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Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband


Self check

Not many people seem to know about


Where you can check what your address can get from Openreach services, using a multitude of identifiers - house, number, postcode, line id, NAD, UPRN.

A British phone you're not embarrassed to carry? You heard that right


Battery life?

With a low-res screen, mid range CPU and a decent size battery, can we hope for 2 days?

Def going Wiley or One Plus next time..... Korean flagships are way way undercut by these guys.

EU 'net neutrality' may stop ISPs from blocking child abuse material


What if my ISP / Mobile provider offers an optional service (and by default switched off), say at £0.01 cost, to do my blocking for me?

So that's a paid for service I specifically request. A fairly small tweak to what 3 offer.

I block via hosts on all devices, but then I'm a Reg reader and I know how to do it. Many people have no idea that you can, and would not be able to even if they did. 3 might not be able to be quite as specific / allow personal whitelists etc but it is a massive benefit to many people, a idiot idea to completely disallow it on point of NN principle.


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