutes. Never mind the Counterstrike latency!

Council employs automatic PC shutdown

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"it saves a copy onto the c-drive."

Surely this isnt the secure way of doing this? Why dont they just set the machines to hibernate over night rather than shut down? They would also come back online faster thereby using fewer CPU cycles and less hard disk activity when booting (and therefore less power...) every morning.

These must be relatively new PCs so they ought all to have hibernation support on the BIOS. I can understand the desire to reboot them occasionally to get rid of the gremlins and that not all hibernations recover properly but I should imagine people would get used to saving their work before they leave overnight pretty sharpish after a few repeats of them leaving their PC on overnight (which they are obviously not SUPPOSED to do) and not saving their work (why are they using computers if they aren't trained to save regularly??).

All that said, good on them for making an attempt at hitting this whole leave-PCs-on-all-the-time culture.