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Video-editing upstart bares users' raunchy flicks to world+dog via leaky AWS bucket


Re: Amazon need to make it more difficult to use insecurely than securely

> a confusing user interface where anything wrong in the process...

...ends with the user now having a Prime subscription.

They could use the same approach when attempting to disable security.

Remember the Uber self-driving car that killed a woman crossing the street? The AI had no clue about jaywalkers


What about the driver?

The car had a driver who was supposed to be responsible for the vehicle at all times. I'd blame the human sitting behind the wheel, not the wheel or the algorithms.

Software is buggy. This is why you don't let a plane full of people fly unmanned. This car wasn't unmanned either.

Master of Arris: Network giant CommScope downloads broadband modem biz for $7.4bn


Re: Who?

Judging by the bugs in my Arris (Virgin Media) router, those three engineers were laid off a decade ago.

No, eight characters, some capital letters and numbers is not a good password policy


Why protect personal data

You need to keep your electricity bill private, otherwise a thief would know exactly when you are at work or on vacation.

The shopping list is enough for a trained eye to tell who you vote for. Political organizations pay good money for knowing your affiliation and for being able to track how it changes over time. You can tell if someone's [wife is] pregnant just by the shopping list.

I can't find a good example for recipes, but someone will find a use for such information.

Using a password manager makes things simple, even the browser's built in "Remember password" provides more protection than no password.

I wish I could quit you, but cookies find a way: How to sidestep browser tracking protections


We need better protections baked in.

Disk will eat itself: Flash price crash just around the over-supplied block


I agree, his track record is not very good.

OnePlus 6: Perfect porridge? One has to make a smartphone that's juuuust right


Consider the Nokia phones

1. Updates: always on schedule.

2. Value: plenty.

3. Near stock experience: how about completely, 100% stock?

4. Headphone socket: on most models.

Bonus: SD card.

Power meltdown 'fries' SourceForge, knocks site's servers titsup


Re: Impacted projects

I haven't visited SF in ages, but yesterday needed additional textures for SweetHome3D and ran into the 404 page. It worked fine some minutes later, though.

Big question of the day: Is it time to lock down .localhost?


Re: Silly "private" dns stuff abounds.

To add insult to injury, one could publish rDNS zones that map his external IPs to the .localhost zone, like this bright mind has:

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer: name = localhost.

Just give up: 123456 is still the world's most popular password


Re: Don't Just Blame Users

We had a policy of „minimum 8 characters, 1+ digits, no repeated passwords”. Expiration in 4 weeks.

After 7 years, most users were incrementing the last two digits. Admins had passwords set to never expire.

EE looks at its call charges, hikes a bunch, walks off giggling


Yesterday, a British guest has shown me an SMS from his operator saying he'll be charged £6 per MB in my country (Moldova). If I would travel to UK, my operator would charge £0.06/MB in Vodafone's network or £0.12/MB in Hutchison 3G or £2.63/MB (T-Mobile).

Your networks have more competition and many more subscribers, so why are your roaming prices so high compared to our prices for the same service?

Let's Encrypt ups rate limits


Re: Maybe...

The LE docs say that "you can issue certificates containing up to 2,000 unique subdomains per week" (100 subdomains * 20 cerificates), and this limit excludes renewals. Each week, you get to issue 20 additional certificates, meaning that you'd get up to ~8,000 new subdomains certified per month.

This is plenty, no matter how fast your forest of subdomains is growing.


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