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Updating in production, like a boss



We've all been there, I certainly have. The sense of trepidation as you're about to hit Execute is enough to want to be absolutely sure that you're happy with what you're about to inflict on the database.


This is a gross understatement.

Now that China has all but banned cryptocurrencies, GPU prices are falling like Bitcoin


Re: Chinese government is not stupid



Method of control has not changed in 3 thousand years.


Re: Mining...

Just like drug (Cannabis) farms in households in UK, 'tap' into a supply of electricity before the meter.

UK health secretary Matt Hancock follows delay to GP data grab with campaign called 'Data saves lives'


Re: Fix the existing problems before making a profit

The NON-transferability from military systems to civilian not-joined-up data health services has caused extreme problems to ex -service personnel.

It would be better to allow the military system to incorporate the civilian.

The extreme problem of who accesses what is easily solved by making the access via a personal passphrase given by patient to any health service worker needing it.

If it is "MY LIFE" at stake I can if conscious give authority. That works.

If unconscious or unable to communicate then access should be automatic.

NHS-backed org reacted to GitHub leak disclosure with legal threats and police call, complains IT pro


Re: Learn from the ransomeware bods...

Um! House door and software are very different fish.

I pinch your chair. (No chair left for you to use, sole unique thing)

I copy a publicly accessible data stream, also in archive files. Very different You made it available. No theft, you still have original data.

Just your carelessness, of a very different thing from a house door.

Ticker tape and a binary message: Bank of England's new Alan Turing £50 must be the nerdiest banknote ever


Re: Pound Sterling

Family had a shop near a showground and a hospital. Show folk were very credit worthy (much better than the local doctors & lawyers) getting a £200 odd 'fill the lorry with food for a trip' paid in pennies was not unusual. PS. we never bothered counting the bags of coin, it would be correct, our bank said the same and just accepted the bags as marked.

Prince Philip, inadvertent father of the Computer Misuse Act, dies aged 99


Re: Bad greek

Al na ban burn Stream on OS map (Water x 5)

You want me to do WHAT in that prepaid envelope?


standard practice in UK for over 70s.

standard practice in UK for over 70s for all of them to submit samples during a survey to find incidence of a couple of diseases that back then then placed an 'undue load' on NHS

Toxic: Intel ordered to pay chip fab worker almost $1m after he was gassed at its facility in 2016


Re: "H2S is more toxic than HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide)"

I was instructed when in a then Czechoslovakia refinery as a contractor, to immediately seek safety

(?how never explained) if background H2S smell disapeared.

We know it's hard to get your kicks at work – just do it away from a wall switch powering anything important


Re: Back in the days when cars had cassette players....

Car (not German) stopped many times on M6 at certain points in early 1970s. Engine just cut out. Learned to always at that point drive in left hand lane. Occurred for about 6 months, I never found out what transmitting device cut the engine. I thought peculiar to my car, but on an inter company meeting I found about three other folk with same problem and same model of company cars. Maker and service folk said 'it could not occur'.

DBA heroes don't always wear capes. Sometimes they just have a bunch of forgotten permissions


Re: Ouch. Memory trigger

In a purely non-working Windows environment, (botched update took out all machines) having the sole personal Linux system on an external Ethernet line (meant for 'guests'), makes one almost a 'vital spark'.

Windows' cloudy future: That Chrome OS advantage is Google's to lose


Re: Chromebook is particularly good at fulfilling its promise of looking after itself.

"The joy of Windows XP [& Vista & Windows 7] was when it died you just bunged Linux on it to bring it back to life for as long as the hardware hangs together. I must have half a dozen PC & laptops doing just that."

I maintain a few old Windows machines for charities with a Linux distro of up to date software for them. [Disclaimer: and some 4 or so in my house]

Main problem now, with all sorts of folk video chatting, many do not have in build cameras and microphones, so need a external USB mic/camera. They live and prosper within the limits these folk want from basic computing tasks

You would expect a qualified electrician to wire a building to spec, right? Trust... but verify


Habits die hard.

Not electrical but out of 'pipes'. Sometimes in my youth I trained "Young Officers" from a middle east country. Once part way through their course; we had to instruct in rifle range safety and practice. Issue each trainee with rifle, take to training ground, fire off a few rounds, inspect all rifles unloaded and bring men plus rifles back on truck.

As my normal practice, I physically had trainees in a line at practice end and have every rifle unbolted and open and stuck my little finger in chamber to ensure no rounds loaded before they got on truck (I had learned!). But you do not look behind you!

Guys climb onto truck at back end, part way through them climbing aboard , a Bang! Hole about 1 cm above drivers head [N1] in cab. (or roughly less than a thumb width). Getting into truck a guy hit rifle on truck edge & pulled his trigger.

Found out, in their country, it was a major criminal offence in their army to carry an unloaded weapon. They all had a spare round in their breast pockets they loaded into their rifle chamber after I had inspected rifles were empty and collected all 'issued' rounds.

I changed to having rifles issued at firing range by my native UK troops and returned to to my native UK troops after firing practice.

However I found the [N1] driver would never drive me thereafter. Strange.

Habits and culture can ruin any written procedure for safety.

As I worked internationally thereafter, it was a good lesson for my surviving, but with an awful reputation as "he lets the trainees kill one another". "He likes putting his fingers in holes" (without an explanation).


Re: Professionals built the titanic...

"bloke"? "S/He" probably

Pizza and beer night out the window, hours trying to sort issue, then a fresh pair of eyes says 'See, the problem is...'


Re: Proof reader

Leith some time spelt by natives as Lite (old Gaelic version). PS I am a Leither.

Marine archaeologists catch a break on the bottom of the Baltic Sea: A 75-year-old Enigma Machine


Re: Old typewriter

Quote There is also a fair amount of look at what WE did in that the Polish part tend to be forgotten like also the Russian part in taking Berlin and ending the war. unquote

The poles are NOT forgotten by any who understand the joint effort.

Russia's effort is remembered, but from personal experience, when Soviet Russia embassy in a foreign land was invited to join with other embassies' folk and others at a UK graveyard and memorial (where a Russian soldier was buried) they did not attend!

I will never forget that put down to an enlisted Soviet Sapper who gave his life in a very bad middle eastern theatre.

UK infoseccer launches petition asking government not to backdoor encryption


Re: Sign it...

.and make yourself a person OF interest to the authorities. (corrected it.)


Re: Once more with feeling....

Very few care.

Frenchman who wanted to 'smash a guy's face in' fined €135 – despite correctly filling out paperwork stating why he left home during lockdown


Re: Bore-out compensation

You mean "Window Seats", so employee can stare out all day long.

Let's Encrypt warns about a third of Android devices will from next year stumble over sites that use its certs


Re: You would have thought that adding a certificate should do it.

How to do this manual install? Explain please to the non technical.

To stop web giants abusing privacy, they must be prevented from respawning. Ever


Re: The

Think P R China and Russian federation. They do this.

After ten years, the Google vs Oracle API copyright mega-battle finally hit the Supreme Court – and we listened in


Re: The devel is in the details - Part II

PS My original printed copy was given to Computer Museum. I have PDF of same.


Re: The devel is in the details - Part II

My Autocode handbook circa 1957 is copyrighted.

Mate, it's the '90s. You don't need to be reachable every minute of every hour. Your operating system can't cope


Re: Effectively I still use Netscape 0.92

YES. I run 11 email addresses in separate folder in TB. Separates 'work' from 'personal' from 'mum' from XX


Re: Individual Email (Not!)

25 email addresses were sufficient for about 450 office based staff per HQ. So all email subject lines began to YY from XX, but as all sharers could read them, we had the salary figures for all from HR who assumed emails were like sealed envelopes.

If you think Mozilla pushed a broken Firefox Android build, good news: It didn't. Bad news: It's working as intended


Seemes to work ok after upgrade.

All my bookmarks were available including choices of opening including a sub-sub-page in a specific website and my normal sites were bookmarked.


Re: Positives and negative experiences

Good. On opening after upgrade I got along screen with details of all changes and references to longer articles on the change. Maybe you scrolled into action to fast and bypassed the 'upgrade notes.

I find it a refreshing change.

Vivaldi composes sweet ad-blocking symphony for users of browser's Android version


Re: Just in time, too

Umn! I have 4 add-ons, NoScript, Ghostery, uBlock Origin, all blocking trackers, on Firefox in Android. An old version of Android at that, as it is a hand-me-down phone. Another is to ensure https sites only.

China requires gamers to reveal real names and map them to frag-tastic IDs


Re: Don't worry, it's coming here soon too

The English national anthem includes verses to exterminate Welsh and Scots. See older versions and verse 4 to 7.

This investor blew nearly $300,000 on Intel shares the day before 7nm disaster reveal. Yup, she's suing


Re: Hang on a sec

In 50 years, I have been close to being wiped out about 3 times, but just hanging on in seems to make sense. Overall while no 'excess gains', the graph averages at about 0.8 of Retail Price index rise. Better than bank pays on accounts.

'I'm telling you, I haven't got an iPad!' – Sent from my iPad


Re: On helpdesk calls

Or the luxury of tasty cable. Little bites from his/her per rat! I now recognise these small bites, usually only half cut a strand of a cable.

UK advertising watchdog raps ruler on O2's hand over misleading ads for iPad and Surface Pro deals


Re: After 2 wraps in 3 months ...

Al ISPs and mobile operators and sellers of air time / phone services should be subject to this, so adverts with price headings can be taken as like for like.

Micro Focus COVID-19 costs: Carry the one, decimal 9 places to the right... hmm. Holy cow, it's a $1bn+ loss


Re: Complete the transformation to reduce overheads

Never mix business and pleasure as any faults or tracing or resultant criminal actions for fraud, misuse, business intent can be a problem as you are operator and owner by paying bill.

Make sure the phone ( second landline?) or Mobile (smartphone) for business is not supplied by you or owned by you or you pay the costs for mobile phone. Business phones should be supplied by the business and fully paid for by business accounts folk or purchasing department.

This is one reason P R China mobiles can take two SIMs, one for work, one for own use.

Do not do personal stuff on a business phone.

Only allow your home router to be used for business, if your employer pays ISP costs, or a substantial amount of them as an re-reimbursed expense to you.

Capita Consulting ditching more than a quarter of its workforce 45 days after consultations with consultants


Re: AIrcrew redundancies willbe far higher than reported so far

Sorry about your daughter's problem. It will be tough for her due to much smaller job opportunity now any where in world.

However I was told when starting as an Ex Pat, "Put aside at least 30% of gross salary/remuneration against day you are 'persona non grata' or firm cuts staff or business". A number of my colleagues did the same, we did not live up to 'spending ex pats' style.

Also some invested this in homes (houses) in UK as ultimate bolt holes.

I was screwed over by Cisco managers who enforced India's caste hierarchy on me in US HQ, claims engineer


Re: Good luck sir

Caste = Colour . Linguistically. Works in Hindi and Saxon

If Fairphone can support a 5-year-old handset, the other vendors could too. Right?


Fairphone or any phone over GBP £100 out of my reach.

Fairphone or any phone over GBP £100 well out of my reach.

So I stick with non-smart phone and do internet stuff only on laptops (second hand and running Linux)

A memo from the distant future... June 2022: The boss decides working from home isn't the new normal after all



In my cousin's day as a banker some time ago. "working from home" meant a repatriation to UK from India to allow "breeding time" with wife, about every 3 years one got a 12 month 'at home". His last home period was in 1960s (12 years or so after partition) when he left to settle in Australia, with his very pretty local acquired wife.


Re: New Normal?

Here of course 'prove' is in its original sense of "test" as a proof mark on Gold items which pass assay.

Only true boffins will be able to grasp Blighty's new legal definitions of the humble metre and kilogram


avoiding errors by use of inch/ft & mm/M

In my working life our firm from about 1832 (founded 1820) (until I retired in 2005) always all used on engineering drawings both imperial and metric systems.

All internal diameters were in mm. All external diameters were in inches to nearest thou (1/1000 inch). Thus verbal reference to diameter listener was always clear if internal or external diameter. Likewise if units were off sketch. So 5.001mm in 1 inch meant a bore of 5.001 mm in a bar of 1.000 inch.


Re: As usual, the USofA is even worse

'twas defined in my army manuals for engineering.


Re: Me too

L (Libra =Pounds); Shillings S =12 pence, Denarius d = Pence Hence

LSD £1/12/10 one pound, 12 shillings and 10 pence

Brilliant for computer work as no rounding errors ( 1.0000... 001) in sums on computer.

For accountancy accuracy, we avoided ten. somethjing in spreadsheets remember 64,000 error?


Owr lang Scots miles

See R Burn's poetry in Tam o'Shanter

Whatsapp blamed own users for failure to keep phone number repo off Google searches


Re: Another App That Can Stop FAILing

On Windows or Linux (in any browser) meet.jit.si ?


Re: It's an unknown

Regret, My family refuse to use Signal, as THEIR friends do not use it and have never heard of it.

Logitech G915 TKL: Numpad-free mechanical keyboard clicks all the right boxes


No wire, USB option?

How do you get it to connect if Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is inactive?

Ex-Dell distributor in Lebanon ignored ban on suing US tech giant. Now four directors have been sentenced to prison in the UK


A company can set any forum for lawsuits in a mutually agreed contract.

Working for a UK exporter, manufacturing in England, selling to USSR (Russia) often contracts set Swedish Law and Swedish courts as forum. Likewise English manufacture selling to P/R. China we set law of Singapore and only courts of Singapore as the law forum. This Choice of Law and Forum) is very normal in many international contracts. Likewise English company selling to Scotland made English Law and English courts as sole remedy (mercantile law in Scotland can be much more severe, as law basis is very different).

Snapping at Canonical's Snap: Linux Mint team says no to Ubuntu store 'backdoor'


Re: @AC - Amen

Tovarisch is best. My Latin teacher used it to describe his learned pupils. I got in trouble using it in Russia.

While waiting for the Linux train, Bork pays a visit to Geordieland with Windows 10


Re: Need a bit of Raspberry Pi action

Not to the user. Fault is outside our control, is a considerable defence to some in front of their boss.

Lenovo certifies all desktop and mobile workstations for Linux – and will even upstream driver updates


Best not to have USB devices plugged in at start up.

This is an old problem. I find it best on some machines not to have USB devices plugged in at start up; unless I am booting from an external USB hard drive with GRUB on that external hard drive.

Ever felt down after staring at your phone late in bed? It's not just you – mice do too


999 in power cut

So, you are glad you have never had to make a 999 call during a power cut. (Land line unused)



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