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It's finally happened: Hackers are coming for home routers en masse


DD-WRT is not for the network noob. Open-WRT... does not apply to my hardware.

eBay "FoOL" buy em en-mass from China pre-loaded with DD-Wrt, just try to remember to change the password from Admin:Admin!

Who the hell buys Routers they can't unlock and firmware examine?

Cisco, Juniper?! Yeah, that proprietary noncense worked out so well for them!

Donald Trump running insecure email servers

IT Angle

Two Words for Trump

Xen (not Xenu, Unix spelled backwards!) and Citrix!

If you must insist on running the "Quantum Garbage" known as Windows (TPM) without any kind of firewall technology you can trust at least run it in a bloody hypervisor!

Hack us and you're basically attacking America, says UK defence sec


Oblivious Secretary

Instead of waging false WARS and wasting money against standards and technology, perhaps they should embrace them and have a little bit more respect for the end users privacy rights, cast your mind back and you might recollect that version 7 Unix used UUCP also known as Unix to Unix copy which TCP/IP can't see and can't even spot, so that buggers the kids with NMAP scanners and IPX/PBX was another ancient protocol that never failed as epicly as "Transmittion Control Protocol" with a load of insiders influencing ANSI standards like Duel_EC_DRBG alongside there chums at Microsoft Inc, with there Singularity Project which uses SIP btw! Most Kid's today have no idea who the hell "Dennis Ritchie" even was or how he even fought for there freedom! PGP was developed outside of the US due to the US being backwards about a lot of things, they preach on about extremism yet, there country is home to the" Klu Klux Klan" and "Scientology" the let us repurpose your brainwave cult, about as right wing and as extreme as you can get! Oh and lets not forget microsoft's own deliberate errors introduced into MSDOS, Me, XP, Vista, 7 & 8!



"So far Britain has managed to avoid the sort of targeted large-scale hacks that have seen big US tech companies such as Yahoo! ..."

That's because people in britan are not so stupid to throw open there servers and say, "say wah you wanna back-door our Kernel Module with a buggy back-door spy module, sure go right ahead, what could possibly be the harm to our users and services? Oh wait dont answer that, how much user data got stolen from Yahoo's own networks via, what Alex Stamos called a blatant and buggy Kernel back-door?!?"

National Cyber Security Centre to shift UK to 'active' defence



Let me just get my flame thrower so I can Burn Microsoft - Redmond & Anything that even remotely suggest's Oracle's Java and Microsoft partnering up with Apple & Google into the ground!

IT Angle

Bad Guys

Does it really keep all the bad guys, money laundering and viruses and spyware at bay?

Well it attempts too, thats why they call it Ultra-Secure - Dickheads!

IT Angle


The UK and US government has a deep aversion to using Open Source anything, every single computer owned and operated by the Government in the UK & the US is Microsoft Windows FE (Front End) so when you take into account that Open Office does exactly the same as Microsoft Office, you really have to examine there deep aversion to using Open Source and Open Standards. The french are not so stupid, all there Police are running Linux because they love it along with most of the German population who embrace anything that the estabilshment tells them is "Verbotn!" like Ubuntu!

What & Where is the deep seated aversion to using Open Source and Open Standards coming from?

Oh Microsoft, that your department funds with Capital every fucking YEAR whilst they sell you something thats shit and below performance average!



As google is so big on social profiling and experiments it should really try it some time, just hand out loads of google glass and pixel notebooks to a load of under privledged kids from some rough area and then see how many of them give it back willingly without a fuss.

In hacker lingo the expression is !pwned hard", by a 5 year old!


Young Lady

Me "Young Lady, thats mine and I need it, its got all my contacts and personal photo's on there..."

Child *TAP* *TAP* *TAP* *TAP* "Not anymore!"

Me "Now listen here madam, you will give me that phone!"

Child "I'll do you!"

Me "Excuse me, what did you just say to me?"

Child "It's mine and your not having it, if you try I'll scream and tell someone you touched me wrong!"

Charming youth of today!


Have you?

Have you ever tried to recover a £500.00 touch device from a 5 year old child that wont give it back because it's shiny and plays candy crush saga? Mission impossible!


Re: Lorrie Love Defence

Enjoy your Digestive, Twinkie, Dohnut's or Sandwhich, it was the rockerfella solution to world hunger and it's got an aggressive extra 8 chromosomes instead of 16 and it's inside everything, so remind me how did "Steve Jobs" die? It was something rotting his inside's wasnt it? Wouldnt have been the floride in the water, that just cuts down on NHS bills for dental work and makes you more docile, so I guess it's probably in the Wheat - after all you are what you eat!

If he pleads the temporary insanity plea, he'll get time off with good behaviour although I imagine they wont let him near a calculator again and ironicly if he'd been using research unix in the first place his approach would have probably been totally different because he would have appreciated the irony that all along C++ and dodgy libraries with undue MS influence are the cause of all those vulnerabilities in the first place!

An dont count on it being just Law enforcement that knows about flaws in the design phase, within two days of owning a smart phone a 5 year old little girl was the one who showed me how to bypass the Pin screen with a factory reset, proclaiming "this is my phone now!"


Lorrie Love Defence

Best defence for Lorrie Love: "It was a moment of madness, from eating all that toxic genetically modified Wheat & Rye flour imported to the UK made by the Rockerfella foundation and the rest of the Tax evading corperations of America!"


Re: 16bit 32bit & 64bit

An there we have it, the instant thumbs down, showing that someone somewhere felt getting free long distance at the expense of the Phone company and the tax payer was reprehencable, now if only they felt the same way about industrial espionage which they try to palm off as being necessary and legal, we'd all be on the same page!

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Re: 16bit 32bit & 64bit

The technique of Red-Boxing still works in the UK - largly thanks British Telecom..

You dial 150 operator assisted dialing for the blind - if they ask you could say it was just looking at "David Cameron" that made you go blind.

Then of course you expliain to the operator your having a problem dialing the number and ask for assistance, then when prompted play the sounds of 10p 20p or 50p dropping into the phone from your dictaphone. FREE LONG DISTANCE!


Re: 16bit 32bit & 64bit

Wait for phat chubby GCHQ Boss to approach biometric security scanner, apply L'Oréal Elnett Supreme Hold Hairspray 400ml and lightly dust keypad, then sit back and wait, sticky finger-print will remain and keys without dust indicate which Biometric code will open the door.

Dont sweat it over the CAC Piv' those can be cloned and in all likelyhood the polystirine ceiling tiles make for an easy access route!

Finally walk off singing "Sticky finger, the man with the golden-touch!"


Re: 16bit 32bit & 64bit

Oh and I've got some magazines for you: Made in America - Ones called Phrack and the other ones called 2600 although in the UK 2600 becomes 2680hrz due to our trunking being different on the phone lines.

There kind of the best most epic guide's about why Open Source is a haven of nothing but "Hackers" chip & pin, biometrics, what one person can dream up in La-La land becomes another "Hackers" fairy tail!

My god did you see that giant robot unicorn?

It's here if you missed it! https://storiesbywilliams.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/wildcat1.jpg


Re: 16bit 32bit & 64bit

Sorry I must have missed the part where I needed an anti-virus to complete my daily work flow, paying through the nose for something you dont even really need and dont even get me started on Firewall technology maybe you stop and inspect packets on your network, I dont feel the need to on mine!

How's the brain surgery going, been labotomised lately?

Bits Bytes Packets & Punks! Next thing you know you'll be telling me about Boolean Logic!

Fish can fly and Pigs can swim!


Re: Moving the Goalposts .....

Well they should focus on ONE language and stick with it, instead of smashing all of them together in some universal phat ass-hat compiler would be my take, how about an operating system coded entirely in JAVA - if Sun Microsystems want's to flaunt it's JAVA to a wider audiance what about jNode OS?

An Operating System written entirely in JAVA! Of course people would flock to it, like wise with C++ and likewise with any number of operating system languages, they should stop throwing all there egg's in one basket and proclaim it as Good!


Re: Powerless Spectators to the Whims and Flights of Fancy of SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems

Oh the work is in progress and it's a wasted effort, you can read all about AI systems that search for a patch security vulnerabilities but it doesnt address the cause of the vulnerabilities in the first place.

Human error!

It was a huge mistake to use C++ and ANSI C together, heck they havent even patched the years old vulnerabilities in SQL and SQL really isnt that great but on that same note neither is XML.

When you bundle it all together, XML, Java, C & C++ and Perl & Pascal & Assembler of course your going to have problems, ever heard of the expression, too many cooks?

Heck any damn kid can code what they term as an INSERT in my hay-day I wasnt shy of coding the odd logic bomb or two, released on my own machines so I could sit there and have some LuL's but as to the question of Legality, no it's absolutely not LEGAL nor is it in compliance with standard computing practice! Because INSERT's (viruses) cause bigger security issues when they escape from your C&C command and control and start bringing down SCADA networks. The question is one of ethics!



If your looking for a non-GNU compiler allow me to suggest Open Watcom - in the C11 criticism page it suggests it as a viable alternative to the GCC and suggests that it is far more standards compliant, heck you can use Open Watcom to compile the tiny C compiler then you can use Tiny C to compile CLANG and then you'll be wanting to look at the dodgy Kernel code with functions that are out moded out-dated and stuff that shouldnt even really be included with a Kernel but hey, they're generic - ie: they include it all including the kitchen sink!


Black & White

It's all there in Black & White:

Acorn C/C++ Compiler!

Their development was taken up by Acorn and subsequently taken over by Castle Technology, who later added the lacking C99 support. Castle funded further development by means of a subscription scheme. In early 2009, development and sales of the tools were transferred to RISC OS Open.

C99 is no longer the standard, the C11 version of the C programming language standard, published in 2011, replaces C99. Got to compile with "--errors --pedantic!"

There poison has dribbled out of the nut!


16bit 32bit & 64bit


16 Bit's was known as REAL Mode

32 Bit's became known as Enhanced Protected Mode!

And now these guys want to use 64 bit's for there programs with no justification as to how it's better to have even more room for integer overflow in your program's memory.

64 Bit supposedly better, well that's kind of what they said about 32 bit's and look where it led and look at the state of your insecure Operating Systems that furnished them all with the luxury of 32 bit programming.


Re: Do people listen to anything novel or be they prey to IT and unfolding engaging narratives ‽ .


PEBKAC vulnerabilities are easy to stop, just get rid of the browser, does System IX (Plan 9) original have a web browser? No, it doesn't... Because the programmers where totally correct to assume that Web browsers along with wallpaper are nothing but a complete distraction from the goal of having a system without bugs, oh sure they're working on things like the LSO pre-load vulnerability and things like ShellShock and working on harmonising the compiler, but at the same time you've got large corporate efforts to insert garabge like SYSTEMD and UEFI but can anyone actually tell me the point? I mean seriously, if they're already declared the BSD & Linux are dead, both in terms of idea's and goals then what is the point of flogging a dead horse continuously proclaiming that they're working on a fix! The wording and hackers add-age that "RISC is good" seem's to fall on deaf ears and we here in the UK should be proud of what we accomplished with ROOL and BASIC - a system that they're busy trying to stuff up with the GCC compiler inserted into it changing it from 16bit's protected mode to 32bits protected mode alongside Poisoned NUT!

It was all there in the leaks, funny how Windows 3.0 not 3.1 stood the test of time better than any of what came afterwards and loads of programmers spend years trying to remove Microsoft's influence over there operating system, in terms of MSDOS (FreeDOS & OpenGEM) and in one fell swoop these SCO Groupware hugging REDHAT humping Nazi's undo countless years of effort with insane dribble like UEFI & ME microcode in your CPU!


Re: Do people listen to themselves..

Don't worry I'm sure they'll get it eventually - when they go buy a trusted zone chip-set and find that the system in question works perfectly on it, does not allow brute force attacks, will not cough up it's passwords, will not communicate to any other system that doesn't speak the same protocol and just wont work in general on there Windows PC from IBM or DELL...

An to the NSA and GCHQ I'll simply say this: "Children shouldn't play with dead things!"

Eventually they're going to realise: If OpenBSD, GNU/Linux, Apple & Microsoft are awash with constant "Critical Vulnerability Exposures" then it's painfully clear, isn't it, that something somewhere is very badly broken when "System IX" developed by Bell-Labs in 1986 is "Critical Vulnerability Exposure Free!"


Do people listen to themselves..

Do people actually listen to themselves, "Generally there are even laws to govern wars, such as the Hague convention" Which Hague is that? General or William?

What WAR? Or do you simply mean your inability to grasp that your "Computer" woes all spring from a dodgy compiler that surfaced out of a Laboratory back in 1986, about the same time that very same Laboratory dropped support for the very System in Question.

Version 7 Unix was the last official Bell-Labs version produced for academia, before research into versions 8, 9 & 10 which never left the Lab, shortly after it was abandoned by those same Lab's and they moved over to it's successor multi-level secure "System IX" whilst AT&T grabbed a hold of the now abandoned UNICE and produced "SystemV" and a certain programmer introduced the GCC compiler which was a DIALECT of C containing C++ proclaiming he was bringing Unix to the world, when in fact original research unix had already been replaced by a secure successor.

The rest as they say is history, insane filing system, dodgy compiler bugs, massive system failure, violations of privacy, inability to protect financial assets, break-ins, civil disobedience, etc, etc...

US National Security Agency gets CREST smile


Re: CREST....

...SUCKERS one born every minute!


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