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Comcast throttles BitTorrent users


Dump 'em

Comcast is over-priced and unreliable. And now, they snoop your data and throttle what they dislike. Go to another carrier.

Pirate Party invades Utah


Sign Us Up!

If the Pirate Party will apply for recognition in Oregon, USA, then everyone in The Garret will sign-up.

- From: The Garret

Investigator ridicules UK visa site


Think the UK visa system is grot? Try the USA.

None, or nearly none, of the legislators or functionaries who dream-up these automated processes can write code. Most lack any true understanding of the underlying technologies. Which means that 3rd party contractors usually do all of the actual development work. For the lowest bid.

Since an original contract supplier usually receives "preferred supplier" status w/r to any follow-on work, many of these 3rd parties try to deliver the very minimum acceptable performance. So to encourage the need for additional corrective/enhancement work.

In brief, there is no good reason why problems of this nature should ever go away.

- The Garret