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.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source

Teoh Han Hui

Re: The problem as I see it

And Rust. It is a wonderful language with an awesome community.

Tesla autopilot saves driver after he fell asleep at wheel on the freeway

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Re: Arrested for being drunk

It's not a self-driving car (yet?)

Gigabit? More like, you can gigabet the US will fall behind on super-fast broadband access

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Re: "Gigabit class wifi"?

Have you seen the size of game updates?

Trump wants to work with Russia on infosec. Security experts: lol no

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And at no charge!

Kill Google AMP before it kills the web

Teoh Han Hui

The irony

First thing is for The Register to stop publishing AMP pages then!

Taiwan government to block Google's public DNS in favor of HiNet's

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Entirely misleading

I've just checked the source link. The GSN is only used by governmental departments.

If only you could ask someone who can actually read Chinese to verify the information, before concocting up this fear-mongering piece...

Google spews critical Android patch as millions of gadgets hit by Linux kernel bug

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Re: All Android devices running kernel < 3.18?

It probably means all of them are affected. On my Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 with a security patch level of March 1, the kernel version is 3.4

Dutch govt says no to backdoors, slides $540k into OpenSSL without breaking eye contact

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Re: Confused as usual

MITM should not be possible unless you can forge (actually, the only practical way is to get some shady CA to issue it for you) the certs.

Google+ GOING, GOING ... ? Newbie Gmailers no longer forced into mandatory ID slurp

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I may not use Google+ much, but I still want it to stay. At least, they should keep innovating to give Facebook some much needed competition.

'Software-defined anything' is NONSENSE. Don't bother pitching it

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Like how "software-defined radio" is rubbish? What a joke this piece of writing (if you can call it that) is.

Firefox 6 silently released ahead of official unwrap date

Teoh Han Hui

The real story...

From https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Planning/2011-08-10

"we will ship mozilla-release to the desktop beta channel before the weekend to make sure nothing screwed up (should be no content changes but it would be silly not to test what we will ship!)"

"We will ship the build off mozilla-release to the release channel on 2011-08-16 if no issues are found"

Microsoft pounces as Mozilla shuns enterprise

Teoh Han Hui


I love rapid releases, but why do they have to kill support for the previous version so quickly? It's somewhat ironic when Firefox 3.6 is still being supported. It seems they're pushing things a little too hard.

And looking at the changelog, it's definitely much more than a "secuirty update". Perhaps they should inform users of changes like this from early on...

States consider saner 'sexting' penalties for teens

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They should just stop messing with such personal matters, provided that the images are not unsolicited and/or publicly distributed.

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker

Teoh Han Hui


Why GPS? Can't they be synchronized using the delay of receiving the sound waves through the microphone?

Disk drive industry appoints roadmap reading committee

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SSD for bulk storage

If and when SSD costs drop to within HDD range... 1TB will be quite small in 4 or 5 years' time.

Google chief: Nexus One was 'so successful, we killed it'

Teoh Han Hui

Wrong focus?

In the US, most customers are bound to contracts with their carriers and that's what failed it (just like how other unlocked phones never sell well in the US market).

If only they've pushed it out worldwide through retail stores... It was only available in few select markets, and many would like to have a feel of the phone they're buying.

Samsung Wave smartphone

Teoh Han Hui


I guess they (Samsung) won't mind as long as their phones continue to sell well.

Mozilla turns out Firefox 4 beta candidate builds

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re: What do you want new tabs opened as?

I would think that showing pinned and/or frequently visited sites ala Google Chrome and Opera's Speed Dial would be much more useful.

NFC will be in all Nokia smartphones from 2011

Teoh Han Hui


Isn't similar e-wallet technology very popular in Japan? I really can't see how that'll be more useless than say, a debit or credit card.

Ubuntu-based Windows XP looker freshens up

Teoh Han Hui


Are they free to use the artwork (icons etc.)?

Nokia debuts four cheapo phones

Teoh Han Hui

Dual SIM

The C2-00 will support two SIM cards active at the same time.

Firefox takes walk down 64-bit Windows street

Teoh Han Hui


Ubuntu 64-bit includes 64-bit Firefox. What's new are the 64-bit Firefox builds for Windows.

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR ruggedised laptop

Teoh Han Hui


Run those tools in a virtual machine, perhaps?

Seagate brewing bizarre Flash/Platter chimera

Teoh Han Hui


The flash memory is certainly good for random writes. Maybe it will cache frequently accessed data as well (like Intel Turbo Memory)?

Nokia veteran leads MeeGo and Symbian fight

Teoh Han Hui

S = Series

They've always used it as such.

Mozilla spills plan for, yes, Firefox 4

Teoh Han Hui


I thought they've been busy removing developer functionality from within Firefox, and the reason they quote most of the time is the availability of developer tools such as Firebug. Why are they trying to reinvent the wheel now?

Apple in shock talks with Reg reader

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But you can have your Firefox and VLC on Mac OS X too...

Teoh Han Hui

Closed culture

I wish Microsoft has a bug tracker for Windows too, but...

Lorentz-loaded Firefox 3.6.4 hits third beta stage

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build3 != beta 3

I don't think they ever pushed out build2 to the beta channel (due to some failures?).

From the release notes: "v.3.6.4 Beta (Build 3)". It seems like they're officially just different builds of the same beta.

Microsoft defends death of free video in IE 9

Teoh Han Hui


I've also been wondering about this for a while now. Why must a single audio/video codec be dictated in the standard? Couldn't the browser utilize the OS's media framework instead of duplicating all that functionality?

Beijing erects giant pong-away sprays at rubbish dumps

Teoh Han Hui

Re: Erm, recycling, anyone?

What about organic waste? It seems like you need incinerators for much of those.

Firefox-based attack wreaks havoc on IRC users

Teoh Han Hui

Security through obscurity

"Browsers absolutely should not be able to connect to ports unrelated to HTTP."

Can you really stop anyone from attempting to connect to a specific port? Merely disabling this feature in web browsers sounds like security through obscurity to me.

SourceForge bars 5 nations from open source downloads

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I believe a website with a global audience cannot adequately address the needs of its users if it has to be subjected to the host country's laws and regulations (blocking, filtering etc.).

Firefox 3.6 goes live and final

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Promoted from RC2

I went looking for an update before realizing that it's the exact same build as RC2.

Near-ready Firefox 3.6 gets second RC sausage

Teoh Han Hui


Don't blame it on Firefox before you investigate what's causing the frequent crashes. Flash is the usual suspect.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Teoh Han Hui

Hard disk?

With that "colossal price tag" I don't see any excuse for not having an SSD.

Google backs enormous load of balls for Olympics

Teoh Han Hui


"Each light could represent a person in the city, who can then choose to control it as desired..."

How will they make that work?

Zero-day fixes star in biggest ever Patch Tuesday

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Windows 7

Windows 7 RTM is already in many's hands: MSDN & TechNet subscribers etc.

Firefox 4.0 developers granted year of living dangerously

Teoh Han Hui


Firefox loads slow compared to most other browsers and its UI is less responsive as well. Just make Firefox faster and it will be perfect. JavaScript performance? It won't do any good if the browser itself is sluggish.

Israelis offer unmanned robo smart-missile 8-pack

Teoh Han Hui

Iron Man

Who will be guarding these missile packages then, or are they to be deployed shortly prior to use during wartime?

Pirate Win 7 ruse used to build botnet

Teoh Han Hui


@Major N: It was leaked even before the MSDN/Technet release. Many of the torrents were modified, but one could only tell by hash-checking after downloading.

Adblock developer offers 'please unblock me' tag to sites

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Friendly reminder

I will never click on any ads, so I block them all. Anyway I think this new "feature" will not be intrusive in itself. It just shows a "yellow bar" at the top. The tag doesn't seem to break any standards. If unblocking the ads can bring money to the sites I find this a friendly reminder for users to support their favourite sites.

Microsoft: Windows 7 release in August '09

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"If the feedback and telemetry on Windows 7 match our expectations then we will enter the final phases of the RTM process in about 3 months. If we are successful in that, then we tracking to our shared goal of having PCs with Windows 7 available this Holiday season."

Obviously it will NOT be released in August.

Firefox passive-aggressives adjudicate Nerd Law

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I would assume NoScript users to be smart enough to disable the extension's first run redirection in about:config. The same applies to FlashGot.

Intel playing virtual silly buggers

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You are missing the point here. XP Mode is not for regular users upgrading from Windows XP. It is for businesses that still have a need to run (perhaps in-house) legacy applications.

Palm's Pré: the $170 phone

Teoh Han Hui


I'll be sure to buy one if it's going to be around that price without a contract.

Windows 7 and the Linux lesson

Teoh Han Hui

Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu still has a long way to go to catch up to Windows 7, especially when you consider things like user-friendliness. There are significant design oversights, for example you have to get into the terminal to perform simple tasks like changing a volume label. How does that sound?

Testing is good and Ubuntu has too little of that. I thought I would have a better experience with Ubuntu after a year...

General Atomics unwraps new, Stealth(y) robot war-jet

Teoh Han Hui

Stark Industries

Stark Industries in the making :P

"... insuring freedom and protecting America and her interests around the globe."

Google boffins unveil 'What's Up?' CAPTCHA

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@Anonymous Coward - "Personally, I blame Microsoft - all the spam bots are Windows boxes (the OS fingerprint is detected by the site)."

What has that to do with the OS? It is only natural for you to have such an observation due to the market share of Windows.

Silverlight for Linux hits with Microsoft punch

Teoh Han Hui

Silverlight Flash

$1m lol...

I suppose if Microsoft make Silverlight support Flash content as well they will likely run into legal trouble again.