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OVH outlines three-point 'hyper resilience' plan after Strasbourg fire


Turd polishing .... contaner data centres, cheap build with no proper DC design. No wonder it all went pear shaped. The founders sound like evangelists where in fact they are purveyors of cheap and nasty.

KPMG wins Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council's £18m everything-and-the-kitchen-sink IT deal


As with most things outsource, it will be an unmitigated disaster .... declared a success by the senior councillors involved and nothing will probably be better than it is now. Putting all your eggs into a KPMG basket indicates total passing of responsibility and KPMG shiny suited grads will not have a clue about how to design, implement or run anything.

OVH data centre destroyed by fire in Strasbourg – all services unavailable


Re: all bets off

Tape backups are fine if the copies are remote (and not in the building next to the one on fire).

Reason people still use tape is because its the cheapest medium and can be taken out of that expensive tape library and stored (in the correct environmental conditions) for years if needed.

Engineer admits he wiped 456 Cisco WebEx VMs from AWS after leaving the biz, derailed 16,000 Teams accounts


Its not just IT companies that are rubbish at deletion of accounts and access. I rejoined Deutsche Bank in 2013 having left them in 2006. Upon my return HR queried whether I had worked for them before as they just re enabled my HR account .... it included my next of kin / emergency contact which was my deceased mother (she passed in 2006 just before I left for the second time) . Surprised that they had not deleted my details ... Not really. :)

Putting the d'oh! in Adobe: 'Years of photos' permanently wiped from iPhones, iPads by bad Lightroom app update


If somethings important, back it up ! If you don't and it's lost then your stupid !

You can't trust cloud providers with anything really sensitive or valuable.


Don't store your valuable pics, documents etc in the cloud and expect the providers not to fuck up and lose them ..... if they are valuable to you make sure they are backed up and not just available on some nice app written by clueless developer with no idea of a data centre, backups or anything else sensible

Capita, Fujitsu and pals tuck into slices of £3bn London NHS framework


It should be a national system that is integrated, not a regional or smaller solution. The NHS should by now use national systems where medical records can be used to treat patients wherever they happen to be. It's still a ball ache to move areas and get your records to follow.

Welcome to the telco, we've got fun and games: BT inks 5-year deal to outsource mainframe management to IBM


Glad to see that CSS is still running on those mainframes - In 1995 when I was at Bletchley they told us it would all transfer to open systems ...... we laughed at them then, seems we understood more than the manglement :)

This page is currency unavailable... Travelex scrubs UK homepage, kills services, knackers other sites amid 'software virus' infection


Not surprised the banks are using a third party ... save them fucking it up themselves !

These FX companies like Travelex are dinosaurs - unless you want cash use someone like Transferwise - App based, a debit card that can have multiple currency accounts to use from it with MUCH better rates than these crooks. If you need some cash then use the debit card to withdraw from standard cash points.

DXC Technology utters words 'hiring' and 'digital' 105 times in Q3 earnings car-crash


Even if they bought me a house and got me a chauffeur to drive me to the office i would not work for these clowns .... over 75 percent of people leave a job because of their manager .... in DXC that will just be one reason


Titanic of the IT services organisations .... will the captain jump before it completely goes under ... perhaps the share holders need to act to save some of their investment

Forget snowmageddon, it's dropageddon in Azure SQL world: Microsoft accidentally deletes customer DBs


oops .... duff code written by people with no real sense of the real IT world. what happened to transaction logging and decent DR/BCP

DXC's Americas CFO splits amid yet more deckchair shifting


Turd polishing for professionals .... written by Mr Lawrie, an insight into how to take a perfectly good company and crash it into the IT swamp !

Respected Wall St analyst snips HPE's share price rating


Re: Blame it on Meg!

Meg is only in it for the money...always has been.

IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row


I'm 53 and have forgotten more in my 35 year career than most millennials will ever know :)

Veritas to put biz tech support on the slow boat to India – insiders


Sounding a bit like DXC .... send it all offshore and hope it all works .... disaster

TSB boss: We know everything's working, you just can't see that


Not surprising .... half cocked project managers, lot's of pressure to deliver in timescales not achievable ... time for Mr Pester (great name!) to walk and give another clueless overpaid half wit a chance :)

Transport for London to toughen up on taxi firms in the Uber age


What tosh !

TFL are there to license and protect the public who use these services. Without them you would be back to the old days of dodgy mini cabs with drivers that have criminal records .... oh wait a minute... that's UBER and the mini cab companies isn't it :)

Black cabs are the most regulated - and the most professional in the world

DXC execs: Here's another deadline for skills profiling


Two of my ex colleagues are currently being targeted for VR - they were sorted from a fuzzy skills matrix created by an ex manager and enhanced by a management team in India who have no engagement with the particular two individuals .... it's guesswork and bullshit !

VMware UK boss quits 'suddenly' – sources


Re: Don't worry Mr Phull

Don't you mean 20 and still no decision making ability :)

Infosys names a new CEO: welcome to the hot-seat Salil S. Parekh


Possibly that they are rubbish ? :)

IBM does what IBM does best: Raises the chopper again


Re: LLoyds Bank

Much like the Deutsche Bank / HPE outsource deal, the staff were 'ring fenced' the first year to eighteen months. After that the gloves were off and people could move. As it turned out, many had left by then or gone back into the bank by then.

The jobs are still being sent to 'best shore' as they call it :)

Equifax mega-breach: Security bod flags header config conflict


Clowns !! The senior management need to be behind bars - especially those who dumped their stock before the public announcement.

This company deserves to crash and burn

DXC Franken-firm 'on track' to slash $1bn with deeper 'synergies' ahead


Race to the bottom of services ... oh, they are already there :)

Lets face it, grads in IT are usually project managers and you can get those in a cornflakes packet these days.

HPE boss Whitman among candidates for Uber CEO job – report


Whitman does not know how to grow a business - just to split it up and watch it die slowly ..... not the right match for Uber

HPE gives execs a jiggle and merges subsidiaries in shrivelling Pointnext


Turd polishing and deck chair shuffling .... Can't be long before Meg buggers off with the payoff of the century ?

BA's 'global IT system failure' was due to 'power surge'


Same old story it seems these days - large organisations that can't design a highly available system to run their critical applications to continue operating and not suffer very public loss of reputation.

Comes down to senior management not having a clue, spotty grads pretending to be architects and from there it all goes tits up !

In my mainframe days (yes, another dinosaur), we didn't have these issue, data centres were designed properly and though very expensive we had back up generators and alternate systems in case of fail over.

Added to this the TCS factor = clueless bodies who can't make a decision and likely have never even been into a data centre.

I don't believe the power supply story either :)

DXC Technology looks to lighten the payroll six weeks after launch


Clueless management and clueless (mostly) offshore teams made working for HPE unbearable. Thankfully, they gave me money to leave.

The WORST IT organisation i have worked for in my 34 years of IT .... DXC Technology will no doubt be the worst of the combined companies and it will continue to not deliver the service that the foolish customers have signed up for.

Outgoing HPE workers stripped of gym cards and cushy remnants


it will all end in tears ... except for Meg who will trundle off into the distance with her mega millions payoff - what a wonderful leader she has been !

MP brands 1,600 CSC layoffs as the 'worst excesses of capitalism'


Race to the bottom of IT service companies - cash quick for the 12 directors !

The offshore team in HPE are dire, i expect the same for CSC

Outage-hit Lloyds Bank in talks to outsource data centres to IBM


Guichelaar is a snake in the grass. Left Deutsche under a cloud after the HP deal was signed. Known as the smiling assassin during the TUPE negotiations.


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