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DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out


DCIG strives to be transparent about how we select vendors for certain Buyer’s Guide Editions have responded openly and professionally to comments and concerns. To summarize,

1. We always post our inclusion and exclusion criteria in every Buyer’s Guide Edition. While we understand that not everyone agrees on the selection criteria we have chosen for a particular guide, it's important to note that this Buyer’s Guide is only ONE Edition produced from the extensive research DCIG has done on the vendors. There are numerous ways to slice the data so that vendors who may not be included in this edition may be included in a future edition based on a different set of inclusion/exclusion criteria. All of this data is made available through our Analysis Suite where subscribers can apply their own filters to identify vendors that might meet their needs.

2. DCIG is always open to suggestions on how to improve the guides for end users, vendors, and VARs alike and welcome constructive conversation with anyone who requests it. Please contact us directly through the website, www.dcig.com, if you are interested in participating in a guide improvement conversation. We welcome these conversations and have found them to be highly productive.