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NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

Paris Hilton

Magnum Opus

Hmmm,I wonder if Granny Gunslinger has some connections associated with her Father?

Seeing that it would be unwise at the moment considering all the attention to further aircondition

said perp if there is retribution i am sure that she could pick up the phone and have some "friends"

take "care" of "it"

Paris,because she takes care of "it"

(ewww,i cringed writing that Paris line)

Microsoft promises IE web-standards love

Paris Hilton

Microsoft promises IE web standards... ?

No Really,As long as IE can d/load FireFox and Opera then it will be fine.

Paris,The tangled web of Her standards promise IE*

*Indecent Exposure

Google's IP anonymization fails to anonymize



Re:Call me naive..

But why does it matter if they do or don't know what I've been looking at?

Pass words to your mail accounts please

So we can all read your mail,No?,Why not?What does it matter.?

"I have done nothing wrong,i have nothing to hide"

There is a thing called "Privacy"something we all expect and something that we all give to each other,cept in Netspace where the elite who rule teh tubez think that they own us,

And besides,You may be a Terrist and as you are already guilty till proven otherwise then we all need to read your mail to make sure that you are not a threat,

I sincerely hope that your comment was sarcastically trollish with a side helping of tongue in cheek because if not,well...my heart breaks



The time will come when people will have enough of these antics by the netz overlords

and throw it all in,

Stamps and envelopes anybody?

US gov now says Eye-o-Sauron™ border masts are crap

Black Helicopters

Teh real reason it was canned...

"Then the all-seeing infrared or low-light eyes atop the towers swivel round and stare at each radar blip, making sure it is a group of intruders rather than a cow or something."

Some bleeding heart liberal doogooding (keep inserting appropriate titles here)

complained about the seventy thirteen megagigawatt laser that instantly fired

at said target reducing them to a lump on smouldering jelly.


/Sarc (for those that need this tag)

cDc automates Google Hacking


Re@Elucidation needed

1337 d00dz-

Leetspeak-Internet language

1337 is translated using the "1" as an "L",the "3" as an "E" and the "7" as a "T"

It is Netz shorthand for "Elite"


d00dz is of course "Dude,as with most word/memes here on the tubez it is given the suffix "z",

You also may see words such as "HaX0r".means hacker

I R 1337 haX0r

F335 Mi Ski77z

Translation- I am an elite hacker,fear my skill...z :)

I love the internet...

Welcome to the El Reg bumper demographic survey



Question tho: is yankee humour better than british humour?


Microsoft on the hunt for 'serious' Windows flaw


‘Microsoft on the hunt for 'serious' Windows flaw’

That kind of workload... has been known to break whole civilizations

Australia declares war on net porn


-- -Not good -- -

As a Christian and a parent if find this appalling,

The internet should be free to host all and sundry.

Parents are responsible for their children's surfing habits

If effective content/filtering software with proper

password/encryption is made available then there

is no reason why anything should be censored

This issue comes down to laziness and a lack of care.

The government is not the keeper of my children,i am.

Also it is not a reflection of all Christians attitudes,unfortunately

zeal can be misdirected and whether is it to gain vote counts

or even wanting to do the right thing it is still a band aid measure

and will only lead to ongoing censorship.

I for one do not like rock and roll (actually i am a metal head),

I think that it perverts todays youth,therefore anything rock and roll related should be banned!,

Where will it stop?



An Australian Christian