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Microsoft drops 'Go Live' preview of .NET Core 3, complete with desktop app support


Checking the .NET Core Libraries Source Code by the PVS-Studio Static Analyzer: https://habr.com/en/company/pvs-studio/blog/463535/

Good news: Samsung's Tizen no longer worst code ever. Bad news: It's still pretty awful


Our team wrote three articles related to the code analysis of Tizen operating system. The operating system contains a lot of code, so this is the reason why it is a fertile ground for writing different articles. I think that we will go back again to Tizen in future, but right now other interesting projects are waiting for us. So, I will sum up some results of the work done and answer a number of questions that have arisen after the previously published articles. Tizen: Summing Up - https://www.viva64.com/en/b/0522/


Re: NaN

PVS-Studio analyzer knows about these situations and doesn't issue the warnings for some float/double comparision. Its logic is quite complicated. The names of variables, functions, comments are taken into account. This is the attempt to guess if the check is performed on NaN or it's just a typo.

Microsoft open sources MSBuild, aims for cross-platform dev tools


Checking the Source Code of MSBuild with PVS-Studio

As we continue developing PVS-Studio static code analyzer, we often have to check large open-source projects by renowned developers. The fact that even such projects contain a certain amount of bugs adds even more sense and weight to our work. Unfortunately, everybody makes mistakes. No matter how carefully you control your code's quality, there is just no way to avoid "human error". As long as software is developed by humans, analysis tools like PVS-Studio will remain relevant and needed. Today, we are going to discuss errors found in the source code of MSBuild: http://www.viva64.com/en/b/0424/


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