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DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out


By sniff test I meant that the reasoning given doesn't add up. I and others would have no problem imagining a storage vendor who is hesitant to give DCIG a real price.... However, if you at least used the inflated street price we'd at least have a valid comparison point. Then when a vendor cried fowl DCIG could stand on the hill and simply say "you gave us the price". As it stands you've independently self selected to remove a good portion of the relevant market.

To me, this is the same as comparing automobiles based on how much gas the tank holds. It's an absurd filtering criteria, and i'm honestly shocked your still trying to argue otherwise instead of seeing what can be done to fix this.


The upper scale limit of a system is an attribute of the architecture itself. It is not necessarily tied to it's price point.

If the intent was to rule out overly expensive kit. Then DCIG should have used list price and not the capacity limits of the platform. Respectfully this doesn't add up and none of the explanations you've provided thus far pass a basic sniff test. I respect and appreciate you trying to clarify what happened here, but we aren't confused, we disagree.