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Serverless: Should we be scared? Maybe. Is it a silly name? Possibly


Ewwww. Reading these comments is like reading about how much Socrates detested the young people of his age. There will be change. I'm not sure that human beings will necessarily be of any use except to be users. Full circle.

Apple again late to another market others pioneered. Or is it?


Apple Automotive Autonomy

This is how I view the matter:

Autonomous automobiles are going to happen.

Most trips are work commutes

The real costs of automobile ownership must include insurance, maintenance, and parking to name but a few. The latter is becoming ever more difficult and expensive.

If you can have the car drive you to work, surely it can drive itself home.

What then is the case for owning a transportation unit that you only sit in for the duration of your commute?

Maybe making a deal with Uber (e.g.) and a few big market cities shifts the notion of public transportation from sardine can buses to a fleet of smaller modules of minivan size. Traffic management and smart vehicles go hand in hand.

Getting a vehicle for personal use would involve renting the vehicle you need for the activity at hand. Doesn't that make more sense than owning a huge SUV that spends most of its time parked either at home or at work?

Tim Cook trousers $135m in Apple shares


Grotesque salary differentials

Somehow, corporate boards are completely blind to just how obscene their compensation packages really are. Cook's salary and bonus package of $10,000,000 annually compared to the factory worker's roughly $5,000. That's based on a sixty hour (no overtime) week, 52 weeks a yea. So our factory worker would have needed to start working around the time Jesus was around to equal one year of Cook's pay.


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