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DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out


Re: Maximum raw capacity of no more than 500 TB

Hi Jerome

While I value your report and clarification on the criteria, I do tend to agree with a number of other comments regarding excluding arrays which scale past 500TB. I believe a more valid approach would have been to include vendors / models which provide an entry configuration below (in this instance) 500TB but allow you to scale past 500TB if you wish.

General advice / common practice that we provide our clients is (generally) to ensure that your infrastructure (whether that be on-premise, cloud based or more commonly - hybrid) can scale both vertically and/or horizontally.

Why would an organisation want to acquire infrastructure that cannot scale? This could potentially place them in a position down the road where their business requirements have changed e.g. unanticipated growth via merger or acquisition for example. The only option at that point is purchase another point solution which is likely to impact your TCO & RTO including management overhead. In times of limited CAPEX or OPEX, accepting scaling constraints from vendors and/or their products seems counter intuitive.

I trust that you take this as constructive and not negative feedback.