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If you're despairing at staff sharing admin passwords, look on the bright side. That's CIA-grade security


But useradmin is boring

Fairly typical situation (which equally translates to the commercial sector), all the focus is on the sexy stuff with scant attention paid to the boring routine security practices. Cue much wringing or hands, statements that we will do better, maybe a few dismissals of junior staff and then a quiet return to BAU.

Months-long trial of alleged CIA Vault 7 exploit leaker ends with hung jury: Ex-sysadmin guilty of contempt, lying to FBI


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who watches the watchers? Or in this case who checks on the SysAdmins?

Don't fear 1337 exploits. Sloppy mobile, phishing defenses a much bigger corp IT security threat


BUT, the basics aren't sexy. Where's the kudos in actually applying common sense security measures?? Plus we need to think of the families of all those poor salespeople who will starve if we stop buying those nice shiny things.

EU law bods closer to baking new 'cookie law' after battle


Pay not to be tracked?

As the (general) reasons for tracking visitors is the ability to monitise the information by selling it to third parties or to use it to target your own products one end game could be that consumers pay not to be tracked.

A micro payment of a fraction a cent per visit may well be the way forward.

UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man


Given that a significant percentage of the intelligence about cyber crime comes from the UK and US, cutting, nose, spite and face spring to mind