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Oz 'Family First' candidate sacked for todger-flash email


Karmic justice

Who would have thought right wing evangelical politicians could be hypocritical, offensive, drunk, drugged, stupid, illiterate, condescending, selectively forgetful and buck passing liars?

Then, to top it off, his party head consoles him to his face then as soon as his back is turned sinks in the knife.

If only they'd kept him on. That kid was prime minister material.

BOFH: The bastard wants to know



Ah, the old 'Give it a couple of slaps on the side and say it's probably a loose wire. Then get someone to phone the help line.' I call it the Fonzie method. Just remember to give a big thumbs up and make an elongated monotonous droning sound when you slap it. Note - this method fails on junior executives and their ilk.

Simon Pegg to play Scotty

Paris Hilton

You've got it all wrong

Paris will be cast as a freakish otherworldly love interest, utilising her natural unearthly looks and bizarre alien demeanour.

Fairly realistic flying car offered for 2009 delivery


Not quite

Your pessimism about personal helicopters is premature. Surely you know of the Mosquito? http://www.innovator.mosquito.net.nz

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

Dead Vulture

It's magic!

I know he reads my email, it's part of his sadistic nature. Then again, the complete lack of analysis would explain the preponderance of spam. Just remember to view the trace, folks.

ElReg40™ seeks the world's worst web 2.0 ideas



Our revolutionary client based solution smashes the RSS paradigm combining the best of webcasts, podcasts, vodcasts, blogcasts and webinarcasts using the latest in amorphic datamining solutions. We have smashed down antiquated media paradigms and rocketed them into the Web 2.0 sphere! Our patent pending real time autoparametric revirtualisation technologies add canned laughter to revitalize and spice up your dull, boring newsfeeds with uproaring spontaneous hilarity! For the professional, our iLaffPro suite brings Web 2.0 to your intranet, seamlessly integrating with all of your office documents to increase the wellbeing and morale of the entire company.

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'



Just the other day I too was staring crosseyed at my upside down tax file number when Google caused me five billion dollars in damage. Never let your guard down my friends.

American-style casino opens in Iraq


Do you want insurance?

I'd wager they bust the bank. The gabling game there is Russian roulette, they'll dice with death on this crapshoot. Play their cards right though and they might just hit the jackpot.

Ok, I'll stop now..

Blind Judo master floors tobacco stealing skinhead


Well come on

Seriously, the guy was BLIND. No jury on the planet would convict him, even if he murdered the guy.

Old timers boozing themslves into oblivion


When is it ok then?

You work all your life, pay your dues and this is how you get treated? Scorned and called a lout for enjoying a nice drink in the comfort of your own home for which you worked your fingers to the bone both ways uphill in the snow. This is an injustice, a travesty, and this doctor should be stripped of his qualifications and forever banned from making public statements.

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet


Here's a tribute

Only for hardcore fans of the doctor: youtube.com/watch?v=0s95Mm0cFqg