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IBM's motto is 'Think' – its CEO reckons AI can do that as well as some workers


Blig Blue?

It probably can, but not IBM's AI, they'll need to buy it in from a modern company.

Oracle starts to lose patience with Solaris holdouts


Vale Solaris

I'm sure all 7 remaining Solaris customers will be devastated.


C'mon SPARCky, it's just an admin utility update. What could possibly go wrong?


I had someone do this on a box I was admining (not me this time).

Luckily I had a similar un-wrecked system. I captured the correct perms from the unborked machine and wrote a script to re-permission the broken ones, had to boot of tape first as the setuid perm had been removed from /bin/login and so you couldn't actually login.

Sydney readers: Join Vulture South for beer and sympathy in April


Bit more notice next time?

I can possibly time one of my Sydney visits to attend but need a bit more notice, and although I'm no longer on call (praise be) I have many years of stories to share...

Commonwealth Games are just the ticket for Facebook


Re: Behind their 'paywall'

They've realised this was a bad idea and now dropped the FB login requirement.

Good on them for realising their mistake and correcting it.

Oracle UK's profits have more than halved


Re: Oracle... soon to follow HP

Only your DBA?

Level 5 driverless cars by 2021 can be done, say Brit industry folk


I'm amazed by the number of Luddites on a technology website.

2021 sounds about right for Full Self Driving - Level 5 cars, its mostly a software problem and strides are being made right now.

Dell makes $1bn bet that IoT at the edge can kill cloud computing takeover


7. Automated mills putting weavers out of business

8. Motor cars wiping out the blacksmith profession


But yeah, lets go back to living in caves and hunter-gathering, no chance of unemployment then.


Oracle softly increments SPARC M7 to M8, then whispers: We'll still love you, Solaris, to 2034


There will never be an M9, the M8 was already built before Oracle fired everyone in Sparc and Solaris so may as well release it for a final bit of revenue.

Sparc & Solaris are pretty much irrelevant and dead now, sadly. Saying it will be supported until 2034 is lip-service if its no longer developed, who would be mad enough to buy this stuff now, certainly no new customers.

Its a bit like the mainframe, a lingering slow death for years.

Azure Stack will need special sysadmins, says Microsoft


You missed:

- PaaS Services like queues, databases, IoT, Object Store, Identity

- Infinitely* scalable

- Consumption priced

An on prem "cloud" or hosting as I prefer to call it, usually can't provide these three.

Yet another AWS config fumble: Time Warner Cable exposes 4 million subscriber records


Re: S3 bucket default is *private* to that account

The big cloud vendors like AWS don't "declare themselves secure", they publish and are regularly audited on the security of their areas of responsibility, by dozens of regulatory bodies worldwide.

Cloud security *configuration* is much easier than on-prem, its easier to set a policy on an AWS VPC Security Group, or an Azure Vnet NSG than for instance on a checkpoint firewall, I know. I've done all 3.

Security *design* is just as important in cloud or legacy environments.

A good idiot can stuff up either, but given equal competence Cloud is more secure, because the cloud providers can build a better, more secure data centre than you can.

Oracle finally decides to stop prolonging the inevitable, begins hardware layoffs


Re: No Surprises Here...

This won't affect server prices because:

1) Sparc was basically irrelevant now, probably less than 1% of the CPU's sold

2) OEM hardware of any kind is set for rapid decline, most companies will simply go Cloud Iaas then PaaS with SaaS whenever that fits (why would you build an in-house CRM for example?). The cloud companies make their own server so Intel will be fine, Dell, CISCO & HP less so.


Re: quarterly results / annual results

Intel CPU's have gotten faster over the period too, but they're still selling bazillions of them.

The problem is Oracle, a company I can never understand anyone getting into bed with, and fewer will going forward, oh sure they'll milk their existing hostages for a while yet but most are looking for a way out and many will find one.

Fujitsu's Australian cloud suffers storage crash, outage


Unsurprising several luddites here are using this as a reason to spread FUD on cloud.

Real, public cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) has an exemplary uptime record, better than your private DC or co-lo, of course there not immune to failure and you need to architect for this, but its still better run than a private company can.

Some other vendors "cloud washing" their old hosting offerings does not make them the same thing.

They say we're too mean to Microsoft. Well, how about this... Redmond just had a stonking year. And only 8% tax. Whee!


Re: Behind their 'paywall'

I try to minimise my tax, within the law, why shouldn't they? And they're far from the only ones, the other cloud providers are equally efficient at tax minimisation.

The problem is the govts, they need a more robust framework for taxation, especially of the large corporates.

Head in the clouds? Apparently there's now space on Oracle's sales team


Re: Behind their 'paywall'

There will be a few leading companies in the hyperscale cloud game, my guess 3-4.

I don't expect Oracle to be one of them though.

Dear sysadmin: This is how you stay relevant


Re: 70% BS

Correct, those who can change will survive.