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Whatever happened to Green IT?


Green IT is NOT dead!

its just resting as MP would say.

All the above comments are right on the button, the hardware is now green and getting greener (there is a new standard due imminently that requires better energy efficiency and recycling and includes less harmful stuff that is not recoverable). There is still work to do in telco data centres (transmission sites as they are all very old and were designed for a different era) and similar for enterprise data centres, there is a lot of work to do in enterprise banking and airlines data centres for instance which still have core systems from the 70'S installed (with their narrow environmental bands, 18-21 degrees C??) All in all, we still have a lot to do, even with the growth of the cloud, not all cloud apps sit in the very environmentally friends data centres of google, amazon etc, some are still contained in colo caged environments.

I'm involved in a new intiative for London based businesses, called Sustainability for London, look it up and join in, it may enhance your environmental credentials and save you money!