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Boozing boffins contribute less to science

Tom Cully

Correlation does not imply causation

Hey, Lets do the same study with food intake, hours spent outside the lab and frequency of sex!

Then do another study to find how many previous nobel laureates are anorexic chaste workaholic teetotalers...

Remember children, beer, food and sex are bad for you. Nanny knows best. Now go to your room and study.

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

Tom Cully

The expected Ad Hitlerum...

"The noise is only emitted over a 15 metre radius and no one is taking away the rights of teenagers to walk away."

And I suppose the Jews could have just moved out of Germany?

Home Sec in anti-terror plan to control entire web

Tom Cully


terrorism (noun)

1:The deliberate commission of an act of violence to create an emotional response from the victim in the furtherance of a political or social agenda.

2:Violence against civilians to achieve military or political objectives.

...wait for it...

3: A psychological strategy of war for gaining political or religious ends by deliberately creating a climate of fear among the population of a state.

"The purpose of terrorism," Vladimir Lenin once said, "is to terrorize."

Maybe the the UK gov should ban access to all *.gov.uk domains.

At the Toyshop of Doom

Tom Cully

Drop the flowers, man...

Guns make you ill. OK.

Newsflash: Your eyes face forward. Just like the guns, you're only designed (ahherrrmmm... evolved) to do one thing. I wonder how ill they'd make you out in the wild with an empty belly, and two rounds between you and starvation - or between you and the guy who is going to rape your wife?

Sorry to disturb your "sensibilities". Life for a lot of the world is ~still~ war, hunger, pain, death and bloody mayhem, and It would still be in the western states but for colonialism and use of force.

Get over it.

Women say no to pink tech toys

Tom Cully


Well, I suppose you girls could just buy the standard, non-pink, non-patronising, fully functional products ~online~, maybe without the faux-offended mewling, and then - stunningly - we'd see less fake bling-encrusted sickly-puce little-girl-spoilt affronts to digital style and fashion polluting our marketplace.

But, being a smelly idiot like every member of my gender, what would I know? Come on Widow, I normally enjoy your articles - but today you seem to have had your brain hijacked by a neo-ultrafeminist malcontent devoid of a worthy point.

Securo-prof claims to invent new, much deadlier dirty bomb

Tom Cully


Be afraid. Be very afraid. And while you're being afraid, remember that Nanny says to be in bed by 9pm, don't talk to arabs (they're all bad people), and don't worry about daddy, he'll be back from Questioning real soon. Nanny knows best. Now go hide under your bed covers.

The objective of a terrorist is to terrorize:

to terrorize - Transitive verb,Third person singular

-to fill (someone) with terror; to terrify

-to coerce (someone) by using threats or violence

These days, it's hard to tell Nanny from the Big Bad Wolf.

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt

Tom Cully

Nanny knows best

Bad boy! Take that off, the other children might be offended. Now get back into your party uniform, remember, Nanny Knows Best.

Maybe we should just issue all the proles with regulation white jumpsuits.