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Intel suspends all operations in Russia weeks after halting chip shipments


Indeed, and Russia has been terrorizing its neighbours for 500 years. Those poor Russians that had to terrorize due to their leaders, I feel so sorry for them.

Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software


Re: Well.

I don't think Oracle makes a difference betwwen dev, test and production. If you use it for business purposes, even while developing, they might have the right to send a bill depending on the jurisdiction you're in.

IEEE tells contributors with links to Chinese corp: Don't let the door hit you on Huawei out


Re: Ho hum

By the way, US banks are making great profits at the moment, because since the Swiss were prevented by the US, they have taken over that business, with the same illegal methods.

"america first"

Switzerland says Uber's an employer, sends social security bill


There are many countries that know the concept of a virtual employer/employee relation:

If you are independent or a small company,. but have only 2-3 "customers", the tax authorities will assume you're an employer. This has been the case for all freelancers (typically IT people) since decennia in the Netherlands for example.

This makes sense and is only fair. And the same rules apply to Uber, of course.

Songsmiths sue US antitrust over Google-friendly rules ruling


The only solution is to abolish the concept of intellectual property alltogether. The matters are so complex, there is no balance possible. Nor is one required: people today have enough free time, there will still be more than enough production of "innovation" without any protection. With the upcoming robotization, 99% will be out of job anyways.

The only laws that must be retained in the area of intellectual property (I shudder at the term, as know how should be shared, not kept for oneself in a perfect world), are trademarks: The people must have transparancy over what they buy, and not be mislead by companies/products selling fake products.